: My dream came true.
Good job! I'm currently at 1.5 years, maybe in 1.5 years more I'll make it there too! XD
: you're talking to a greek flamer... trust me... I'm greek and thank god I'm an adult... greek kids are the worst... do you know which ones wish cancer the most??? GREEKS... do you know which ones curse your mother and your family the most??? GREEKS... not polaks, not serbians... no one... GREEKS... trust me... there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG about the kids in this damn country... maybe it's because I'm 27 and I don't have the patience to listen to them? Maybe it's the fact that if they said such things to my face, they wouldn't have a face anymore? Not sure... but they are the worst... and you can't change their mind... it never works...
Well. This has gone too far hasn't it, sweetheart?
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Burn in hell guys
This game isn't so easy when it comes to mechanics. In regards to game knowledge, you just need to have lots of it. Most people know what grievous wounds are, but forget to buy the item, or for whatever reason believe that it's not part of their regular build (like adc's who never build last whisper or defensive items).
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: petition to make sion scream COWAAAAAARDS on his ban quote
: Elementalist Lux - Diary entry #1
I was just about to make a thread like this. I'm all ready, all set. **_Please give me dat skin! o.o I might be asleep at 23:59!_**
: http://memeguy.com/photos/images/calm-your-tits-79897.jpg
KableGTV (EUW)
: Visual update ( not kit!)
I think Kassa needs a VU really bad as well! Some work on his lines would be lovely too... you know like, not null and void.
noob infant (EUNE)
: you have to know what champions are capable of anyway and it's a pretty lame excuse to pick low utility support and instalosing (making it 4v5 at least) the game if you fail to snowball.
But that's the point. You pick high damage supp if: 1) your team doesn't have enough damage dealers (say Maokai top, Swain mid, Poppy jungle, damage is only coming from the ADC, therefore it makes perfect sense to pick Brand or Vel'Koz support) 2) you are guaranteed to snowball (really skilled/higher elo team versus less powerful teams) 3) you aren't confident in your carries' capability to dish out enough damage to win the game All of which under different circumstances make perfect sense. It's all about the team comp and the progress of the game: you must always adapt to any situation. And if I'm honest, no, when I see a high damage support, I never think to myself 'Oh no! Instalose 4v5 gg wp ez! Open mid!'
: Guess which server this is?
: When will you fix Ashe hitbox problem?
Wow! I hadn't actually seen that, the arrow was like almost an inch away from Kennen when it hit!
Sebek2PL (EUW)
So we can go back to climbing all the way from where we were when the season ended?
RuffioCas (EUW)
: Well, everything is being played but they are not common, damage focused supports weren't common is what I had to say but I worded my opinion a bit wrong but anyway the main point is they are slowly getting more common. As I said; if I am a support main who didn't really practise mid a lot, I wouldn't know how to play against other mages. It's not just a single champion's mechanics that will win you the lane, you have to know what the enemy champion is capable of as well.
I beg to differ. Brand support for instance is rather common in my games, and I've been to low elo. Vel'Koz also, Karma also. They've been around forever indeed, so that they suit the needs of any matchup. I'd say that people pick high damage supports because their team has lots of tanks or CC on other lanes rather than damage dealers, not because they are worried about the ADC being bad. You may not know how to mid and prefer to supp, it's a very respectable opinion, but truly, if you think about it, mid is just like top, if you like top. You just farm and keep an eye out for the enemy laner. It's not that difficult to do either one of the two, assuming you practise, and that you read up on your champion's and the enemy's abilities.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YVTVNaoO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-21T00:52:27.847+0000) > > Never seen a good support, have you? Supports can truly turn the tide of the battle. > > I honestly think it's an unpopular role because too many players think KDA, with an extra capital K, is the only thing that matters. Seconded.
TTekkers (EUW)
: The funny thing is, a Europium-Tungsten alloy (EuW) is probably fine ... xD
And that concludes our chem lesson for today? o.o
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: How good is Nocturne right now?
Interesting replies... I guess I have misunderstood parts of his kit. Thank you for the input guys!
