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Tenjiin (EUW)
: How many Champions are enough?
I understand you and kinda agree with you. And ppl saying u complain about new contwnt dont really understand the post i think. Its a competetive game and i agree when they spit out too much it creates issues. I think they should mainly work on ( i know they do) reworking the out of date champs that are too simple mechanics and have no place in the game. Maybe slow down new chanp releases even more and rather focus more on item changes abit more often and stat changes even more than they do etc etc change what we alrdy have to change up the game and champ pools, and from time to time drop a new champ. A game like league can survive for a long time with not only new champs but thoughtful and planned calculated changes and additions in other ways than new champs i belive. At the same time i do like completely new champs:)


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