: > [{quoted}](name=eSuba Kenda,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=8v1hVH0F,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-18T21:23:16.777+0000) > > No Wonder since the game itself is getting bored as well. Lol used to be my only #1 game I (since season 2). Unfortunately this game has become a boring meta sheep shht and it's getting only worse. Gameplay is not fun as it used to be. I don't understand how RIOT doesn't see this, they have tons of game designers and balance team and sh** what the hell are they doing? It feels like people with 0 gaming experience is patching this games, people that never actually played this game on a high level or spend 12 hours a day to play their own piece of crap. I think the game should be balanced by pro players, I think they will do much better.
The game isn't designed around giving people a fulfilling gaming experience, its designed around making rito money. This means organizing boring as %%%% "esports" events where they can show people 2 teamfights per game and 30 skins to have %%%%%%s on ladder imitate the guy who got a pentakill last tourny by buying a skin for that champion and spamming that shit on ranked for the next 2 weeks.
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: Runes and other S8 stuff /share your thoughts/
Riots new rune system went from a 9+9+9+3 and 18/12 to 4/2, the truth is in the numbers, with the previous more complicated system with more simplified stats players had wiggle room for creative choices, right now your champion is chained to its 1-2 more effective keystones without any plausible alternatives. The game is way easier to balance because after runes are balanced, all you need to do is to tweak a few stats on a champion and since rune choices are nonexistent, it is really hard to %%%% up champion balance tweaks(giving extra base damage won't matter because penetration runes don't exist). The downside is that if you have any sort of an inner strategist or engineer in you, you get %%%%ed hard because you have literally nothing to work with(you will be lucky if you have a choice between two primary trees, most likely you will be looking at 2 keystones from the same tree because all rune trees are designed to fit roles). The game is pointless. I personally feel like this was the best change for the game because I haven't felt the need to play league for 4 months now, the extra free time feels great.
Rismosch (EUW)
: So what?
Just pointing out the general trend in league forums.
Potchikir (EUW)
: You could swap second tree for ap and lose tankyness
I think you are missing the point, you are sacing one of your 2 trees for one rune, not even one, you are sacing 50% of sorcery(because its the main page and you get to use 4 runes but if you have it as secondary you get to use 2 runes) so you literally have to throw away your whole secondary tree and half your main tree just to get access to ap and as edit> this is why I attatched the image, the runes are designed to fit specific roles, which means that getting access to these stats means picking champions to fit these roles, this limits your options significantly, you are basically chained to your keystone when your picking your champion. or If you want another keystone, get ready to sac most of your setup to get access to it.
Potchikir (EUW)
: lethal tempo legend:alacrity sry wrong link
where is the ap? my point being, in the previous system I would add however much as and still get the benefit of dft or whatever I want. Right here you have proven my point about the system: you have thrown away the whole sorcery tree, I get no ap bonuses, maybe I want aery with some attack speed or what have you. You need to sacrifice your whole main tree just to get access to this stat. https://imgur.com/a/zOTkA
Potchikir (EUW)
: atk speed singed rune build :D removed the old link right link is just below here
Where is the attack speed?
Rismosch (EUW)
: No
Funny how a comment with 0 reasoning behind it gets the most upvotes. Classic league forum behavior.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: are you being sarcastic ?
"A new season , a fresh start , a new gameplay , new sh*t ... This year we got the new runes system, IMO i think it's great af. Now , the new runes system was designed so could people try to fit their playstyle in the game and so people could find a different way of playin" looks like they managed to convince you that they intended to crate more diverse gameplay(while deleting ~66% of the previous rune and mastery system). The thing is, the system is garbage to the core, the keystone mechanic means you are forced into specific trees, If I want to play attack speed singed I have to sac everything from the ap tree. Now dont get me wrong, the previous attack speed singed was also terrible, but, you could actually %%%% around with runes enough to not lose too much by making this obectively terrible decision. In the curent system, ideas like this mean you need to swap your whole mastery branch, this means to get access to one stat for whatever reason, if it is not in your intended tree, then better forget about it because you are going to have to sac 50% of your setup just to get access to it. This is the hilarious part: they actually convinced most people (including you) that "the new runes system was designed so could people try to fit their playstyle in the game and so people could find a different way of playin" while clearly it was intended to make the rune system idiot proof(when you used to have 21/9 + runes choices, now you have 4/2)
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]
This is hilarious. This guy actually believes the new rune system was intended to give him more options instead of bruteforcing him down to a branch of 2 valid choices without any wiggle room because access to any other interesting rune will mean you need to sac the only useful keystone. This is hilarious, riot slashed the masteries in half, designed them to fit meta roles (adc have their page, assassins have their page, tanks have their intended page, supports have their page) renamed them as runes, deleted the runes and actually convinced people that they gave them more choices. With a slight of hand riot deleted all previous viggle room with stat manipulation on champs and convinced people that they have more stat manipulation. This is beautifully sad.
