: flaming = mute, but making a game toxic by afk/feeding/trolling is not
Sadly enough, now again, I play with a darius who said he would troll and int. He is 0/7 on botlane, allthough he picked top to start with. I am 5/1 on top but we will never win cause he keeps inting and feedin. But he doesnt flame. I am 100% sure he won't get a ban, but if I flame him now I will
Hansiman (EUW)
: The vote you've set up is rather biased. Sure, you may think that a flamer is trying to win, but they're actually reducing your chances of doing so. Flamers lose more games than those who don't flame. They bring down the team morale, and don't really make people want to try their best anymore. They have a negative impact on the game, more than just being jerks. So when you set up a vote like that, you're kinda favoring flamers, even though they're not trying their best when they're busy flaming.
But I by far prefer playing with a flamer who is not feeding /inting and flames, therefor not playing his best he can. Then a person who gave up, feeds, ints and gave up entirely on the game. Those people destroy it much more for everyone. You can try to carry a person who is 5/5 perma flaming but you can almost not do it for a 0/12 player on 30 farm who keeps inting or is afk
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: type in game /mute all...... there chat disabled
> [{quoted}](name=Conphucius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZqQ6BGqx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-18T19:40:38.576+0000) > > type in game /mute all...... there chat disabled I know that, but they you can still typ. Or make it possible to make sjure you can just permandent turn off the chat. Cause when you even give hints to peaple they troll harder, flame harder, int harder. So just turn ot all the caht possibilities and play only on pings , like the voicechat.
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >So why dont we get some kind of kick system, or loss forgiven system. Abusable, abusable. Cmon, these questions are asked literally every week AT LEAST on the boards. How are you still asking them. Come up with a 1. non-abusable 2. reasonable 3. working in low elo aswell as in high elo 4. not making climbing easier for no reason system of having trolls make less of an impact, and I'd support it. But you want free LP in the 50% of games you have a troll or AFK in that you would lose a "standard" game anyway. Since you DONT win every game noone is trolling/going AFK.
I do not want free lp. I just would like to play ranked games with people also actually willing to improve and play decent. But since there will never be such a thing I better forget it and just play whatever I like, where I like and if I destroy anyones game because of it, who cares. As long as I do not feed ans shut up you have nothing against me? Also, why is the kick system working realy nice in a game like cs? There the community is half as worse as in league. You always got the threat you can get kicked.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > And why is there not a report buttom yet for trolling. But there is. Doesn't "negative attitude" have a sub-category of griefing? You can also report the player for "assisting enemy team".
It does, but it actually doesnt make any impact. There has enough prove been given on how flamer get perma banned very fast. But trollers dont even get a punishment. Cause how will you pusnish a troller? Give him chat restrictions? Longer que like going afk? There is no punishment for them Also griefing is different of trolling, and cause you troll you dont realy assist enemy team. You just refuse to make in impact on helping your team. Negative attitude is giving up etc...
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