Rioter Comments
: The harrassers are a minority. "Girls only ever support!" - then I must be a girl right? It's not about sexism, it's how YOU react to prejudices.
: Banned for standing up to bullying. [Banned for trying to defend myself against sexism]
I feel you gurl! In all seriousness, I've experienced my fair share of sexism on League. I'm sorry to hear you were treated like that... I have to admit, I'm an ADC main, constantly trying to improve and one day aspiring to be in the toplists for my Miss Fortune play, and all I hear sometimes is 'Girls are only good for support, that's the only position they take!' As if 1) support is a bad role and 2) only male players are in a position to dish out damage. In the future I hope that women will be a big part of the gaming community, and as such considered a 'normal' occurrence in games, rather than a minority that people wish to harass.
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: No regrats....
Well, some people deserve to get destroyed. That said, the purpose of League is to always attempt to win the game. I'm not sure if what you did actually was productive. That, assuming we even care about whether winning in League is in one way or another useful or productive.
Derastius (EUW)
: > This is a classic ask-me-anything thread! do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ?
Do you have a moment to talk about Noxus' leader, Jericho Swain?
: What's you age?
: So what do you think was the deciding factor, which you learned or did, to finally make it out of bronze? Also, if you want to go for that gold, I looked up your OP.gg profile and as someone who's 2nd most played champ this season is MF, I just can't keep from telling how good she is, especially vs squishy teams who don't build armor, if you build armor penetration items: ghostblade>duskblade>black cleaver. You can find tutorials on this from all over the interwebs ("korean build"/"armor penetration build" miss fortune) Reading through everything you said here, I feel like you are quite knowledgeable on the game in lot of stuff even higher ranked players aren't, so you have a bright future :p Also, if you made it out of bronze, ur as good as silver 3 anyway, as silver 4 and 5 are the same as b1 and 2 keep it up!
I learnt a A LOT. Ironically (and very bronzily), however, my _big_ break came when I realised that, when an engage happens in bot lane, I as the ADC have to target the enemy ADC and not whoever I first see (the enemy supp most of the time). From then on, I improved on other things, such as making good dragon calls, etc etc, and here we go. Thank you for your kind words! I know about the Korean Build, but I have to admit that having mained MF for 1.5 years I am a bit stubborn when it comes to the traditional build haha
Mačka (EUW)
: ***
Haha thank you, I'll consider your offer!
: Silver 5 Is Bronze 0,5 pls.If you dont get over Silver 2 then you and a bronze 5 player are the same xD
When you've consciously climbed from B5 to S5, I'm inclined to say that you're most likely not that trashy.
: Yay for the border. Maybe try and get that Maokai skin as gold privilege while you're at it!
Yooba (EUW)
: Nice dude. But I thought no one can get out of bronze, ever. What is this sorcery?!
'Tis magic my friend!
LovroLox (EUNE)
: Mine is Jhin>Varus>Urgot . Call me weird but thats true:D
I think Urgot is actually a pretty decent champ. That E+Q sure is annoying haha
: Congrats buddy!!! Let me tell you, Silver, at least for me, is a lot better than bronze. If you did well before, than you should have no trouble in Silver. Keep going Pars Fortuna, and dont stop :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Declined (EUNE)
: What is the biggest difference between bronze and silver players in your opinion?
Well, bronze is... interesting to say the least. I won't mention the flaming because first of, everyone can get angry in any elo (except maybe Diamond+), and also, some really nice people can be found in Bronze. I'd say the greatest problem Bronze has is lack of game knowledge. Not that Silvers are genuises of game knowledge, but it's horrible to see a typical Bronze player prefer Dragon over the two nexus turrets that would win the game. In general, people seem to have perverse ideas over what is good. For example, the other day I was playing ADC. There was a skirmish in bot lane. Me and Blitz were at 250hp. The enemy ADC was at about 600hp. I began to run back to go to base. But Blitz grabbed the enemy ADC under the turret who perfectly naturally killed me since I was still in range as I was fleeing. Blitz managed to kill him under the tower, but the situation didn't turn out positive at all for us. Bronze players also tend to not keep timers, cooldowns and other things in mind. For example, it makes sense that when Ahri uses her charm and/or Q it's a good moment to trade with her or kill her. But to some Bronze players, this isn't immediately obvious, so they engage at a moment that Ahri has E+Q up and possibly die. Bronze players are also not aware of powerspikes, and the amount of damage they can do, and as a result, they flee very easily, in a situation where fighting back/kiting would actually win them the fight. So, the biggest difference between Bronzes and Silvers is the fact that, in Silver, people begin to understand the key concepts of the game. They can't kite perfectly, not even close to that probably, they can't cs like crazy, they probably still engage at the wrong moments. But they do it a little bit better than Bronzes. And in Silver, strategic play and team comps become much more likely. More organised teamfights. Dragon isn't prioritised so much over the nexus, you can actually see wards on the map, and people actually trade and fight back! This difference is very slim, but you can feel it, especially as you go to the highest Silver tiers.