: As a season 1 player Im very disappointed with the new Rune System.
As usual, the people who make the most sense get the most downvotes.
Eraenis (EUW)
: I don't know...(wall of text incoming) I would say, that alot of what is said in the video is questionable. The whole point of the new system was to (finally) give you some meaningful choice, but how is this new mastery system any different from the old one in that regard? Yes, you heard right. New MASTERY system because that's what it is. In case you forgot, we have been picking primary and secondary trees with 3 keystones in the primary for the entire last season. Only now we got 5 trees instead of 3. Calling it runes is missleading, because runes simply got removed. Entirely. I guess my viewpoint is pretty specific though. I have been a Cassio main for a long time, and only tested the new "runes" with her, due to time constraints. Last season you pretty much had 2 options for masteries with her: Thunderlord or Stormsurge. Which one was better changed from patch to patch. In general everybody ran the same one at a certain time. Like i said the overall system hasn't actually changed. That's why I don't see much reason for it not to boil down to 1, maybe 2 optimal builds again that everybody uses, removing any real choice again. The part of it all, where I felt I had choices for Cassio was runes. I used either a "full-ap-standard-mage" page or a "20% cdr at 18 + ms" page. Both felt completely different when playing, and i used both the whole season. I know that this wasn't true for most champions though. Just to be clear: Do I think the new mastery system is bad? No. It's much better than the old one. To me it feels like a natural evolution to masteries. Also runes, while i miss them, had to be removed since they just caused to many problems, especially for new players. Overall however, i feel like the system doesn't actually give you any more meaningful options than the old one did. It's just shiny and sparcles a lot.
You are the first person I see making the same point I have been making for a while now. Somehow riot has actually managed to convince people , that giving them mastery pages with less options (4 in primary and 3 in secondary and you almost always are choosing from the same trees) and removing the rune manipulation entirely - has some how "diversified" the options people have. I find it astounding that people are so numerically illiterate that they actually believe this shit, I mean I have even heard university educated people(in engineering) parrot riots bs about "more options".
: Runes Reforged: What about masterypages?
you dont need mastery pages, in a month all champs are going to have max 2 viable rune page combinations so you pick your champ, google that champs runepage, select the runes with above 50% win rates(if you dont have rune pages with >50% win rates then %%%% you , you didn't pick a champion that riot intends to sell skins with this month) and you are all set. Look at this beautiful diversification of gameplay you get with this amazing system, now you can just forget about everything, google your rune setup and forget runepages even exist, because there is nothing interesting to do with that stuff anyway.
: The "taste" argument wasn't a comment on the rune system... I already brought up substantial arguments in my previous comments, which you dismissed by labeling me a "riot fanboy". I mentioned taste in reaction to that, because apparently it didn't occur to you that some people might genuinely think the system is good. --- I'm frankly not interested in discussing the entire rune system with you, prefacing your first comment with an attack made it clear that we're not getting much out of this one.
