Denioz (EUW)
: Less LP / win than LP / loss (Positive Winratio)
Winrate doesn´t tell you anything about getting/losing LP but about the elo in which you play (higher/lower as your current). Example: you start in Bronze2, win 20 matches and get Silver4, lose 10 matches then. Winrate is positive (w/l), you got same LP for w/l before the losing streak. But then after the 10 losses your MMR dropped to Bronze1. You are still Silver4, your Matches are vs/with Bronze1 and they system tries do get you there because your MMR is Bronze1. Winrate tells you something about your current position in relation to where you started. So Silver4, positive WR= you started Bronze or lower.
: Qiyana looks boring
"generic female champion n. 310293" ^^
Hansiman (EUW)
: While it is true that a lot of random number generators aren't technically "random", they still operate on a seed of numbers and an algorithm that will make it impossible to predict the outcome unless you know both the seed and algorithm used. Perception is a more likely explanation. Humans have a tendency to look for patterns in things even where there are no patterns. You'll look for things that confirm your belief that there is a pattern, and ignore the events that don't fit the narrative. Gnominator also brings som important pointers: There are people that have ARAM accounts, unlocking only the champions they want to use in ARAM. And, with the ability to reroll, odds are very high that certain champions that are desired to be played will be seen more often in ARAM.
I think most probably Riot has an algorithm for that. Same for champion shards we get. They maybe _somehow_ random, but not completely randomized. As I don´t disentchant I have a lot. Actually 598 shards from 120 different champs, so there may be some I don´t have, some I have 1 time and others like Poppy I have 16 times. Even random outcomes like this are not impossible I guess there is a sheme for most patterns in League. For the shards - to get the the cheaper ones is more likely than the high value shards, which makes sense. Because.... people hate randomness. ^^ There is _everytime_ something which can for whatever reason be _optimized_ imho.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: [...] and the silver III
For me I had it that after every climb to another elo (did Bronze I to Gold V within 3-4 Months) I lost between 2 and 5 matches. Only exception was Silver I where I rushed through without loss. But I rushed through Silver3 and lost as an example the next 3 matches in Silver2. As I guess I was GoldV(+; as I did no further ranked then) from beginning and my winrate was ~70% at low silver it was an unusual behaviour. I dunno why I should win between 4 and 7 matches in a row, climb, and then (_immediately_ after climbing) lose next 2-5 matches. And this not one time this way but 4 times [and within the above mentioned 3-4 months]. Stresses the meaning of "random" a bit imho. There may be a lot of possible and plausible explanations for this phenomen. Not for promos btw - that may be random. But the behaviour after reaching another elo did not look to me like expected. I don´t think it is "planned" that someone loses. That is not predictable. I though about if it has to do with new/newer players in Silver. Maybe to an higher extend matched with Silver x [0LP] because the MMR of them is exactly around this points?
: When the game is not going in your favor
Well. Problem is sometimes it can be seen that the mates are not capable to look on map, have bad posiotioning or are just bad at their position or with their champ. This is nothing wich changes during game. Had 3 of this matches today. Example: - A Kai´sa 0-5-0 after some minutes so we swapped because my opposite midlaner was a very bad Ori. So I killed the botlane and was about 2-0-1 but meanwhile Kai´sa was about 2-9-0 and the Ori was fed also [Kai sa ended 2/12]. - Was [just right now] botlane APC and my sup Vlad died several times to our vs even I poked them down to death and we had first blood. So I called the jungler wich did not much to come and gank as I had the laner down to 10% HP. Instead he did kruggs and said he would come later. He didn´t look on map later, I had to farm before my tower and hinder the Cait to hit the tower [as Vlad was dead as usual] and my Rengar lalalalala did not watch the map and walked through his jungle[_now_ coming to gank wich was pointless as the vs were back inbetween and Vlad was dead as I said]. Facing the vs jungler and the sup, died to them and flamed me because I didn´t help him. I skip the 3rd example [just the same; just highlight moments in wich 3 fed enemies were on toplane at inhib, I pinged my mates back but they walked random around on map so that I defendet it alone and died; same procedure 2 minutes later for botlane tower]. It is not about the stat. You can win everytime you are behind 15/30. But not if you have 2 or more mates wich are incapable of being where they have to be, don´t watch map or can´t play their champs and don´t listen to advice. This problems are not adding but multiplicating throughout the match. There is nothing you can do about it.
