Hillnor (EUW)
: There are some free skins (or at least there were) by following RIot in sites like youtube, twitch... but appart from those, any site that announces free skins and doesn't recquire you to spend a lot of time doing sth (basically working for them) it's scam.
Those 3 free skins retired just recently - and I excluded them cuz they were promoted by Riot themself and not from an outside source. :DD
: Kled still hasnt got any skin besides release
Arkatra (EUW)
: Returned lol after two years.
#|| Runes Reforged I think the biggest change is Runes Reforged - it combines the old Rune and Mastery into one. You don't have to pay for runes at lvl 8 ( I think ) you can use every single one. You can choose 2 from 5 Rune Trees for your rune page. * 1 Main Tree with: 1 Slot for a Key Rune ( kinda like a key mastery ) 3 Minor runeslots from that same Tree * 1 Secondary Tree with: 2 Minor Runeslots Every Tree Combination gives you some Raw Stat Bonus This Link contains also information on leveling beyong lvl 30. [Link: More Information on Runes and Leveling Here](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update) _____ # || Honor System Another big change is the Honor System: You have now a Honor lvl starting from 2 that goes up to 5 - You can only honor 1 player from ur team ( and currently not the enemy - it maybe will be implemented in the future ) At the end of the season you will unlock stuff depending on you honor lvl [Link: More Information on Honor Here](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor) _____ # || The Client There are a ton of new Features like the : **Skin | Chroma | Icon | Ward ** Tabs We have also Replays now - and you can change your Profile Background to any Champion and Skin you own. _____ # || Emotes There are also Emotes in the game for communicating with Teammates or the Enemy! Super cute and fun :DD I hope this could help you <3
NixyIsGod (EUNE)
: Elementalist Lux
The only way to get Skins 'free' is through Hextech Chests that you can earn in the game or buy in the Shop. If you see some 'free' skins on some sites - it's scam don't fall for it. I know skins cost money but it's what keeps the game alive! :D I hope I could answer your questions.
: Some Animations Don't Work in Client
Do you have the Low Spec Mode enabled? That removes a bunch of Animations. Under Option ( the small gear top right corner ) you can turn it on and off. :3 I hope that is your problem - if not try to send a ticket to the support! C:
: Need help reforming
Just remember - It is just a game - there is no need to get angry or something. Not everybody can always show their best - we are human after all C: Mistakes can and will be made - learning from them is what makes them worth it. Try your best - and if it is not enough keep going - keep a cool mind <3
: Pretty sure i got a s3 TSM icon from hextech craftig, might have gotten it from somewhere else(100% sure i did not buy it)
Let me guess - you tested the Client Alpha? They send out the wrong Icon at first to some ppl - that's the S3 TSM Icon - got it too :3c
Hosua (EUW)
: What summoner icons can you get from Hex tech crafting?
If I got it right - you can only get icons that can be bought in the store - so no limited, E-Sport or event stuff.
xaeDes (EUW)
: I hope so. But killing the old client before the new is even complete, what a dlck move
I have to say - I understand why they are killing the old one. With **Replays | Highlights | Practice Mode** they created new Stuff that is only supported on the new Client. Features that would never be on the old one. So the logical conclusion is to get rid of the old one and focus on the old one - It is functional - not perfect for everyone. I think we are getting Item Sets in 7.10 or 7.11 if everything goes well - and after that I think they will work on more details and performance tweaks. I can understand the ppl that have problems with the new Client - or don't like the new style - tbh I was also kinda worried in the alpha - it looked kinda meh? I missed the old buttons etc. But after a few days and thinking about the ' **Why **' - it made sense - and they added more stuff - listened to our feedback etc. Change is weird at first but I think most ppl will get used to it! ^ 3^
: Dad died Chrismas terror acttack berlin
I am sorry for your dad - may he rest in peace.
Siaanna (EUW)
: Item Sets
Item Sets are now on the [PBE](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/05/53-pbe-update.html) [ 5/3 PBE UPDATE ] I think if everything goes right we will see them in 7.10 or 7.11 on the Live Client.
G0thicB0y (EUW)
: WINs threw all the years add please to new client
The official post for the EU Servers stated that they want to add more Stats to the profiles - many things will be added in the future. It will take some time - don't give up hope. >**Profile is missing many of the "career stats" which were available in the legacy client.** We've actually committed to rebuilding more stats into the client during upcoming work on the profile page. [|| **Source**](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/client/client-features/legacy-client-officially-retires-may-3rd)
Yummy Ninja (EUNE)
: New client background
You won't be able to choose your own external images for the Client. There are 3 things that will change the images on your profile : 1. Your best Champion ( Mastery Rank ) 2. The most played Champion ( Last 20 games ) 3. Special Summoner Icons ( Ultimate Skins : Ezreal, Udyr, Sona and Lux )
: Practice Tool: Why can't you spawn Baron?
