: > investigate the situation for 5 minutes What exactly would that investigation look like? Would you provide an army of workers always on call to judge these cases as soon as they happen? > if he's wrong, ban him for a week! How do you decide if he's wrong? What if he think he's right, but you think he's wrong? Won't you just have more "I was banned for no reason" complaints?
Had to log in just to comment on this. What kind of answer is this? "5 minutes of waiting is hardly a punishment" Yes, yes it is, considering he is the one suffering from it. And you know very well that it's not just 5 minutes. He had to sit through the queue and the whole picking/banning phase ... AT LEAST TWICE. So you can add another couple of minutes on top of those 5 minutes penalty. The entire process of actually getting into a game seems to take forever nowadays and is part of the reason I play less League than I used to. The game should discourage leaving in the champ selection but by not taking counter measures against trolling in champ selection this won't happen. Also, lmao @ "How do you decide if he's wrong". Awfully funny when thinking about certain Nunu/Singed players that got banned because the rest of the team thought they are doing something wrong while they thought that they didn't. If you are trying to defend people that want to play jungle Sona without smite + ad Soraka, then you are part of the gigantic problem this game has
: too many hobbies then.. i'm busy with work/wife/newborn daughter/gym but i still find time to play a little everyday i guess if you don't practice a bit everyday you get stomped by all the guys with 10+ matches at day
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fV2RhLx0,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-12-19T15:47:44.917+0000) > > too many hobbies then.. i'm busy with work/wife/newborn daughter/gym but i still find time to play a little everyday > i guess if you don't practice a bit everyday you get stomped by all the guys with 10+ matches at day This. It's all about managing your free time. You may claim "I don't have enough free time to play League" when in reality you mean "I don't want to spend any more of my free time on League" which is okay. Everyone has different priorities and hobbies. But trying to talk others down by calling them unemployed just because they are making different use of their spare time is incredibly childish
: Yourself, never trust some randoms you meet in a game, you will and are the carry that will win the game.
This. High chances that they won't make use of their lead or throw it away by getting overconfident and try to 1 v 5 the enemies
: I don't understand why people like this game mode
I enjoy it for what it is: a quick game mode with no balancing. Plus as someone who plays support for 99% of the time and mid for those few other matches, being able to mess around with junglers and top laners is refreshing
Kurotsu (EUW)
: The Biggest Solo Queue Mistake That Stops You From Winning Games
It is correct that you should not defend objectives you have absolutely no chance of winning. However, I disagree that a slightly losing team should always give up objectives. Sometimes giving the enemy objectives is actually deciding the game so you might aswell take the risk and try to turn tides
: the ban system doesnt make sense
Nice logic there. "We are mature so we should be allowed to throw insults around like some twelve year-old who learned his first bad word". No, the system should not be "nicer" to you if the person you are targeting is feeding (int or not) or trolling. Because frankly you flooding the chat does not suddenly make them stop and is in fact annoying your other teammates. If you can't stop yourself from doing so work on your temper. Plenty of people can do it, I'm sure you can do aswell. You are mature after all
iBox360 (EUW)
: Neeko meets Yasuo for the first time
This is perfection. From the mastery emote to the "An allied has been slain"
: The newest champion "Neeko"
Have my upvote for visibility. I am actually surprised that this went unnoticed/got ignored by the design team
Febos (EUW)
: New Champion Reveal! Everyone, Welcome Neeko
This champ looks so much fun. Maybe this is the one that will finally teach all those greedy players that you shouldn't chase after a low hp target into the unwarded enemy jungle
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Testing is fine and all, but don't forget that your wins/losses still have an impact on your next seasons placement.
Yraco (EUW)
: If someone on the allied team does bad, report them for inting.
Yeah, every single time. Also, don't forget that they are the ones who will start blaming other lanes/jungle if they are actually the ones ending up losing their lane. It's kinda weird how delusional and disconnected to reality some of these players are.
: Is it only me or... (about Akali)
Probably just you(r teammates). I rarely see Akali nowadays since she is pretty much double banned in every match, but when she gets picked she is super strong
QuerXes (EUNE)
: If that's flaming i don't know how other can i answer to someone trashtalking me without using toxic words lol
Well... don't answer them? If someone is trashtalking you, he is not worth responding to. In fact, you make it worse by flaming back because you may distract your teammates and if you are overly annoying you will even get reported aswell. And yes, spamming one words per line is super annoying
"People won't be as toxic via voice chat as they are in text chat". Ah yeah, well. Honest question: have you played any shooter game online like CSS, CSGO, Overwatch,R6S,...? People will be douches no matter what. The difference is that there is no chat log so it's harder for them to get punished. That said, I don't really care. Make it optional AND have it turned off by default. The only real downside I can see is with premades bullying someone for not joining vc and of course the usual thirsty teens making advances if they find out one of their teammates is female.