In other words: "you could [can] do something that is maybe a bit less efficient but fun". this isn't an argument, this is like saying you can buy deathtimer runes so that when you die you can respawn faster and lose less xp, it's not really an option, but you know you CAN do it. "The exact point you praise d about the old system is now a bad thing in the new one... You described the same things here!"? what did I praise, I praised rune pages, I said nothing positive about mastery pages, but the 2 in tandem is still going to give way more wiggle room than having 4*3 +3*3 options where max 2 secondary trees are viable if even, and the changes made unnoticable if not bad. and in the 4*3 section you will have one clearly superior option to everything else to keep the champion win rates close to 50%. With the old keystones you still had a full rune page to play with and having to choose between keystones was horrible. now there are less masteries, more trees, less useful trees -> less variety. you have no argument, everything you say here is just parroting what riot says, your argument is nonexistent . you must be a fanboy, the changes are objectively bad and you stand behind them, this is fanboyish behavior.
: >you either go for the keystone that has over 50% win rate and be forced into 3 other "rune" choices or you pick something inferior In other words: "you ~~could~~ [can] do something that is maybe a bit less efficient but fun". The exact point you praised about the old system is now a bad thing in the new one... You described the same things here! --- I know it's very convenient to label me a "Riot fanboy" and dismiss my opinion, but it's not going to help you... Most people like the new runes, not because they are inferior to your intelligence, maybe they just have a different taste...
The classic different taste argument when you have nothing substantive to say. The point is, if you want access to a specific stat you need to choose a tree and if that tree is shit on your champ you are forced to make huge concessions(maybe there is a stat i would want on my tanky champion in the marksman tree, I am forced into an inferior setup just to obtain that stat) this is inferior to the rune system, this forces you into a fixed path, at this point you might as well remove the rune system all together, it will not make any difference after 2-3 months because after the system is balanced you will only ever have 1 choice(maybe a few special cases). The problem with this system is, that its fun to play around in the preseason because of the fact that the meta has not fully developed yet , after a while you will have nothing to play around with, because the mastery system is going to be solved . If they had the same runes they had here but instead of the mastery tree thing they went all out and didn't force you down a specific path I would be all for this system, but that is not the case, you have to pick a role specific tree to get access to anything which is by definition limiting variance. You people calling this diversifying gameplay means that you are a riot drone unable to see the system for what it is. The taste argument is equivalent to calling pop music challenging or complicated and backing up your statement by saying that "most people like it". But you can make qualitative statements that comment on the depth and complexity of the piece and that is what I feel your argument is like here. People like it at the moment, it must be good.
: > Less creativity, less complexity, that's what the new rune system is. Are you sure you're talking about League of Legends here? In what world are runes which each have unique and gamechanging effects** less **creative and** less** complex than flat-stats runes that you copy off a pro build and forget forever? --- Riot did an amazing job with the new runes, I keep my eyes on the Boards after every big change Riot makes, and the Boards love to overreact on small mistakes Riot makes. There are nearly no players complaining about the new runes, and if players can't find anything to complain about, it must mean Riot hit the nail on the head :P
just parrot what riot said their runes are intended to do, don't think with your own brain, be a drone and bring riot the skin moneys. The current rune system is a more simplified mastery system of last season which was already shit because the keystones were too good to pass so you could not really do anything interesting with your mastery pages. But at least you had rune pages to work with, you could do something that is maybe a bit less efficient but fun (full magic pen garen that actually scares opponents). These "plain stats" were perfect for the more mathy people who actually took their time to figure out how much flat stats and base values affected their game play . All of this is gone now. now all you have got is a keystone which gives you some random boost that is too good to pass and you either go for the keystone that has over 50% win rate and be forced into 3 other "rune" choices or you pick something inferior - and your counter argument would be "but some champs have multiple keystones with above 50% ...." mostly these keystones are from the same page (the whole system is built around roles -marksman, assassin, mage, tank, support- specific rune pages, this is bruteforcing champions into their roles, no stat manipulation allowed) and after a few months anything broken will get nerfed and most champions will end up with 1-2 ~50% win rate keystones(if riot is interested in keeping the game balanced) and effectively bruteforced everybody to play the same exact playstyle with their champions. I used to have 10 rune pages for my onetrick champ and 7 were troll pages that I would never use in ranked, but the new systems options for diversifying my gameplay looks to become way more boring and way less efficient, then the 7 pages I didn't take seriously. seeing how riot fanboys react to every shit change they make makes me lose faith in humanity. People just love taking everything they hear at face value, its damn sad.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Show how much you know about the game, when you consider pentas more of an achievement than singlehandedly winning most games, over half of them before 15 minutes
vau sa kärrisid kärri champiga mängu, äge vend. Mine jära rito munni ja jäta mind rahule laps.