It is basically a Simulation of the game - with some factors that can be changed like jungle spawns - this should be enough to practice your Skills - Jungle Routes - Buff / Item combinations etc. I don't think that you will be able to spawn Baron any time soon because that is not the purpose of this tool after all. Maybe this will be added someday - but atm the Client takes priority. :3
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: what do u mean there's no friend list during the queue?
Not during queue time - what he means is : Champion Select - you don't see it during the champion select. But you will be able to still chat with your friends - If I got it right it will take 1 - 2 patches until you can select new chats. But chats that are already created ( dunno why you would close them anyway ) can be selected on the bottom right corner.
chrysan (EUW)
: NO,also it didnt work well...
Send a ticket to the Riot Support Team - they will handle it for you. **BE WARNED :** I had the same problem and they set back **ALL ** the runes pages - so check your mails frequently after you send the ticket and check your runes before getting in champ select.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: It's an EUNE thing. EUW (damn buggers) never did lose Draft Pick in the first place. :(
Oh boi I never knew that sorry for your loss and congratz on getting it back I guess? ' ³'
Husker (EUW)
: http://i.imgur.com/hGoyE0D.jpg
So wat is the difference between the current draft pick for normals and ' Normal Draft '? I am kinda confused or is this just a EUNE thing?
: So u may have old Runes u don't use anymore. Then u put them into a reroller and get a new one with other effects. Or e.g. a stat has a value or something and a Rune tier can get a amount of this value. And then u customize a new Rune as u wish with some effects like cdr, Ap, Ad etc. Maybe you have to use blue or orange essences for it. Maybe like this it would work. {{champion:85}}
We had a a way to re-roll runes: The Rune Combiner, until Season 5 - It didn't worked well and got removed. [Source Here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/rune-combiner-t1/t2-runes) I think when the Runes are getting reworked we will see more changes. Maybe we will see it return one day but with a different function. Like linking some runes for a empowered effect - but removing one Stat until the link is removed. Here an example: A [ AD Rune ] is offered to a [ AP Rune ] and will be linked. The Ad Stat is removed but it will buff the AP Stat. this will only work for different rune Stats : AD - AP not AD - AD etc. **OR** You could place Marks | Seals | Glyphs in the 3 Rows and empower them with a Quintessence of one of these types for a % bonus effect - but you would not gain an effect from a Quintessence [ having only 27 normal runes active + a X% buff ]
InvaIid (EUW)
: Insert Mute Music Button
The Button for the Champion select isn't working at the moment - instead you have to mute the log in screen below - to mute the champion select! I Think this will be fixed in the next patch! ^w^
Jovan1993 (EUNE)
: No, ranked team. I had 5 ranked teams I am in. So some friends called me to play with them and i needed to leave one. I could not find how to do it on Alpha client so i logged out and logged in old client to do so.
Ahhh - my bad! Yeah like Eambo said this isn't in the alpha yet. ^^
Jovan1993 (EUNE)
: Can't leave team
Could you explain what do you mean with team? Do you mean the lobby?
: Login Screen does not match screen size
There is no way in the setting to change it yet that will come in the next update. BUT you can change the size via: ctrl + | ctrl - | ctrl 0 to change the size. ctrl 0 resets it to default.
Fröst Mage (EUNE)
: but can you see them ? Edit: after you post them ?
Yeah after I click the post button I land in that thread.
: Yeah I forgot about that box on the bottom, thank you for helping.
No problem, glad I could help you c:
Giojun (EUW)
: I've done so!
Only thing we can do atm is wait that this will be fixed in the next patch! - that could take some weeks I think.
Berisan (EUW)
: Post-game screen grades are hard to read over bright splash arts
You should fill out the feedback under Home -> Alpha. It is the fastest way to give feedback and the team will see it this way.
: Minor Bug
I would recommend to report this bug via the button in the bottom right corner or the the button under Home -> Alpha - it's the fastest way that the LCU Team will see it. :3
Fröst Mage (EUNE)
: 0:15 show that when I click on the bug report Icon I don't get the message " log to report " aka that is the bug .... look it up .. and I know that after you lick on NA - English it is fixed as the video shows.... not sure if you did miss it or you don't understand that it does not show when you lick the icon bug under friends tab Edit: not lick ... click ....
I have no problem using the button. I changed it to EUNE | EUW | NA |PBE - IT all works fine for me.
Fröst Mage (EUNE)
: well if that is true ... rito did it again :^() discriminated the EU people :(
This is not true - I can write and post Threads on the Alpha Client Boards without a problem.