Jyn3rso (EUW)
: Not playing for 2 months, how it has affected my life.
Sad that you were addicted. Happy for you that you are fine now. But to say this. Addiction, also or especially the so called game-addiction [if existing], is most often the result of pressure and unsolved problems and not the cause. Maybe problems in school or the girlfriend left or problems with the parents which perhaps force to get 9A´s, death within family or long time unemployment may cause that someone shut the door to the real world for an amount of time during playing the game because he can otherwise not stand it. That may become a problem itself afterwards but it´s important so see where it comes from. Like with drugs. I dought that people decide one morning "oh - I will get addicted to drugs". Mostly the people in his enviroment have drugs and the enviroment itself isn´t stable. You can get the drugs out but if the enviroment with others having drugs remains as well as the problems around [school, work as above mentioned] the initial cause of the problem is still there. _Real_ addiction rarely just "happen". To say that: _they said I couldn't prove that I was super duper clever until then_ sounds not very comfortable to me. Really not. You seem to be a very competitive guy, so I don´t know if your parents really said that or this was your personal interpretation. So I don´t know what exactly was going on at that time. It smells like pressure does. If this was the case gaming was a valve to limit the pressure and lead to an addiction or rather to a distraction wich was maybe pressure itself later on. So especially for you I think it is important to learn to handle pressure. Hard competitiveness, perfectionism, is an addiction-like problem itself. As always and also for gaming it is about finding a way to deal on a normal way with all things you are confronted with. And you have to sort out what is pressuring and what makes you _happy_. And in this case it may be important for you to reflect what the cause of your so called addiction was. I am a father of 3 great kids♥. I am never disappointed about them ( ^^more about myself). I am _sure_ you are a great one too. And it would never have needed 9 A star grades to prove that point. This is what you should always have in mind.
thisissosad (EUNE)
: How often do you get "Glorious champion capsules"?
Very often.....
Kalviras (EUW)
: more highlighting that it's more important you don't die than you get kills as some people end up thinking "oh 1 for 1 that's fine" not realising they keep doing that with lots of people so feed the whole enemy team or somebody you do not feed. If everybody focuses on not dying and gets kill when they can you don't end up with a fed enemy team
That is my problem with some games when I have silver/bronze mates. Extremely in Treeline. I can get towers there without any kill or dying. But.... meanwhile my team may be 7/7 so at least 2 of the enemy team are more fed then I am. Sometimes I can get 2 or 4 towers in Treeline. But I lose anyway because my mates are fed and all enemies are fed but I am useless. So we lose this "2 vs 3". Happens so often and similar in rift.
TheRaka (EUW)
: Thanks I'll definitely change up my build and go more damage, I agree on morellos i used to perma buy it in the early days of me playing her but stopped eventually for some reason.. for sure going to start going full damage ap items and not upgrading to last ward build, in terms of banshee I think in one of the games it was actually just a panic mr buy as anivia was one shotting me and someone in the team said build mr, if that happens in games where say there's only one ap champ but they're just exploding you all the time (especially since zyra squishy af) what would you buy? Just stick with going full ap damage and get a zhonyas? Thanks for the tips!