: Wrong? There's no such thing as wrong in this game... FYI - Transformers are badass!
case and point, you literally are as %%%%%%ed as the people Michael Bay sells transformers movies tickets to.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Nidalee OTP siin. Nidalee OTP here. Btw, suggest translating your own message or it will be deleted...oh...wait...since you told me to kill myself, it gets deleted either way xd.
sa ei tea otp tähendustki
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Kuule, ära mögise niipalju, kui mängust sittagi ei tea. Targem oleks siinkohal õppida mängu põhitõed selgeks, ennem kui üldse hakkad rääkima tasakaalust ja arendusest. Translation: hey now, don't talk so much shit if you have no clue. Smarter for you to learn the basics of the game, before evem beginning to talk about balance. Since this guy is same country as me' figured i'll answer in both languages.
tõmba oksa end tatt, mine vahi transformereid ja spämmi yasuot ning kujuta ette et investeerid enda aega sisukalt.
: If you hate it that much. Be an adult and leave. Stop with your whining BS, it makes you look like a spoiled child. The game is fine. There's so many different type of gameplay, styles.
You see people making a mistake you point it out, not run away . You are just butthurt because i pointed out your favorite source of entertainment is equivalent to transformers.
: Your opinion only! It seems millions of player do not think like you do.
millions of people buy tickets to the transformers movies. What is your point? Its not the first time millions of people were wrong.
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Parmupaevitus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=760KEeH7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-27T18:37:40.605+0000) > > The fact that it was shit before is no excuse to invest time into a thing that is shit now I'm just pointing out that there's never been a balanced game with no toxic champions, and there will never be, it's just impossible
The amount of mobility and damage in the current meta has never been there , camille, new galio, new fiora, new gp, yasuo, new adc and support, new ww, new everything either does a ton of damage or is full of cc and mobility. the game looks like it was designed by a 13 year old who saw faker play zed and got a boner. boring dull meaningless entertainment.
karolmo (EUW)
: You clearly never played against S2 AP master yi or 90% banrate Kassadin, did you?
The fact that it was shit before is no excuse to invest time into a thing that is shit now
Rioter Comments
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Ascendere (EUW)
: When aftergame report doesnt seem enough
you can add them in skype and figure out where they live, go there at night time and cut their throat
Q Ren (EUW)
: No,those are frustrated people,toxic people will troll if the game won't go how they want it to.
Most vocal frustrated people are unintentionally toxic.
Q Ren (EUW)
: The idea is dumb for 3 reasons,toxic people will troll instead of flaming, it needs another queue which will make queue times longer,people don't use the chat only for strategy or flaming.
The toxic people flaming their team are flaming their team because they don't want to lose elo and are frustrated, intentionally feeding or trolling is not that likely. longer queue times is somewhat of a valid concern. So what if they use chat for some other reason. My point is that chat is of very little practical value if you dont consider tilting your opponent.
GLurch (EUW)
: You'd probably need to test it out before to know if that was how it worked though. Maybe the toxic players would be about equal in both queues, but in the one with the chat muted, most toxic players would intentionally feed, while in the other, most would 'just' flame.
well, the main problem with toxic people blaming people in chat is that they don't really acknowledge that they are tilting their whole team, they think what they are doing is harmless and that the guy making a mistake or whatever it is that triggered them deserves a monologue, you cant convince them otherwise during the game( believe me I have tried, telling them that what they are doing is not helping works like 5% of the time(people don't like to admit what they are doing is wrong, don't want to understand how human attention works)) So this is why I think removing the chat would help. The people who feel the need to shit on their teammates or point out random tiny inacuracies or whatever bothers them don't really intentionally mean harm to their whole team, they just want to express themselves, and coincidentally by expressing themselves they are tilting their team.
Wunrok (EUW)
: Article: 5 Things League of Legends Taught Me About Human Behavior
First point is why I think chat should be removed from the game, the other 4 are just extra.