: Grats! I did it one year ago. Going for gold this season?
Well yes. It's a challenge, I've got 20 days to rush to Gold! :D
: who did you duo with?
I managed to get to Bronze 1 70lp by myself, and then I met a friend who was a very good support, and did the promos!
Possible (EUW)
: Mine is JInx>Ezreal>Lucian :D
Oooh Ezreal. Interesting! I have to admit, I find him ridiculously difficult to play. Every ability is a skillshot, which can easily miss with 2 enemy champions and a bunch of minions in the lane. It's like, why should I pick Ezreal whose abilities may never land, when I can pick any other ADC who just right clicks and poof, the enemies are dead?
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: congrats on being in a division full of braindead teammates who needs explosions to fix their dead brain cells, play ziggs, he is useful for damn fixing brain dead cells Kappa
There's people like that in every elo. The most concerning thing about Silver is the fact that many 30s completing their promos are around Silver 5-4. Which means that maybe people who should normally be somewhere in the low tiers of Bronze will actually be getting matched up with genuine Silvers.
TTekkers (EUW)
: That makes perfect sense - and also explains why I find mid lane a bit meh. DPS is elegant, burst is not and MF errs towards burst whilst still having enough DPS to qualify as an ADC. But you can't call Cait's trap-AA a "light attack", it's like being hit by a truck, from a screen away.
To be honest, I'd almost fully classify MF as a burst ADC, not as much so as Lucian, but comparable. Well, many Caits I've seen actually rush Ruunan's, which means that there's more attack speed early, and less actual AD. So, even with a headshot, the damage is still 'light' compared to a more heavy AD-orientated build. I general, the prioritisation of attack speed over pure AD is the reason I mention 'light' attacks. They deal lots of damage, but not as much they would do if they had more AD to back them up.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: League post-game ranking is broken
You got an S- because you farmed well, you probably got many top lane towers, and even without kills and assists, you had a perfect KDA. It is true that supports don't have the easiest time getting an S, but the system knows to expect, for example, that supports won't farm, and therefore doesn't take farm into consideration. As such, it _seems_ that only assists and towers contribute to the supports' getting an S. However, I believe this is wrong, since these are too few criteria for a player to be evaluated on. Therefore, there's a 'secret' ingredient to the recipe for a support S.
: My ip not increasing
This is actually happening to me too. The ip is actually not static, it's just accumulating, but the counter is bugged. Or so I think. If you try to buy a 6.3k champion for instance, you can do so, even if you seem to only have 5k ip, as long as you've accumulated enough ip from your games. Today, my counter stopped being stuck thankfully, and I'm waiting to see whether it happens again so that I can see whether my theory above is 1005 true. EDIT: The issue has been discussed with Riot here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/NgEe6ldJ-resolved-euw-post-match-ip-gains-not-applying-to-ip-balance
TTekkers (EUW)
: That ADC ranking, I love you <3 For me, it's Cait > Jinx > Ashe. ___ Gotta say, I agree on the design of MF, but her kit has just never felt fun to me - dunno why, it's a mystery given I love most immobile ADCs :P
I love you too o.o <3 MF's kit is 'slow' if that makes sense. She had an AS steroid, but that doesn't compare to the speed that Jinx and Cait offer, or to the CC in Ashe's kit. MF is the heavy and slow type of ADC, tons of damage in one risky hit, compared to the agility, light attacks, and attack speed the other immobile ADCs have.