I saw you lost your last match. Was not your fault I guess and a bit strange matchup. Bronze3 sup in your team and a gold4 in the other is not good. Malz midlane is also hard. But your itembuild lead to 1000 damage/minute wich is very good. Most Zyras go for MP because her AP-scaling for the plants is moderate. So you need at least oblivion orb or MPboots. Finish Morello if someone has lifesteal or you play vs Soraka/Janna. And nearly all Zyras go for MP boots because of that. Both items together give 33MP which neutralises most base MR of champs. I rarely buy MR items. I go for Zhonyas early only vs a Zed or a Fizz because of their ult and because it is difficult to zone them out. Sometimes I buy a null magic or a negatron cloak if I go for example vs a Kata mid [or a malzahar] which I have to trade. As a sup I rarely have to trade an AP champ normally - I zone them out. Normal full damage (partly utility) core-builds contain: Frostfang, MP boots, oblivion(Morello), Liandrys, Rylais, Ludens, Void/Rabadon It can be discussed in which order and when to go for Zhonyas (if needed) or a negatron. I often skip oblivion wich other Zyra-players go first. Reason is that I like the combination Liandry/Rylais wich gives not only a lot of damage but helps me with the problem being a one-shot. Rylais slows them down and that scares them most often so that I and also my mates have an escape [20% less speed is a lot]. Or if there is a "_dance_" midlane I can prevent (with the slow) a proper engage of the enemies while draining them some % HP and prepare an engage on my own. So, if you have champs like an Anivia or an Annie you are better off with a Liandrys/Rylais combination. Don´t go in her range, Q a plant and just go away/kite as she is slowed. This is the better alternative then going for banshee and fight her... as you _can´t_ fight her. Banshee might be useful in certain matchups when you have a Le Blanc or a Kata when you can´t fully avoid the damage or perhaps an alternative to Zhonyas if you go vs a Fizz. But as you said: Zyra is a squishy. As a squishy she will die anyway if she can´t either get out of combat or kills her enemy. With Banshee you can´t escape and you can´t kill. You can trade a bit or stand better/longer a Xerath poke [Xerath sup in lane is bad]. For me in the very lategame the combination Liandry+Rylais+Ludens [as you built it in your last match] seems really, really effective. You can place 1 single plant far, far away, stay very safe as the enemy is slowed afterwards and with a Ludens proc will do around hm..... ~140(ludens)+ ~120(base)+7,5%HP(~200)[*0,85 bec MR]= ~400damage, mostly a second shot will deal another 100 damage. In addition you may consider to go for gathering storm instead of scorch. But as all other things I mentioned it must fit to your playstyle. Not all Zyra-players do the same ;). Good luck!
Kalviras (EUW)
: Sadly the main one is don't play support.. you need to be a REALLY good support to be able to carry a game enough to get out of the lower ranks as you rely so much on other people being good. Don't get me wrong you can be awesome enough to carry as a support, but ye getting a carry to play with is probably the best bet as then you can help somebody else carry the game with your supporty skills. In general though? main generic thing is don't try to get kills try not to die, so don't engage because you "think you can win" engage because you KNOW you can win, if it's not a sure thing don't go in as it'll encourage your team to go in which leads to death, and if you see somebody charging into certain death don't follow them in as if some people aren't going all in with the idiot it helps convince other people to not do it as well. Oh ye and wards as vision is godly, watch the map more as support to ping jungler and if somebody is missing, encourage people who do well with "good job!" as they'll want to impress more if they are noticed doing well, take a 5-10min break between games, don't play tilted (similar to last point just maybe longer gap if it was a horrible loss).
> [{quoted}](name=Kalviras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AMzfFusm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-05T22:32:50.398+0000) > > ..... main generic thing is don't try to get kills .... As Zyra he should get all kills he can because first he can´t assume that his teammates get the kills [kill secured] and second he has the better lategame himself.... but only if he goes damage of course.
: We talking about PC only, league doesnt have console, and also, a lot of ppl have both PC and console. And yea the hype is over, battle royale games dont last that long. How ever tnx for the feedback.
I was talking about the ones wich play only on console or mobile or prefere that over PC. In the US the market (counted for revenue) is 1/2 mobile and 1/4th each for PC and console. You want more numbers for League? I collect them as far as they are available. - I can tell you that in Korea´s gamecubes League is back on top with 30% market share for 9 weeks now even nearly for 2 years overwatch and PUPG were on top: - further on League is on the rise in China again. The online time were down to 310mil and are up to 400mil july: - August was the first month in wich (for revenue) LoL was not the no1 but no3 behind DFO and WoW [on US market only]. But this is only a short period. Even to mention LoL´s revenue in August droped by 21% y2y. But you can see there also console and mobile. The numbers for september will perhaps show that Fortnite is no1 on mobile also because of the Android launch. - If we compare League with Fortnite it looks like that League is constant and Fortnite is beyond peak (for PC) of hype. In some countries like Germany LoL seems to be partially in front of Fortnite now [and hyping in countries like Turkey and Brasil]: Even to mention that Fortnite asia will launch anytime. - ranked players for example in the US counted 200k players less at beginning of the year [as for april2018 1,2mil to 1,4mil in 2016] and the same amount actually [1,6mil to 1,8mil]. Conclusion is that the players droped by 10-20% (same as revenue) but over the year the amount of "new" players remained the same as in 2016. Seems to turn out all right. Nearly the same for Korea and partly EUW. So. I can´t tell you exact numbers of players for League. I can only _guess_ that League is the most played _PC_ game of the world [I am sure it is]. The numbers for Fortnite are not comparable because they add up with console and mobile. Alone the start for android brought around 14million downloads [=counted as unique log in last month]. As the "journalists" about this are rare and mostly bad [overhyped] there is not much trust in any written articles. I research on my own.