: i installed it from the link i got with the mail riot sent. do you maybe have a link from where you did it?
I also got the link from the mail RIOT send me - I would recommend to write a ticket to the support. I bet they can help you.
TanteKaff (EUW)
: Too futuristic?
The style represents to be more clean and modern. It feels more like an application on a tablet | phone instead then a typical program. It's cleaner, smoother and allows to change stuff that it wouldn't fit into the old client. It will age better over the years and won't need to be updated every 2 years. :3
sir mravo (EUW)
: dislikes
Hay there! It is intended not to open the Friend List while being in Champ Select. The Client is still in Alpha state and that stable - the team is working hard give em some time to fix the problems! Also there is a problem with the masteries for the new Client: [HERE](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/4jy1xiuV-masteries-bug-in-the-updated-client) Hope I could explain the reasons behind your problems :3
Greninja (EUW)
: Adding skins to collection tab
This could be a thing in the future - the goal atm is to implement all features that the current Client has into the LCU. Remember it is still an alpha. I think and hope more Features will be added when the Client goes into Beta and everything is working how it should be! :3
: i cant open the league alpha client
Did you installed the Alpha Client in the same place where your Regular Client is installed? Maybe reinstalling the Alpha? If this won't work you should send a ticket to the support team! c:
Sakuczya (EUW)
: My First impression
You should submit your feed back via the button in the Client! [ Home -> Alpha -> left button ] The Devs are busy working hard on the client don'T look too often into these boards. IF you send feed back / bugs this way they will see them :3
: I didn't see any arrows in the usual place (right of the champion portraits) and we definitely both had the champions we were swapping. I'll make sure I report this next time I log in, thanks for confirming it.
Your Welcome! :3 If you have more questions - just ask I will try to help!
Nepenthes (EUW)
: Ehem, I think u shouldn't be forced to focus on the champion selection by hiding the friendlist ^.^ I mean of course I do focus on the selection, but there is often time to have a look on the friendlist..
Everyone one has their way of seeing things ^w^ But I think that's what they want you to do.
Nepenthes (EUW)
: Ranked Statistics
It is not implemented yet - I hope they will add that in the future - you should write feedback through the feed back option in the client : [ Home -> Alpha ] ^w^
Amoithir (EUW)
: In Client Lag Check
Also it would be hard to do: The client works differently than the In Game. you would have be connect permanently to the game servers to check the ping that would lead to slower game servers overall cuz hundred thousand people would ping on the servers. That would ruin it for the people in game.
Nepenthes (EUW)
: Friendlist-Access while in champion selection
I don't think this is a good idea - you should focus on the champion select instead on the Friend List.
: What if u could create your own Runes
Could you explain how this should work? like how would you customize runes?
Fröst Mage (EUNE)
: About the Alpha Client Bug Boards
I don't understand where the problem is. The first video clearly shows that you aren't logged in [ Minute 0:30 in the first video ] , changing regions won't help with that. You have to log in first to report a bug. ' A'
LThunder5 (EUW)
: ''PLAY''-button in the middle
I don't think this will happening - because it would mess with the design. If you would put the button in the middle you would end up with the Tabs [ Home | Collection | etc. ] left and right it would simply mess up the clean design. We don't have the massive collection of buttons on the top right at the screen so they just can't place it in the middle again without redesigning the bar completely. I hope you understand why they did it. ^w^
Giojun (EUW)
: Curious if anyone else has this small issue
This Problem only happend to me after switching a lot of tabs and that happend only twice so far - You should report this Bug. [ Bottom right in the client or under Home -> Alpha ] C:
: Champion swapping
There should be arrows next to the champion you want to swap in Draft Pick. There are 3 possibles: 1. You didn't saw them. 2. You and your friend didn't had both champions. 3. It's a bug. I would recommend to test it again maybe with a normal game and just pick your champs you wanna play just try to swap em. If you can't swap them because there aren't any arrows even if you both have the champs, please report this Bug with the bug report tool. [ bottom right of the client or under Home -> Alpha ]
: The Skins part is in the images already, the text just gives you more customization options :)
That wasn't a suggestion more like me agreeing to your stuff :3
Lil Moose (EUW)
: Status is hard to read when hovering over someone's tab in your friendslist sometimes
Yeah I also wrote it in my Feedback thread - some kind of black shadowy background for it would be neat.
: First impressions and feedback
I think a dynamic moving | changing Background would a bit too much - I think it should show the most played champion with the recent used skin. But that's just my personal opinion ^w^
: Profile Customization [With Images]
I like the Idea with the custom text - but what purpose would it have? '^' I also would like to set a specific skins as background for my profile ´^`
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