GLurch (EUW)
: I think it would have the same effect as permanently removing the chat for flamers, which is basically what it does. Riot already tried that and they used other methods to express their hatred: Intentional feeding, ping spamming, trolling,... The only difference was, those methods were way harder to detect by Riot. So they removed the permanent chat bans. You may say players choose to play this mode or the other ranked mode with a normal chat, but well, players don't go in games with the intention of flaming. They don't know they will want to flame someone, but can't and will troll instead, before going in-game or maybe in pre-game chat.
I think the mode would probably only be used by people who understand the problem which would make inting less likely, the problem part if what I'm saying is true is that the games with chat open would become that much more toxic because people sick of the toxicity would be on the other team.
: It would per se require a separate queue, which is not good. Don't know btw. why this is downvoted..... On the whole I agree that the chat is completely useless to play the game. And no, there is no "setup of objectives" etcpp. in my games. When we make a good play, pinging the next objective has always been enough for people to understand. If they don't react to the ping, they won't follow a chat either. However, what might be nice is to put a mandatory vote into the lobby whether or not chat shall be enabled. Majority decides, and 50/50 means "no". So if people want to chat, there must be a 60/40.
First productive comment i've read in this topic, I might not agree with the vote thing completely but thank you for at least reading through the whole post before voting/commenting.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: How on earth we should have another queue in ranked when autofill is already perma-enabled? Queue times would get wayyyyyy too high.
How many would you assume would use this type? If its a small minority, they would queue at their own risk(if waiting 10 more minutes for a 100% chance of a game where nobody has to read about their adc telling them the story of their life then that seems like a completely worthwhile investment of queue time to me)
Tarolock (EUW)
: there is a mute option, thats doing everything you said already, use it lol
Thats not removing the whiners/flamers effect on 3 other people, i already adressed this in the post, improve your functional reading skills.
: The chat is often used to give some commands or suggestions. For example which objective to fight for next or if somebody splits, etc. Deleting the chat punishes teamplayers, too, not only the toxic kids.
Ping baron icon , ping omw
OlmiLux (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Parmupaevitus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rNv2ENHp,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-21T08:53:48.436+0000) > > Not saying remove regular ranked, Just saying to add an extra ranked option for people who want a civilized experience, they can even be matched up against people who have chat enabled, The point is just to give the people who do not want to deal with someones drama every other game a chance to have a peaceful focused experience. > > Edit: you seem to be the kind of person I would have to argue with for 5 to 10 minutes before you are convinced that you flaming midlaner should be muted and by that time they have done enough damage to make a slightly losing game into an unrecoverable one. U are low elo right? Hahahahaha Try and play on plat+ without communicating with your team to make the calls :')
G2 atm Out of the last 5 ranked games 3 had flamers/whiners Id rather have them removed than that magical strategic high elo decision win me the game once every 15 games, but its nice to see you are already condecending , more reason to remove the chat, people like you or worse cant resist the demptation and you know what I'm saying is true.
: The chat is often used to give some commands or suggestions. For example which objective to fight for next or if somebody splits, etc. Deleting the chat punishes teamplayers, too, not only the toxic kids.
Not saying remove regular ranked, Just saying to add an extra ranked option for people who want a civilized experience, they can even be matched up against people who have chat enabled, The point is just to give the people who do not want to deal with someones drama every other game a chance to have a peaceful focused experience. Edit: you seem to be the kind of person I would have to argue with for 5 to 10 minutes before you are convinced that you flaming midlaner should be muted and by that time they have done enough damage to make a slightly losing game into an unrecoverable one.
: Brilliant idea for a ranked mode
Already a downvote, mkay please downvoters, please explain your reasoning.
: I have the right to question anyone i want,not only with pings but in chat too in a proper manner.Arguing with someone does not mean flaming or harassing.Your logic goes the same as "i do what i want and i do not care what you say". No,you can't do what you want.