: Senpai , how did it take you this long?
I've been in Bronze 1 for about 4 months, having climbed from Bronze 5 since the start of the season. Tell me about long! I don't know, I guess the 'tension' of ranked isn't always my cup of tea, so I largely played normals with many many different champions for the fun of it :D
Speedy59 (EUW)
: In my experience it took me forever to climb out of Bronze but once I did I started climbing really fast. After playing ranked for about 2 months it took me 5 weeks to get our from Bronze, but then only half that amount to get out from silver. Currently I'm Gold, the trick was to pick one champ and play it in all my games (For me it was {{champion:10}} ), I'm sure you'll be able to hit Gold before the end of the season, Good Luck.
I'll blitz climb all the way to Gold! Yes! :D
TTekkers (EUW)
: Yea, but at least with Cait you get to play the range game - there's a window of 100-150 AA range where you can hit the enemy ADC, and they can't hit you. And you have to combine that with counting to 6. Also, Caitlyn can 1 shot the enemy ADC from outside their AA range once she has a couple of items.
Haha, all these comments are greatly appreciated. I have tried Caitlyn and partly main her. In fact, my order of ADCs that I play goes like this: MF < Ashe < Caitlyn < Jinx I know Lucian is great, but I don't really enjoy playing as him at all, and same goes for Twitch. Draven I need practice with before I feel at home playing. Personally, I love MF for three main reasons: 1) Because of the AA + Q + AA + W (which is _almost_ like an auto-attack reset) I essentially achieve great burst that I can repeat in 2 secs with max Q. 2) The ultimate that changes the flow of the game. A Miss Fortune can ult both when her Malphite or the enemy Malphite ults, for instance. Why? Because the enemies and your team cluster together when CC from both sides comes out, and you can ult for huge chunks of health. It only takes slight missteps from the enemy team for a Miss Fortune ultimate to absolutely destroy the enemies, and with all my experience on her it feels like I can almost always judge correctly in regards to when to ult. 3) I've always loved her champion design, I loved last year's Bilgewater event, and to me she is the greatest champion in the game pretty much. I first saw her in a free champion rotation in Season 5 and I absolutely loved her kit and her story.
: Now you have silver,gold, plat dia,master and challenger,rip
Yup. Wish me luck.
Bonvivius (EUW)
: congratz
Thank you, thank you! *bows*
Rioter Comments
: Katarina, because she's talking to me in my head and if I tell the full story i'll be call insane, which I actually am, but still. <3 my Red head <3
Elstir (EUW)
: "clap clap"
Was it ranked?
: I don't understand why is that toxicity? When did I insult someone aside from calling them toxic? Of course it looks like spam when only my messages are shown in the chat log There isn't one single insult in that whole log while I was insulted and called a noob a lot. I can't just let someone insult me continuously without saying anything. I didn't even insult back, just explained him that he is toxic, while my messages put together in a log look like spam and toxic even if they aren't. Imagine the chat log with the messages of the others included as well. Game 2 and 3 are too totally not toxicity. Since when is "Irelia flash" and "I need help" and "lol how did he pull me with that accuracy?" toxicity? The only stuff that MAY be interpreted as toxicity is the fact I called Garen a 0 skill champ out of rage because I was losing hard. Practically 1 game which got me a 25 game chat restriction.
Well, for one, you do seem to be telling people that they are playing 0 skill champs that only need right clicks and Q's to win. Sincerely, I don't know about you, but if I was told that in a match, I wouldn't think that the one who said that is a complete 'saint'.
: "If you waste money on a sighstone" you mean, "Becuause the team doesnt know how to use trinkets and u need to fix that error for them", you mean?
Yes I mean pretty much that. Sightstone is 800 gold. My main focus is the supp item, mostly, which also helps with the support income and is usually a good item to have finished by the 15min mark.
: early game full poke mode, at 12th or 13th min you should have rylai = DMG + CC on every single spell, Pretty much that simple
That is, if you rush Rylai's instead of Sightstone, supp item and the like.
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