TheRaka (EUW)
: Climbing outta silver
I find it difficult to give others advice. You are overall not bad and play well support, your kda is ok and you have a positive winrate. All fine so far. What I can see out of you stats is that you are dealing less damage then average Zyra. Your itembuild is passive, less damage oriented and is perhaps the reason for this. The problem with changing the itembuild is that your playstyle and positioning may have to change a bit too. For a comparison: at low silver I had >800 damage/minute with Zyra; average for Zyras is 640/minute; you have 570/minute What you may consider or/and try out for yourself in normals: - MP boots instead of mobiboots - don´t go last upgrade of the sup-item [neither the 1 ward more nor the other stats are good enough; as you can´t have more wards on map] - don´t buy hextech revolver (I saw you buying this as Zyra mid; that is a no go) - try to go for morello if you have lifesteal or healer in vs team [typically Nasus, Yasuo, Swain, Soraka, Draven] - There are some matchups where I buy Zhonias or Banshee too. But matches as 6 days before (the one you did go 1/7/11) you need no Banshee. Yasuo, KaiSa, Thresh, Ammumu and Anivia? Or the one later vs a Fiora (Ravenous Hydra) and Twitch (BoRK) and Zed was a tough match. I understand Zhonyas ...but Banshee? Your very first item in such a matchup is Morellos and the only magic damage vs was Annie. You had won both of the matches wich is fine. But with 2 passive items (Zhonyas and Banshee in the last mentioned) you rely too much on your team. You don´t do damage yourself and don´t have an answer to the lifesteal of the opponent [Hydra and BoRK]. You can ward and cc - that is nice but not the optimum you can do. So I would go for a slightly more effective itembuild.
: How many monthly players does league have.....
We have no data. But for the site you mentioned it is about core _PC_ games. Fornite is the most popular _console_ game. It has more players in the west because it can be played across platforms, also mobile. The mobile sector of Fortnite alone had more then 100million revenue with 75million (3/4) spent by US-mobile-gamers. If it is about most players in the _world_ League is imho actually the biggest because of the asian gamers. But mobile is imho the largest sector so fortnite may grow further on (asian market, android version). In my opinion the hype is over and the numbers will calm down further on until end of the year. An ego-shooter is ("only") an ego shooter. It is not my genre but I believe actually that the half-life of a game out of this genre is not very high.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I can stop playing ranked after reaching Gold :FeelsGoodMan: It must be it.
So did I this season. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Looking for good/playable Support to learn and master. I will send my Lux to holidays...,
I would say Sona, Soraka or Lulu. For Zyra and Nami it is the same problem with landing skillshots. Especially for Namis bubble but also for Zyras root you have to predict wich may be your "coinflip". I would tend to Soraka or Lulu as they are strong and have more then one playstyle so that you can find a way to enjoy the champ.
: silver/gold vs bronze
Some reasons: - First they know in some cases _better_ the champ [wich risk can I go? Wich damage do I do? Can I successful flash/q/aa/ignite my opponent?] - and second the proper itemisation for him in a specific setup - Third they have way better farm so that they can buy items. With let´s say 6-7cs/min against a bronze player with 4-5cs/min you will have 2cs more. Let´s count a cs with 20-25gold then you have between 40 and 50gold more per minute. A 10cs lead at first recall will maybe be a piece of armour or a refillable potion wich "wins" the next trade in lane. This summs up in midgame where a gold-laner may have 1 item more then a bronze opponent. - A gold player also knows _better_ what the other champs are able to do wich is part of the risk management as timing [not only "do I attack" but "_at wich point_ in trade do I attack/all in"] It´s imho much about risk management and positioning. You can see many low elo players walking around with 30hp in cases they should have go b long ago. Such way of overstaying in lane is one of the big problems. Or diving under turret when you can´t survive. Many die there and even if you trade 1 kill for 1 death the better positioning and itemisation of the "gold" player will lead into a _lead_ later on. You can start giving a bronze and a high gold player 3000gold at beginning, telling them wich champ they are going against. The high gold player will in many cases have a better itemisation and burst the bronze away alone because of that.
ddaavvee (EUW)
: It's around 50%. Now that I think of it, league maybe completely rewrites it's content when updating, instead of traditional "deleting" (marking space for available) and writing new stuff on fresh disk space. Just a wild assumption though, if it works that way.{{champion:74}}
Even rewriting content it should not be loud [neither at new installation]. I would download crystaldiskinfo. That is the shortest way of testing if there is an obvious problem.