Arguin with someone during a ranked game ~ driving and texting, maybe put on makeup at the same time and think of qute oneliners for why your position is more correct. I would not consider it harassment, but it sure as hell will 95% of the time harm your teams play. EVEN IF YOU ARE CORRECT. You see people don't like to think they are wrong, and trying to convince them of that during a game will almost always bring you difficulties in game. You now have 2 people focusing on debunking whatever the %%%% you are arguing about, both getting more focused at any tiny mistake the other one is doing and entering a total shitfest instead of maybe looking at the minimap, setting up objectives, analyzing opponents builds, analyzing your own build, pinging danger to a guy getting ganked because instead of arguing you were actually looking at the map.
: Spamming SS ping and normal ping is a form of abuse and flame without typing
pinging someone is somewhat useful doe, For example if you have a teammember farming sidelanes or sitting in base near the endgame, bringing the teams attention to the fact that they are outnumbered can save you quite a few throws. Since it is assumed that if you are alive and full hp you will almost always be grouping and looking to contest objectives people often times lose track of where some teammate went(pushing a lane, finishing an item, taking a wank, who knows) so pinging helps the people not derping around on various places on the map notice the fact that they aren't all there.
: My boyfriend never sticks up for me
Has arguing in game ever fixed anything, has chatting in league ever made the opposing person change their mind? No. Why waste your time sticking up for someone or sticking up for yourself, it achieves nothing except wasting your own personal game time and as a result making you play worse due to you thinking about some bs someone said in the game chat instead of looking at the minimap, thinking about your build, looking at objectives, pinging ganks etc, you are spending your time being useless for the sake of your ego or someone elses ego. Its impractical but sadly that is what most of the games chat is used for, so I rather mute all and enjoy the game in peace talking to friends in skype. You typing in chat never fixes an asshole over the internet, but it will result in lost time and attention #/muteall
Rioter Comments
Shanaya (EUW)
: not everyone who is autistic is like that you dont even know how it is to be one, i like myself needto live like that everyday, stop putting everyone in boxes
Its more of a jab at the unempathetic ragers in chat who might or might not have autism. This community is in general toxic. People will always be put in boxes, thats how people interpret the world, they classify and label things, including other people. Calling the community autistic is simply drawing a parallel between the symptoms of the condition and the communitys behavior.
: Troller ...
im more interested in the chat logs, did he try to win? How much did you flame him before lb got a mental breakdown?
SygmaTh (EUW)
: Doing a study on benefits of online gaming. Need your help!
lol, "What online game genre do you play, or have played for the longest time? " no option for rts, well rip
SygmaTh (EUW)
: Doing a study on benefits of online gaming. Need your help!
Online gaming keeps all the autistic psychopaths busy flaming other people, so they wont be out in the open doing any serious damage.
: No thank you... Fake reporting people will have absolutely no effect on their accounts. You however, lower your report value by doing this, until your reports get ignored by the system. Doing this excessively can even lead to a ban. Do what you want with your account, but we're not going to risk ours.
Its not fake reporting, its real reporting, the person is cheating.
Tarolock (EUW)
: you know that you can ban them before matches right?
not in blind pick(you know, the version of the game people actally play enough to have respectable queue times)
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Parmupaevitus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zXq37xou,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2016-09-05T18:38:28.753+0000) > > I remember when league was gaining momentum and people said SOOO MANY CHAMPIONS , SUCH VARIETY , scroll forward 3 years 85% of normal games have a yasuo in them. I don't care if he is on my or my enemy team, fed or unfed its getting pretty fucking annoying, goddamn are you people like robots or something playing the same goddamn champion every fucking game , holy shit what fun, you built a trinity force/static or phantom or ie /phantom dancer on yasuo, or you thought you were smrt and built a frozen mallet on him , wow, you are like the 25th person I have seen do it, and 340th person for the other builds. Goddamn holy shit is this shit getting stale. trust me i've been playing this game since season 1, the more the years go on, the less champ that get played, due to the fact. 1 They suck and you can't do shit with them 2. they are not meta cause (riot) 3. people love to play there rank 7's. Its more the fact that riot want you to play certain champs, have a meta so the pro's don't go off on one and pick anything.
I guess I have the problem of giving zero shits about leagues pro scene, so I cant appreciate stale metas that keeps progamers careers alive.
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