: The Most Hated Role?
For me it's ADC, not only do I want to kill myself when I play it but I hate every single adc player too. They are the most likely to lose it,flame or complan and give up. They think the 4 players in the team serve as meatshield martyrs ready to die for them so they can have their pentakills. They always whine "peel me peel me",I don't peel people who do no damage and die in 1 seconds.
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: how do i beat the heat?
If you have troubles sleeping like I do due to warmth,try taking ice cold showers and immedietaly going to sleep. It both tires you and makes you soothed. You might be tempted,but never get into the blankets Also,never sleep with blankets,sleep on top of it. Drink water more frequently,I'm talking one glass after each video/game/ 5 pages,whatever you do often. Drink cold stuff,preferably chocolate milk,it has a unique chill to it when you drink 2 glasses of it. Try making frozen smoothies at your home. Pro tip: Don't be a %%%%ing %%%%% and only take cold showers.
: I need help understanding Riot balance team
Riot loves "lol so random xd" changes,I remember when they reduced Morgana's ult range by 50 units for no reason
Vialpando (EUNE)
: I'm happy there is no "old" Aatrox anymore. He was broken from the start and no patch really fixed the issue. Insane lifesteal combined with revive? Come on, you all knew it was too much. Moreover - when Aatrox came out, there already were many champions with healing/revive on passive. He was not unique, he was not needed. It's like WW, Riven and Anivia had a threesome and this is how Aatrox was born. If those nerfs make him unplayable I will be happy about it.
You think Aatrox is the only one broken from start? {{champion:24}} Press E and jump on the adc,right click him to death and his team. This was guy was able to get pentakills on the fountian when he was first released. {{champion:92}} 1 knockup,1 stun,boss mode ult with aoe execute,low cd dash with shield. Synergizes with literaly every new item/rune I can give more examples,but that's not what needs to be said. What needs to be said that there are indeed frustrating champions like old Aatrox,but there were people who loved them. Aatrox did not have the "popular money maker armor" like other champions {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} so he was deleted from the game. He was not unique,because many champions had built in revives? {{champion:26}} {{champion:34}} were the only ones with what you could call a revive back then. 2 champions, are 2 champions enough to make you say "many"? And unlike them, Aatrox was not some %%%%% who stood back and watched,he was given a revive so you could go balls deep on the enemy team. I didn't play the old Aatrox alot mainly because I was too focused on otp'ing another champ. But let me tell you he was the only champion I felt thrilling to play as a diver. If you inspect his kit for longer than 10 seconds, you could see he was desinged to right into the heart of battle and have a chance to overcome it. That is why he had built in lifesteal so he can outlast the damage he was taking. And if you could stack your passive properly you would watch your own team clean up the fight because the enemy used what they had on you as you would slowly revive. Aatrox did what he was saying: Now we TURN THE TIDES! (That comeback you do right when you are cornered and heal back all the damage they dealt as 1v2) Hesitation is DEATH (You would lose because you were too afraid to go in) Violence is elegance (Watching your teammates pick off the runners while you revived)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: how many games did you develop with millions of players worldwide? cos im pretty sure RIOT did at least 1 more than you... so if you have nothing worth saying just dont play the game while they figure out/fix the issues...
>You haven't made a game like this so you can't complain Some people at Riot don't even play or have ever played this game,should they stop working on it too them?
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Shamose (EUW)
: If you can't be bothered to spend 1300 gold to counter a champion then just become a GP main.
This isn't about being bothered buddy. If you are a non-toplaner sure go for it. I think I explained clearly enough why you can't buy this item most of the cases. And if you somehow couldn't understand even that,I suggest you main toplane for a a few weeks and see what I'm talking about.
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: Old aatrox was extremely unhealthy and stat checky, something riot are trying to get rid of.. so new aatrox is much healthier and thus shouldn’t be reverted
Pick or ban both pro play and normal play. Becomes a serious threat the moment he gets his ult. A threat 100% of the time. Consant changes,buffs and nerfs. Are you sure these things can be said for "healthier champs"?
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253IQ (EUW)
: revert to the release of Kayn. Best patch ever
> [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0TIiyUKZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-05T10:23:16.622+0000) > > revert to the release of Kayn. Best patch ever Yeah sure,the patch when {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} let any champion in the game oneshot whatever they wanted. Talon,Zed,Yi,Kayn coming out of nowhere and oneshotting anyone before you realized what was happening. Really a good patch.
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Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
I don't mind looking at good looking girls in games. There are barely any in real life,let us have them here.
Welcome aboard {{champion:26}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}}
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: Weird one here, Kai’sa is a man?
