: Riot, dedicate an entire year or so to finally balancing out the game
And stop giving every champion a gap closer or escape mechanism, its supposed to be an advantage, not a commodity.
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: Jesus you are dense. I like the current system. I like a system that works this way. I don't like a system you are describing, but I know this system does not work this way. I actually know how the system works. Go a head and try to explain how the system works. And any many others are ready to tell you it works not how you think it does and you will understand that it is a fair system if you are ready to learn and overcome your prejudices just because it hit you and not who you thought it should have hit.
But the current system is exactly the one I'm describing, you're sorely delusional if you think that a system that effectively ignores the root of the problem is quintessentially good.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Don't put words in my mouth. i like the system. You on the otherhand don't seem to like a system that goes after your bad behaviour more or equally to what you deem to be more problematic. I like how the chat gets cleaned up. I get frustrated a lot in game. And I verablize it and from time time I outright blame my mates. But never have I had any punishment. I recently got my data from Riot, I wasn't even reported that much. So yeah. I like the system. I know how to behave as a half decent human being. Maybe trying to learn that is where you should start instead of demanding that other missbehaviour gets punished more than yours. I bet if they would insta ban leavers you would be among the first coming with some bullcrap about how your sister spilled water on the router or what have ya. People just never like when they get punished, it shows they are not who they thought they are. it shows they lack competence and skill in some basics of human interaction. It shows you are not the white knight you thought you are carrying all the games. I like that.
You haven't answered my question, so I'll ask again, do you like a system which doesn't go after the root of all toxicity in the game?
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Well... when we are at this again. So I am a fan boy just for saying I like the system?`Ok cool.
So you like a system which doesn't go after the root of all toxicity in the game?
: was same to me... I'm a season2 league player and got permabanned because i flamed the people who trolled me.. a premade couple stole my whole jungle all the time cause I didnt gank often enough... then they wrote in all chat im trolling etc.. while i legit did nothing wrong.. I couldnt hold myself back anymore and i started flaming them because they had legit no reason to troll me that badly.. I wished them cancer and to burn (I actually don't say that, but that was soooo insidious by them... then i got perma banned... I dont know.. it was like 2 series murders have been called to get me banned.. and then worked.. im not a flamer at all.. I had this league account for 6 years and spent 1000€ on it.. im actually depressed since days
This is also a major issue, you can behave orderly and well for six years, but the moment you step out of line in just one game, even if justified, all of that will count to nothing.
Gabresol (EUW)
: **Inters** What do they do: _Ruin your game experience by forcing a loss_ Should they be punished: _Yes_ **Flamers** What do they do: _Trying to tilt other players -> intentionally or unintentionaly makes them play worse, quit or troll_ Should they be punished: _Yes_ Should players who only int because someoen flamed them be punished? _Yes_ Should players who flame because someoen ints be punished? _Yes_ The bigger offense does not excuse the smaller one, vice versa.
But the problem is that inters, trollers, and griefers NEVER GET PUNISHED, that is the point, and that they're the main reason why people even flame to begin with.
: 1 report is enough to get them banned, not need to flame them and ask for reports, spamming, other players games and disturb their game
The game is already disturbed by them to the point of no return, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say by pretending that their behavior is a normal sight.
: once again, and flaming them, blaming them, ask for reports will help ?
It does, for it bring them closer to being reported, even if its one step on a road with no end.
: and flaming them, blaming them, ask for reports will help ? " Also, the fact that you equate the act of confronting a troll to his malicious behavior is genuinely beyond me." - you both disturb the game, and focus on other things then playing, so you ruin the game kinda in same way, and like I said some time flamers make a person that have a bad game to actually intentional feed after is flamed to dead by the team.
If and when they ruin' someone else' game and experience, yes, they should be.
: Well I can answer from a player perspective not from RIOT perspective. I don't like players that flame the trolls, and I report them and want them out of my games same as I want the trolls gone, by paying attention to players behavior and trolls behavior it's easy to see that blame/flame/asking for reports will not make them play better or stop trolling on contrary the flame escalade the situation them to troll more. While if you ignore them some time they get bored, because most of trolls just want attention, and they start to play and stop troll, so you by flaming them you are also a player that dont try to do everything in his power to win the game, since, YES , just ignoring them some time you get a better result while flaming them in majority of cases you escalade things, so I want you same as you want them to do everything you can to win the game so to not flame the troll and feed his attention seek. Also while I have a troll that ruin game I have other that keep spam the chat and cry for 30 min, so you and him make me made and ruined my fun, since you with your behavior just make me mad you can never straight and educate the troll. Also some time perception is distorted and people call troll players that are not and by flaming them they actually transform them in real inters and trolls. About how I want my games to be, I prefer losing a game and everybody is nice and friendly and I feel good after the game instead of wining and be so angry and mad from all the fight that happened in chat. I play a video game to relax and have fun and have a victory as a bonus, not to get mad and crazy and deo try my sanity for a win which bring nothing in my life no joy nothing it's just a number/border, it's not my job to give my health for it (even you should not give your health even for your job, but many people do that since society work like this which is sad). If you really want to discuss with a player about his play, which like I told you will just make things worse, if you do it in normal way not toxic, you will never be punished, but talking nonstop for 30 min can get you punish for spamming since your spam is as destructive as his trolling.
Ignoring them won't do anything, and they won't get bored by it, for they know very well that Riot will not punish them for their behavior. Also, the fact that you equate the act of confronting a troll to his malicious behavior is genuinely beyond me.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I'm not talking about people who intentionally feed. I'm talking about players who are having a really bad game. Also, flaming ruins the experience for the entire team way more. It's so much more fun playing when the team is friendly, by flaming you're just making your teammates more tilted and make them not want to play the match anymore.
And if you've read my original statement, you'd have known by known that I've differentiated people who're having a bad game, from trolls, feeders and run-it-downers, and if you think that flaming is worse than trolling, then we've nothing to talk about.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I would rather have a teammate who's 0/20 than someone who carries the game but flames.
Imagine taking the side of someone who intentionally seeks to lose a game, troll his teammates and ruin the experience for the rest of his team.
: Keep banning players who're not afraid to say what they mean to players who troll their team
Keep downvoting, its all you're good for. Fact is, if a person is intentionally trying to lose, who goes AFK and tilts his teammates is infinitely worse than the person who is flaming him for what he's doing. If you beg to differ, then you're the part of the problem.
: True, but expect downvotes since the fanboys here will Defend Riot TILL DEATH. They will most likely counter your arguments with some stupid bullshit that makes no sense. Edit: oof I managed to trigger some of them
Yes, and according to Riot' logic, I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut and just look the other way while some LORD OF ALL CHROMOSOMES runs it down for the sake of his private fun?
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Smerk (EUW)
: Well, the idea is to place new players were they belong: at the bottom. Good players won't have any problems with climbing out and bad ones will stay there. Such placement is much better compared to what we had before, because bad players will not drag better players to the bottom with them.
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