: I recommend this attitude:
Yes. ^ Remember a match yesterday where I was asked how I reached mastery Lv7 by a lv20 mate and flamed by his silver5 friend. Well.... :-D
ddaavvee (EUW)
: HDD making sounds when updating League
A HDD making noise is not good. At least I would go crystaldiskinfo and have a look if SMART has detected any defect sectors. Is your HDD nearly full?
Cheini (EUNE)
: Zyra plants are off (HA)
Just a BigBug - who cares..... it´s Riot..... :-/
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: You need to hit a champion with a spell or aa before the plant starts to attack. Been like this since last season.
v3sk (EUW)
: Zyra plants bugged?
In one of my last games the plants attacked Bards tunnel.
Sounds like temperature. Maybe RAM. But as you get them mostly end of a match I would guess something is "on fire" in your computer ;)
Jmarks (EUW)
: Really?
> [{quoted}](name=JokerFlamerino,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=FhzQb296,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-04T23:21:56.888+0000) > > Really? Yes: "Decay": _Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger are all subject to decay. In Platinum and Diamond, after 28 days of inactivity in any ranked queue, you'll begin losing LP based on your current tier. ...... Decay doesn't occur for players in Bronze, Silver, or Gold._
Jmarks (EUW)
: Got to Gold V, don't know if I should stop playing to keep the rank or risk it.
If you care about the rank I would stop. I don´t really care about, so I play further on. I was demoted to S1 and did go back G V again. But it is hard around here. You´d problems to get G5 and so it is a risk. Perhaps you want to try it in a few months. I would actually wait. Mindset is important and to feel fear is not good for concentration.
: You can't wait it out, I think after a month you are demoted or something.
> [{quoted}](name=SectionedOne,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=FhzQb296,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-04T22:41:26.352+0000) > > You can't wait it out, I think after a month you are demoted or something. Only platin and above.
: Is EUW good
Well. So far: [redacted] [Moderator note: I would not link, or otherwise refer to an account selling website, if I were you.]
: I had allways 38 ping here with same provider and same lol servers. And why I mentioned other games is cause IF my provider/internet itself was the issue then the other games would be lagging as well (or atleast have worse connection) yet their ping is still the same as it was 1-2 week ago when lol started for lagging. Your explanation makes no sense if u look at 7+ online games whose ping didnt change at all and lol one worsened from 38- 98/115. Only reason I mentioned them is as proof that it cant come from provider/my general internet connection
> [{quoted}](name=Dragon 3Burst,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=PjhPEfGv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-03T15:55:56.790+0000) > > I had allways 38 ping here with same provider and same lol servers. And why I mentioned other games is cause IF my provider/internet itself was the issue then the other games would be lagging as well (or atleast have worse connection) Not necessarily as it depends where the servers of the other games are. You should not compare a traceroute to the house of your neighbour with a route to Belgium. So you need to traceroute during a session so that you can have a look where the problem is.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandeonor,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=5bAhiosk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-29T22:27:00.291+0000) > > In many cases it´s the grafic card driver. There is NOT always the newest working best. hmm, well I use the Geforce Experience app to control my GPU drivers.
In some cases the driver has completely to be uninstalled and installed the best working version of the driver [only] without geforce experience because the app was part of the problem as well as the update functions of experience and Windows itself (to prevent the proper driver to be replaced). Unistall the driver and GE completely. Try the 387.92 without GE. If it works proper you will have to uninstall the automatic update function of Windows. That´s what you imho would get as advice first if you would go to forum.geforce.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Lower FPS than usual
In many cases it´s the grafic card driver. There is NOT always the newest working best.
: How can i comeback from the worst losing streak ever?
> [{quoted}](name=WubbaLubbaDubDab,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Zc1Rgydl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-23T11:42:30.832+0000) > > ... but always 1 or 2 other people will feed so hard that it will make it impossible to win,what do i do i win a game or 2(getting 16 lp each)then lose one(and lose 26 lp)ive never seen anything like this. Had this also the 3 weeks before. Climbed from B1 to G5 50lp and then I lost this way until MMR to the ground, lost 8 matches in a row. Wins about 13lp, losses about 24lp. Teams were really awful. I dropped from G5 to Silver1. Perhaps this helped a bit with matchmaking. I don´t know. I stopped (after demote) for a couple of days, played gemcraft and startet new... ^^ had nice music then (Guetta/Sia, ♫_Flames_ ♫)^^ ... and now I´d won 9 matches in a row. MMR is in bad shape anyway (even better now with 17W/21L). Mindset is that I _know_ that I am better then silver but I don´t mind if I get back there just to climb again. It´s better not feeling fear inside.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandeonor,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=auzqTXop,comment-id=000f000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T07:54:40.692+0000) >(as I am one of these.... my first games I´d loaded from a _tape_.....). :D msx?
