: Duh if you already got 2 accounts perma banned, why would you start an argument over a pick, which has a 47% average winrate, when it has a 51% winrate once a player has more than 30-40 games. You should really understand, that champion.gg average stats don't have much to say. Like how can you possibly not understand after 2 accounts, that you simply shouldn't use the chat? And why are you trying to tell others what they should do or not do to win games, if you yourself are stuck in silver elo? I really don't understand it.
I peaked g2 on other acc if I would still grind I think I would reach plat by now
: If it's a permanent ban, you don't. That account will remain banned. If you wish to continue playing, then you'll need to make a new account, and take onboard the lessons you learnt from losing the previous one.
But I heard at some post that you can get unbanned is that false?
: Because the instant feedback system sucks and never works. Sure it's not 100% impossible to get banned but you really have to work for it. It's a joke how long it takes.
Bro it works to well! Look at this chat logs its my other acc and tell me that is not working x)! https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/osHFhii0-do-i-deserve-to-get-permanently-suspended-for-this
: Than you worked really hard for it, seeing what's possible without getting banned
Not rly 9 of 10 reports I get is not from cursing but more from that my team can't handle criticism and sometimes I lose it as you can see. Overall I am not toxic okej maybe I am. But It's that I get many reports from like 50% of games from players that gets easy offended by me and when I lose it just once I immediately get banned. I had many players that starts to int on me when I just ping them to back they will stay and not back they do it diligently not because they don't understand that they should back but for the reason they wanna show that they don't care about my opinion. And this is so normal for me almost 40% of the games I meet this type of players in low elo when I reached gold 2 on other acc I started to notice more players getting serious about winning. And when I repeatedly meet this type of players I will at some point break and her is the resultat. It's quite frustrating when you're trying to win your games and encounter at several times this type of players. But I understand I should not focus on chat and do my best and go on.
: maybe i'm wrong but i think you don't like ezreal aniway it seems a bit harsh to me too, sure you weren't positive but that doesn't deserve a permaban i'm sure that once you get tempbanned you will get permad with nothing, so be extra careful next time (don't chat at all if you get tempbanned)
Yes I don't enjoy playing with Ezreal players
: Don't blame the coffee. You lost your account because of the attitude. Maybe you are drinking too much coffee and get really excited,but thats another story...
Dude are alright? What rock do u live under? Ever heard of sarcasm?
: If you don't like playing with an ezreal,just dodge the game. Easy and simple. So unnecesary to type so much...
Yes I lost it and I usually dodge but at champ select I was preparing coffee That coffee cost me my account x)?
: If you don't like playing with an ezreal,just dodge the game. Easy and simple. So unnecesary to type so much...
Yes I lost it and I usually dodge but at champ select I was preparing coffee
Ulula (EUNE)
: A bit of helping advice, if you can't control your impulses: 1. go to options->interface and turn that chat scale from 100 to 1 2. unbind chat key 3. drag the chat window off your screen Newsflash, nobody likes a nagging c#$t. You're keeping you and your teammates down with your unnecessary comments.
How do you unbind chat key? I rely would like to know it would save me so much
: This is a good example of why I'm not overly keen on using the chat functions except to wish everyone a good game at the start of the match and tend to stick to using pings only. If you don't speak, you will be told you need to _communicate_ and that if you do not, then you are creating a disadvantage for your team. If you do speak, then if anyone does not agree with whatever it is you say (which is inevitable), then you will be told that you are _nagging_ or _harassing_ team mates. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't if you happen to be in the wrong game, with the wrong team mates and the wrong time. Just make a habit of using pings and avoiding the chat altogether. Personally, I wouldn't consider you flaming. It looks to me that you were not keen on the ADC pick, and another team mate was not keen on your presumably support pick... That is common in low elo.
Thank you, I also requested to riot to give me a longer chat restriction in order to be given a longer time to "reform" (from not using chat at all). It feels like I can't say anything in chat without stepping in anyones toes.