"Is Kai'sa a trap?" Please let us make this a meme
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: you seem to have some major depression issues you can apply that same logic to any one thing in life get help
How the %%%% did you connect a guy complaining about a game to him having a major depression IRL?
: Is Irelia worth?
She's not garbage or terrible. Now,Irelia requires actual skill and thought rather than landing r and spamming q on whoever you want dead. If you have been around for a while, you will now that the community hates investing time and effort into learning skillful champs and sticks to otp'ing braindead stuff. And they aren't really wrong, these guys do more with less risk.({{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}}) But at the end it should be what your heart desires not what some moron at gold told you. Genuienly ask yourself if you want to play and enjoy Irelia and proceed with that answer. Remember that the person who can use his champion to it's full performance can win here.
: Can we get announcer packs?
Dota 2 does this and it sells,I would pay to get SG Ahri announcer again anytime!
Hansiman (EUW)
: Skins aside, how would that even fit in with the overal theme of the game?
{{champion:62}} How does an overused chinease folklore character and {{champion:142}} a Disney character fit into the game? Does LoL even have a goddamn theme anymore,the lore is butchered. There is nothing but incosistency and cringe inducing stories at this point.
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: New Kayle is awesome
A buff to her early game mana costs wouldn't hurt tho
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: Also think about the items they make and balance. When was the last time we got armor or magic resist? Thornmail does about 50 damage, at MAX, when you take a hit since it automatically does 25 damage plus what ever armor you have. Ornn is the only tank who actually gets something out from armor and magic resist. But does it matter when a Yi has a pair of boots with armor, has just damage items that shouldn't go through armor, and attack speed? Nope. He takes no damage from anyone who deals attack damage, just bites through armor like it's paper and has so small of a hit box that he is impossible to hit with large scale stun abilities. Heck you can even tell Riot playes favorites with champions. Champions who should be nerfed now get nerfed. But some of these champions are given some new buff or some numbers were tweaked to make up for the nerf they received. While some champions just lose the most important aspect of their ability. Again, Ornn used to get a shield when using W. Now he doesn't get that shield. It was good on him, since he is in a way stunned when using that ability. Lastly, they clearly designed some of the runes with specific champions in mind. And worst is that they're thinking like most of the player base. Only attack, no defense until it's too late or you have so much damage you don't need to think about defense. I would much rather see more defense items being bought to counter damage, but since most defense items are S***, players just buy some damage dealing health items so they don't need to waste gold on armor or magic resist.
Riot needs to keep the game fast paced so the ADHD zoomers of the player base (which make up for the 70%) don't stop playing ;)
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8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Yasuo is so weak now. Here is what you need to do Rito.
Yeah man if only they could make more skins for him. Just because he's not popular doesn't mean he doesn't deserve quality skins! You guys make a high quality skin for Yorick every month even though he's so generic but the skin ideas are exciting! You make boring skins like PROJECT,Blood Moon,Odyssey,High Noon and so on but they are just boring color changes. Rito plz more skins ;((((((((((((
Ãgnus (EUW)
: Give Kayle armor!
I agree,we have enough half armored skimpy females. We have just one that wears full body armor,Kayle. If you have to push her back for an entire month just do it. We want a complete rework that suits the champ not a cheap cash off
Hylαs (EUW)
: Kayle's rework is only a 20% success for me and Morgana's is a 80%
I agree. Quality over quantity,push her backa month if you need to but give her full body armor. But virgins give girls more money right?
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DawncYxDq (EUW)
: And lately riot really %%%%ed up by making adc's completely useless Everything 1shots them The assasin 1shots them The support 1shots them Toplane tank 1shots them
> [{quoted}](name=DawncYxDq,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R7Qhux9X,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-10T19:54:40.463+0000) > > And lately riot really %%%%ed up by making adc's completely useless Bro are you aware that the entire goddamn game is balanced around botlane? Are you aware that other 2 lanes are meaningless? Because even if I stompted at mid or top if my adc lost I would lose anyways. The game balance is decided by how much adc mains are whining at reddit. If Riot deleted botlane this game would become actually fun and skillful.
SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
Want a cuter example? Your individual skill doesn't matter,if your team's offense players are bad (adc) you auto lose. Other roles have no importance.
: Proposition to remove all lanes but botlane
True,it doesn't mean anything if you feed your ass off or stomp at top or mid. If your botlane won you auto win.
: You seem to be a decent person, add me for when you reinstall league
Rektozaurus (EUNE)
: Right in the point! Put in on Reddit immediately pleasy!
Why would I share my honest opinion with a cesspool of degenerates like reddit?
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: New Ornn skin concept
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