^^ Commodore VC20 [or as some type for unknown reasons VIC20 ]
: I wanted to point out that a small part of the player base might be the biggest spenders, and they might be the ones leaving. Just a theory.
Riots revenue rised imho also 2017 to 2,1billion US$ and this is 5 times the revenue of dota2 for example and more then the revenue 2015 wich was 1,6billion US$, 2016 1,8billion (about +10% y2y). So it don´t look that this is likely the case. I would guess the opposite. As the playerbase in general for games get older the money they are able to spent for _"non flashy games"_ will grow. Perhaps as my theory (as I am one of these.... my first games I´d loaded from a _tape_.....).
: You know what? I've spoken with many people and tons of us just HATE this game. We expected to have a fair team game, and instead we have this botched one that is impossible to win, not because we're not good enough, but because we're given the worst uncarryable teammates. It's the WORST game exerpience I've ever had. Maybe riot made a lot of dollar when kids spent their birthday or pocket money on skins, but now this population has moved on to more flashy games. More and more, the only people left will be hardcore gamers with a passion for mechanics and plays, who want to master the game like a craft. But these people aren't really interested in cosmetics, and they resent riot for letting the game be poised like this. So I'm under the impression lol's revenue might dramatically fall in the near future.
> [{quoted}](name=ƒlash gorgone,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=auzqTXop,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-04-17T05:32:49.733+0000) > > .... kids spent their birthday or pocket money on skins, but now this population has moved on to more flashy games. > ...people left will be hardcore gamers with a passion for mechanics and plays, who want to master the game like a craft..... That is the diversity also in culture. In NA the playerbase fall about 50% y2y whereas in EU and Asian countries the drop is between 5% and 15% or raised. Excluding China it is said that there is a drop from 100million in 2016 to 81million in 2017. In NA alone the drop is from 15million to 8 million players. So NA´s-share is 7 million out of 19million. Rest of the world, excluding China, the drop is 12million players. And honestly. The resulting 170million players in the world, including every 10th of the population in Korea, are not some kids spending money. But you are right, the kids especially in NA maybe going to ego-shooter instead of MOBA. But I would not blaming each one for choosing another game for cultural reasons. If NA-population wanna shoot and Asian/EU people wanna go more for MOBA then it is how it is. LoL´s playerbase including China is between 160 and 180 million people, more then half the population of USA. That is an enormous number all should have in mind when talking about and classify or judge. This is not the beta version of a game and the players go by age for 2nd generation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Növa,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=d4k1rAiF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-16T19:32:50.426+0000) > > First, let me "xD" you. > > Now, you can join us here if you wanna discuss more about this or read what we wrote there. I'm not sure about if that "let me "xD" you" part is funny, for me it is not. I saw a lot of videos about what they're talking about, and I have been playing since Vladimir Release "Early Season 1" and I can pretty much say that this is not the same anymore and a lot of people are SUDDENLY leaving it.
Early season 1 was less then 1 million players monthly. League has grown a lot. Where League lost players are in NA where the mentality is traditionally more about shooting and action and League was never the biggest player there. NA lost half of the playerbase - unique - imho to ego-shooter. Not that way in other regions of the world.
: Is League dying?