: I just doubt that people actually get banned in this game (except for buying RP without sufficient funds of course)
this is the third account I get banned
Stell (EUNE)
: No i mean that your ban wasn't based solely on these three games. your ban was coming, because you've flamed alot and got reported before, these three games just triggered the ban. And about the win rates, i know what you were talking about. You were talking about worldwide winrates , what the %%%% do those matter? If a player is good with their champion (i don't know and it doesn't matter if this was the case), they can have their win ratio way above those worldwide win ratio. You just think that if Ezreal has - let's say 48% win ratio worldwide - , you think that YOU have 48% win chance. That's some good fallacy right there. And to think that you believe it justifies your flame is even more unreal.
Yes your right but they where all about of the same from the game 1 and 2, its in game 3 that I loses it but yes your right. Yes I understand your point. But I played about 300 games with karma and some of them I played with ezreal adc. And only once was the ezreal good and that was from a guy claiming to be D2. My point is that if you want to have a higher win rate in low elo don't pick hard champs to play, is there anything wrong with that? But I understood your point and I think your right but be real I was playing in Silver in those games
: I don't believe you. I've made it a habit to check if hard flamers are still playing and you basically can't get banned in this game at all.
what you mean? ah the order of the games is not right the game 3 is game 1. It's the game 3 that I got suspended after. I changed them bec I thought you only judge me from the first game and not the other 2. My bad. Did not know that matters.
Stell (EUNE)
: "this is all about win rates" got me there, didn't even want to read the rest :d you know you can have 100% win rate with champion after 50 games, even when the average win rate is 20% ? if you start a flame war over that, then you've deserved all you've got. Bet your flaming doesn't even show fully in these three games
"Bet your flaming doesn't even show fully in these three games" If u mean that I am removed some of the chat logs befor posting this than you are wrong. This is all. If you mean that I have more games but the system only shows 3 so yes for sure. No I was talking about: https://champion.gg/champion/Ezreal/ADC Not about my personal win rate. But now that I looked it up Xeraths win rate dropped as support my bad.
Ulula (EUNE)
: A bit of helping advice, if you can't control your impulses: 1. go to options->interface and turn that chat scale from 100 to 1 2. unbind chat key 3. drag the chat window off your screen Newsflash, nobody likes a nagging c#$t. You're keeping you and your teammates down with your unnecessary comments.
: I see. Well, let's play a game. Select 5 chat lines, from each game, that don't contain nagging/negativity towards your team/blaming/other kinds of non fun - mood runing behaviour. Also, your know-it-all style is a bit funny, considering you're playing in low-ELO. But to save you some time, yea I know ... your teams are holding you back. Here, have a hug.
: Just got my third account permanently suspended
And I would like to excuse befor hand for my grammar. I made this post because I am interested over other players opinion over the matter, suspension in general over chat logs.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Congrats? i mean its deserved so i'm not sure why we care :P
Yes and in my opinion I am nagging in these chat logs, but you could call it whatever you want. But could you enlighten me with more specific of why I should be deserved?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Congrats? i mean its deserved so i'm not sure why we care :P
Okej, So you should be suspended over nagging? I am not saying you shouldn't be just asking
: Ok, and ?
I was just hoping for an open discussion over the subject and others players opinion over the matter. Me myself feels this is a bit harsh to get suspended from
: > [{quoted}](name=Partikeldualitet,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Repn6dhA,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-20T16:40:36.322+0000) > > ye I just got the permaban thanks. Then you're not given the possibility to use the chat in game. You have what you wanted.
Let me guess you took free IQ test online got a decent score and now your being a cockalorum over internet full time? Great life bro I wish u best
: > [{quoted}](name=Partikeldualitet,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Repn6dhA,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-20T16:40:36.322+0000) > > ye I just got the permaban thanks. Then you're not given the possibility to use the chat in game. You have what you wanted.
Clearly you stand on different lv then myself so I should not be say anything against someone with a high IQ as yours. "LightOfTheSeven (EUW) 5 days ago in > Hey riot, if prisoner island isnt real... Since no one seems to responding anymore Im gonna leave this trhead. I said all there is to say. Too many low IQs here anyway Damn, asking for a proof is sign of low IQ. What a wonderful life in a world absolutely not based on science you have."