Shozis (EUNE)
: I'm not "triggered" by you throwing insults (repost from NA)
Have my upvote. Those flamers confuse reporting someone with being sensitive and having your feelings hurt. I really don't care if you call me bad for 20 minutes and insult my lineage. I have played way too many online games to get any reaction out of that. However, I certainly can do without it and I will hit that report button because it's just hitting one button (just like muting someone is just one button click amirite?) and it reduces the chances of having to deal with your ping/chat spam in the future. And no, you don't get banned for saying "bg" as some people would have you believe. I have played League since 2010. I have not recieved a single chat restriction, ban or even warning. And yes, I have had a couple of matches were I flamed back after getting flamed by teammates. The system is actually lenient unless you are extreme and/or consitent with your behaviour. Next time think about how the game is affected by what you are typing. You don't need to comment on every single thing that is happening in the game. Stop calling someone out for having bad stats. Everyone can press Tab to see for themselves. Nobody needs you to remind them. If you want to help someone with tips think about the way you are wording it. There is a huge difference between "Lol Draven u bronze scrub, don't buy X" and "Draven, I think item Y would have been a better choice over item X". You probably won't change their mind either way but at least you tried and the latter won't get you punished.
Moonblast (EUW)
: Deserved Permaban¿
Hhm. Perma bans are always iffy because that's the end of the road. Your chatlog is toxic but I am seeing worse, a lot worse in fact and on a daily basis. I myself wouldn't have banned you - let alone permabanned you - for just THIS chatlog. However, there's the problem of you doing this frequently. You get multiple warnings and even got a suspension prior to this for exactly this behaviour, yet you either don't want to change your behaviour or do not see anything wrong with it. Maybe if your ingame behaviour (as in actual gameplay, not chat) is alright I would have permanently chat restricted you. We can ping pretty much every single thing of importance now so the chat isn't even required all that much. Unless you are abusing the "?" ping that is ... they should just ban you then.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qGTiWiAX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-20T19:36:15.688+0000) > > Fun fact, you can play to ruin games and get flamed, and report players for flaming and get this little confirmation. > > People seem to enjoy being pricks in this game at all levels, it's a testiment to a very sad existence! Then again, not surprising in a game that cultivates a hostile environment 24/7 365. yeah people feel good when someone that used the chat get punished, instead of you know pressing 1 simple mute button and end their suffering People in this community act like flaming is the worst then the world hunger. like "hey hey check this out, a guy said bg at the end of the game, i reported him and now he lost his account, how awesome am i, right? I feel amazing now that this guy got punished thanks to me, because he said this ultra mega toxic "bg" at the end of the game, the score of the game was like 5- 45 for the enemy and we had 3 trolls, but this moron said bg, screw him, I am glad he lost his account, cuz i am so amazing"
> [{quoted}](name=JenShen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qGTiWiAX,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-10-21T06:41:25.493+0000) > > yeah people feel good when someone that used the chat get punished, instead of you know pressing 1 simple mute button and end their suffering > People in this community act like flaming is the worst then the world hunger. > like "hey hey check this out, a guy said bg at the end of the game, i reported him and now he lost his account, how awesome am i, right? I feel amazing now that this guy got punished thanks to me, because he said this ultra mega toxic "bg" at the end of the game, the score of the game was like 5- 45 for the enemy and we had 3 trolls, but this moron said bg, screw him, I am glad he lost his account, cuz i am so amazing" "How hard is it to press one mute button?" I don't know, how hard is to not flame your teammates? I'm pretty sure nobody is reporting anybody for writing "bg" and even if they do, you won't get banned for simply writing "bg". If you constantly harass your teammates and insult them though, you are in for a report and if I get a punishment confirmation later on I will feel good about you feeling bad.
Byakurän (EUNE)
: I will change your life
Well, old Mordekaiser made a 1 vs 3 into a 2 vs 0. I agree though, don't rush into a 1 vs 5 and cry "team?" afterwards
: Worst skin I can buy my friend?
Jaffycake (EUW)
: Please be honest, is this really deserving of a 14 day suspension of my account?
