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: But why though? Seen as it's a punishment and you are not happy about it I'd say it's doing it's job.
stilll even you might have had that feeling when you were subjected to the punishment too ryt!!
: Nothing worth than an afk ruining the game for everyone else. For me Leavebuster could be 100 games of 2 hour wait time + a 50% chance at the end to just get resetted to another 2 hours. At least it's nice to hear that you hate your punishment. Leavebuster should feel worse than a perma ban
ohh whats that perma ban??
Shamose (EUW)
: Base leaverbuster is 5 minutes. Then 10 minutes, then 20 minutes.
ya i asked them to keep 10 mins as the final and no need of 20 mins
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: #1 Don't use Reconnect #2 Use Task Manager to kill both, the game and the client #3 Restart the client
_it would be way better if the base waiting time is 10 mins because 20 mins is too long + 40 mins game play its literally 1 hr so pls its a request from most of the player across the world to reduce the queue time_
: How to skip leaverbuster
its ok but 20 mins i so long , it consumes our day totally i there any way that it can be reduced to 10 mins it is a request from most of the riot players to make 10 mins the base not 20 please
: Gods can’t be copy righted... they are free game for anyone. So Thor can be put into a game like league if riot so wanted
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