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Well I put effort into trying to help you, but looks like you don't deserve it. Have fun with your future permaban!
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
: I am not supposed to be given the possibility to use chat in game
If I would get one more perma I need to quit this game, riot is not helping me just being dogmatic about the issue. I am openly saying I need help I got issues. And what do I get? Well I receive suspension from the game and thats rely helping me out so far I got 2 accounts suspended and the third is on 14 days. I am just scum I don't deserve anything more than a suspension. All they give me is those suger coated words. Please spare me from that nonsens I do understand fully well how stupid I am by using the chat the way I do, than why do you do it? Is it not obvious I am human that gets easy swayed by my emotions. Asking for help getting suger coated words, superb
: > Let's say you want to quit eating candy, is the best way to quit by having candy around at all time? Actually yes, when you're addicted to something and want to stop, the best way is to work on your self-restraint If you're trying to stop eating candy and you have some available, the only thing stopping you from eating it, is yourself It's an amazing mental exercise to be able to make the decision to not eat it, rather than simply not being able to when you crave it I'm not the only one that'd tell you this, but when you're trying to break off a bad habit, be it smoking, drinking, drugs, eating too sweet, fast food abuse, nail bitting, swearing etc etc : you need to catch yourself doing it and have the mental fortitude to stop it right there and then forcing yourself to break a habit with these kinds of methods such as substitutes or withdrawal is simply the best way to assure a relapse, so just do yourself a favor and work on your mental to actually improve breaking bad habits is by no means easy, but if you don't even try to stop it yourself there's no way you'll stop permanently Well anyway that's just my 2 cents
Silent Note (EUNE)
: League chat is useful, because you can inform your teammates about enemy summoner spells and when exactly they come up, while without chat you can only ping the summoners but can't say an exact number like "mid f 7:25". With only pings it will be harder for your teammates to memorise when the enemy flashes are up. Chat is also useful to keep track of the enemy jungler, and be able to say stuff like "Udyr botside river". Chat can also be used to untilt teammates, like when they are getting camped and they're tilted, you can say things like "don't worry, try to play under tower, we're taking objectives and getting kills while the enemy jungler is wasting his time camping you", or just say a "good job!" after someone who was doing bad got a solo kill. Moral is really underrated in League, a player in good mood will play better than he would while being tilted. I also had games where premades were flaming me, and got me so tilted that I didn't even want to try to win. If they instead said things like "we've got this lategame, we can still win", I would've actually tried harder, and maybe we could've won. That's why you try to be friendly instead of flaming. By flaming, you only reduce your chances of winning the game. Your goal isn't to avoid using the chat. Your goal is to learn to use the chat for useful things instead of flaming. Think about this: what do you achieve by flaming? Will you play better? No Will the person you flame play better? No Is there a chance it will only make one or more of your teammates play worse? Yes Will it decrease your chances of winning? Yes Do you achieve anything positive by flaming? No So again, why would you flame? It doesn't have any positive effects, it can only lead to bad things. You'll get more tilted, your teammates will get more tilted, there's literally no point in flaming. Creating a bad experience for your teammate doesn't earn you anything. And if you say something like "but they give me a bad experience by feeding", they're most likely having a bad game, and the experience is worse for them than it is for you. And you trying to take "revenge" only reduces YOUR chances of winning the game, so thats again negative for you. Even if they intentionally feed, flaming is still not a solution. If they int, flaming will just encourage them more, because you're giving them the attention they want. Another thing to ask is: "This is probably the only 30 minutes I spent with this person in my entire life, I'll never meet them, I'll never have to do anything with them, they make no difference in my life, so is it worth risking my account getting banned for a person that has literally nothing to do with my life and I'll likely never hear of them again anyway?" So once again, you don't need to stop using chat, you just need to use it for positive and useful things, and realise that typing negative things won't help you in any way shape of form. Hope this helped! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Idk i've stopped drinking like 5 years ago and i still have alcohol around
: Press enter, click the top bar of the chat, yeet the chat off screen.
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