Games grow and then is a decline. Sometimes it is renewed or just replaced. The designers of League are working on another game imho. Perhaps this is something worth. League has perhaps actually about 70million players (81millions the guess for 2017) and in addition to this about 110 million players/accounts in China on their 28 servers. So, about 180 million players in the world, more then the half population of the USA (or France+Germany together). Aside of the enormous dimension of this number it is the difference between League and any other game in the world. League had and has imho more players then the 2 following games (in terms of playerbase) together for years now. Something like this is unique including that League has established another stage of E-Sports. If E-sports will grow as a "disciplin" League will have a place in there and therefore it will be difficult to totally eradicate it. Perhaps - just one possible future - it will _never_ die because of this. We can not see into the future. Perhaps not the game dies but the company because of problems with buiseness/money/broker/owner. That would for me be the most likely scenario for a quick end of this game. Could happen in future. Much more likely then a future that in 2 years the playerbase drops from 180 millions to 50 millions.... wich would still be more then any other game in the world has. Therefore any "League dies"-thread is imho written from a frustrated player. Reality is something else. My 2ct
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Why are supp mains so hated
Sad for you. Did not happen to me. Perhaps because I am Zyra main. I saw sometimes that players disliked to be _killed_ by supporters. ^^ Ignore them first and then ignite them kindly. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It actually has a big effect. Which is more impactful, 90 gold for every member of the team, or 450 gold to one player in a team? The 450g is an obvious winner. What does 90 gold get you? a control ward or not even 2 health potions. 450g how ever can get you actual items that give you stats and build into better items that helps you snowball. Compared to now, you could have an extra longsword which does give you a meaningful amount of power while you can't get that kind of power currently with one kill. Yes, it was in 2017 also but the game was in an equal state back then. People are simply getting tired of riot not doing anything about it (they already announced that they are going to do something about it this season). You know, when some things are bad, riot usually fixes them at some point but when seasons pass without a change, people start to express their feelings. Partly because preseason is supposed to be for big changes but this season, there were no other changes other than the runes so the game didn't move in any meaningful direction. Mid season is another opportunity for big changes and i guess we can expect these changes to come then.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8aGcObeU,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-15T21:02:33.218+0000) > > It actually has a big effect. If this is true I would not mind to go back to old state. If it´s not true I would not mind also. Overall if I would be riot I would reverse change and make a big announcement about it. If it would have an effect or not doesn´t matter. It´s more about feelings I guess. To be rewarded and more often being fed is pschologically great regardless if it would result in a higher winrate. The winrate may be perhaps stay the same.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8aGcObeU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-15T20:00:38.405+0000) > > There actually is. Riot has gradually changed the game from individual performance to team performance. Even they admitted it and are going to take steps back. > > Call it what every you like, but he is right. Individual skill matters less than a few seasons ago. How? Everything points out that individual performance is more important. From changes to minions and importance of personal skill in CSing. To importance of first tower and winning your lane. There is nothing that points out that individual skill is less important.
Even I agree to your statements in general there is one point wich someone mentioned wich may be different. There is now the team-bounty. But to be honest I don´t think that this is something important enough to have a serious effect (and it was active in 2017 also).
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: yes, i refer the aura
+15% more magic damage [even Liandrys don´t have MP as well wich I forgot ^^] I just wondered because of MP and Mask
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Arpen goes against bonus, but it is low, as a % Lethality goes against total armor Magicpen goes against all forms of magic res. There are 3 item for that I will make an example with: {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} If you can count to 100, it is 65+10%. It is more, than an adc with {{item:3035}} and 2 lethality items, deals less damage, than our ap champ. 2x2900+1300 vs 2650+3000+2900 See the difference. But for more indepth info, check theese:
> [{quoted}](name=TheLynxMan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=c3cKh46P,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-15T08:29:35.327+0000) > > {{item:3001}} > You are sure that you don´t thought about {{item:3151}} ?
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Is there never a good meta?
idc I am {{champion:143}} in any meta. My plants kill all of them {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Higher elo players/smurf commonly arrogant/toxic why?
Met one of these "I can carry even with 4vs5" and "I am not silver" smurf a few matches ago. He ended 8/12. Maybe they are frustratet with their mains hardstuck with low winrates in their elo and have to beat up bronze player for getting self-confidence. Most likely.
: Is there a cap on keyfragments?
