: I doubt Fortnite is having over 100m active(!) Users yet like League does over all Regions where China is the biggest. Overall recent years the MOBA genre dominated huge parts of the game market in western countries where it now shifts back more to shooter. Tho have in mind that shooter besides sports games on console were always ahead compared to pc.
100m active players ? ur stats are for s5 i queue for game in second popular server and wait 3min before going in game, did u saw fortnite euw server queue ? ur queue last 20s lol is dead, asian players play for money so if fortnite actually put money in eSport they will come fortnite for sure. lol was most popular game for 2 year and it was on pc while other console games wasnt near it so last part of your talk is wrong as well. the true fact is this that the game sucks, everything in game sucks, ban system and honor system dont work as well and just ban chats, other games dont even have chat, everyone talk with voice chat, game design is problem and this was just one, u cant play a champ and main it because u fear this be reworked, so many things sucks in this game, all u can do is play a better game
: Rioter please, how many players actually play the game right now?
i mean ninja stream have 250k viewer, NA LCS FINAL had 200k viewer, u can use ur own IQ to think about it ninja was streaming last time with LCS in a same time still lcs had like 100k and ninja 160k (1week ago) and ninja isnt fortnite official streamer, yikes
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: Silver 2 in plat,
what u think ? 1. he is a smurf playing with plat mmr skippng elos from silver1 to gold4 2. riot matchmaking suddenly put a noob from silver in my plat games OMEGALUL TriHard 3. his profile isnt updated on op.gg
: Ban system suck : is this behaviour acceptable in ranked game ?
when i hit plat1 last season , i had a lot of these... one that I never forget was a plat V player that had 61% winrate and was matched with me (p1) and he was trash. maximum bronze1, that boosted trolled in game like this, and the worse thing is this that you can't simply say : " %%%% Your Mother Troller " if you say it you will be banned but he will not. so that time I actually quit lol , give my account with pw to my friends to use it in tornauments or for solo play and started OverWatch, I offer you do it, overwatch is so more fun than lol and there is no cheater, you can see overwatch league have more viewer than LoL always even when they are being streamed at the same time. just quit game , i was plat1 and there this thing happens, u put time to hit diamond and ur dream is destroyed by another troll and u cant even say anything to troll and u cant report them also riot will do nothing! https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/
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: ***
I was plat last season and upvote this post , no matter where are you, there is always noobs and boosted that riot punish you for saying them what to do in game, i dont play this game anymore, when you ask people lol or dota2 they say lol is place of kids, sad but true
: Post-Game Lobby - Week 2 Day 2
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