No idea. Actually I´ve 59 fragments and 2 keys. Still searching for someone exchanging with some chests ^^ {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Want to shed a bit of light onto Zyra's current state, in the form of asking some questions
> [{quoted}](name=KINGBRID,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uEMO4AkJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-04T22:29:40.603+0000) > > Let me start by saying I love this champion and play her quite a lot as support, it's just, I can't seem to figure out the reasoning behind the things below. > > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Can someone explain to me, why [Zyra]( > > * has to have such low base health? It’s a good chunk less than brand and morgana for example. Reasons can only tell Riot. But her HP are enough, given her high range. > * her W has to have a pretty high cooldown, while it's her bread and butter? She will want 2 seeds ready for fights (especially with R ready), so can only really use 1 seed/plant in any situation other than a full commit fight. I put usually 2 points in my W (after 2 in E) and I take the 5% cdr rune. Then I have usually enough seeds ready. > * her plants can be destroyed with 1 melee hit? So many times when i full combo (with quick cast on) a melee champion, 1 plant instantly dies, because the melee champ automatically and instantly attacks and 1-shots a plant while being rooted by my E. This happens before my ult even has time to empower the plants (cast instantly after). I can’t imagine this was intended when they changed plant lives to 1 melee hit. It feels bad and makes her weaker than supposedly intended. Most Zyras feel bad about it (naturally). On the other hand every champ should have a counterplay, so I understand that this is fact. And mostly the problem can be avoided if seeds are placed well. She is healthy actually with good winrates. :-)
Xhaiden (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandeonor,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=0lgy2EFF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-10T22:09:16.150+0000) > > Well. I would have a look on some reviews. A problem for laptops is keeping them cool. Some are quite good but they are thin, have small fans and tend to be very loud. A dedicated graphic card is good, the 930MX will do the job actually but I would go for a bit better as noone knows what will be 1 year later. Newer cpu´s will handle League without problems no matter if i5, i7 whatever. SSD is within every newer laptop. There's quite a difference between an i5/i7 from 2011 (i5-2300/i7 2600) - and the latest generations. The CPU matters for intense team fights - but this days - LoL seems to be more GPU hungry.
As he buys a new laptop there is imho no chance of getting an i5 of 2011 i guess. :-) Seems so. But actually I have no huge problems with my really old office-computer here even it´s a Q6600 with a GTX950. Ingame between 50 and 60 fps. My newer laptop (around 2 years old) has an isis550 GPU and CPU is i3-6157U. Works well with League also (even I did not have a look on fps for a long time). For a new laptop playing League I would take this as the reference and choose one not below this specifications. The isis550 GPU is around the same as the mentioned 930mx. So I would have a look for a graphic card wich is slightly better. Imho any actually i5 or i7 will have a better benchmark. This can be checked before buying.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Buying a new laptop, what should I look for to run League smoothly?
Well. I would have a look on some reviews. A problem for laptops is keeping them cool. Some are quite good but they are thin, have small fans and tend to be very loud. A dedicated graphic card is good, the 930MX will do the job actually but I would go for a bit better as noone knows what will be 1 year later. Newer cpu´s will handle League without problems no matter if i5, i7 whatever. SSD is within every newer laptop.
: FPS get lower (-10 to -30 ) in every big patch realese
Hm. Have some computers here. Even here at old office-computer I have around 50-60fps (90 at beginning). It´s with a Q6600 and GTX950, 4GB RAM (even this one is a win7), no SSD. Don´t know what kids have at their computer, but I guess more. I am sure you can do better if you try different setups. At least it´s a known issue with windows that the "older" it is the worse. Fresh install helps sometimes.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi NooBWowSkill, This error normally occurs when there was not enough RAM free to allocate to League of Legends. Do you happen to have a fairly low amount of RAM (4GB or less) or a 32-Bit Operating System? Closing background programs to free up memory can help prevent this, but ultimately you'd probably want to look into increasing your RAM (if 4GB or less) or using a 64-Bit OS if using 32-Bit right now :-)
I think this error occurs too if there are no admin rights given and so the dump file could not be written?
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandeonor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UraOEAAM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-08T22:04:54.109+0000) > > So it seems clearly a mainly hardware-sided bug. As there are hundrets of possible hardware-combinations out there it is difficult or impossible to solve this type of issue by riot. In order to find out what causes the problem they must have something in hand for testing. As this seems to be an issue wich is reproducable (wich is good) but only with a certain combination of hardware - they have nothing because they don´t know wich part of your hardware does not respond as it should. It may also be a problem of the BIOS. > > So... first of all, can you tell me what _exact_ type pf laptop you have (OEM or parts)? Here's my laptop. It's not a high end PC for sure but it works decently with the majority of games I usually play. I've read on the FPS drops update thread that it could be a CPU related issue but I can't tell.
I didn´t read the update. But there are a bunch of possible causes for the problem as far as I understand it. First of all I think your laptop has an integrated R5 and a dedicated R7? Imho there is a dynamic switch between them (if not disabled) and seperate energy options and settings. Question: League runs with the R7 and the energy options of Laptop and within CCC are fine [and does it stutter also if you use the R5?] ?
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