Here is my honest opinion: Games 2 and 3 are not that bad. The worst you said there was "stfu pls" and "report x" which probably got you a report for "Unsportsmanlike behaviour". Now, the problem is the first game. It's not just a case of "one minor outburst". You call your teammates useless, shit, morons, idiots... etc. You wrote in capital letters and spammed questions marks. This is toxic behaviour. Minor outburst are games 2 and 3. Game 1 is not. I think the 14-day ban is kinda harsh and unless you were actively grieving in the games a chat restriction would have sufficed. However, judging from your replies in this thread I don't get the feeling that you regret saying these things and instead are attacking people that give their honest, "wrong" opinions
: {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:32}}
^This. They all have the same messed up hitboxes. It's not only Nautilus
: How to balance the dmg of tank champs
Honestly, I prefer a tank toplane over the BS ADC meta anyday. I'm so tired of seeing 3+ ADCs per team. A Nautilus top lane is a welcome change
Solash (EUW)
: How it feels when you're 0/7/1 as Wukong..
Hilarious {{item:3070}} {{champion:62}} {{item:3070}}
Stell (EUNE)
: I wanted to start cosplaying too!
I don't get it. You just posted a picture of Master Yi, where is the cosplay?
: Singed is intentionally feeding at the beach.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Balancing and how it's quickly gotten out of control.
I never understood why Yasuo gets 2 passives while Zyra has such a terrible passive. Swap Illaoi on your list with Shen/Poppy and I agree with almost everything you said
: Tip list what to do when you have a troll on your team
Good tips. Especially the ones about not talking about them. Everyone can see that 5 tears Riven that is running into the enemy turret over and over again. You don't need to point that out to the others. If I see "report XY" over and over again, I'll probably end up reporting you aswell, because that spamming gets annoying really fast. I rarely encounter a real troll, but when I do I just stay calm, play like I normaly would end report him after the game
Rismosch (EUW)
: Dear toxic Players. Here's why you always get Feeders in your team.
Good post. People tend to forget how snowbally this game is right now. 1 early death might lose you your lane. Also, people just don't get the difference between feeding and intentionally feeding. Running into the enemy over and over without fighting? This is intentional and should be reported. Getting towerdived because the enemy got lvl 6 before you and the enemy jungler is ganking you from behind over and over? Yeah, he sure is dying intentional ... And please don't say something like "just stick to the tower" because he will get neither gold nor experience that way and might aswell quit the game. Also telling him to "stop feed" and "you suck" will magically allow him to have a comeback. /sarcasm. If you seriously get so upset over somone losing his lane than you should take a break from this game. I had a match today where our Nautilus top lane went 0/4/0 against the enemy Yasuo in the first 10 minutes. Our mid Jhin had the same score against the enemy Brand. Nobody said anything ... except Jhin. Who constantly flamed our jungler for not ganking and kill stealing when he ganked. As the game carried on we won teamfight after teamfight while Jhin splitpushed because "we all sucked". Nautilus never said anything except "we should continue to teamfight". We won the game. Just looking at the score you can see who of those two did the right thing. Hint flaming won't get you anywhere http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2536642334/21638228?tab=overview
: a miracle
screen or it didn't happen
Nabzor (EUW)
: Explain me LUX please...
I rarely play Lux but when I do, I always get fed. So much CC, so much damage, so much range. It's hard to not do good with her
Perilum (EUW)
: Insulting someone and then tell them "sorry" doesn't negate the fact you insulted someone. Learn from your mistakes.
> [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=GVWp3UIu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-24T15:14:04.124+0000) > > Insulting someone and then tell them "sorry" doesn't negate the fact you insulted someone. > Learn from your mistakes. ^ This. Sorry won't do it if you "flame hard"
Kriss3 (EUW)
: "By your logic, no company should ban a paying player, because every company loves money, no matter where it comes from ^^" Exactly. They can ban me week after week if they want, but permabanning is retarded. End of discussion, have a nice evening.
Except you are hurting their sales more than you are benefiting them. judging from your posts I can see people saying "this community sucks, why bother investing in this game" after playing with you. Who are you to call others out on their mistake? Imo, the 14 days ban is good for you. Use that time to think about your behaviour and if harassing your teammates truly is the way to go about playing this game
Dunkrius (EUW)
: really I didn't notice that can you please if you have time post under there a link?
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/aQ70aFvr-unfair-ban for example
: [S6] No fun anymore, OP Champs win the Game
{{champion:223}} Is seriously terrible design. He'll go full tank and 1v1 anybody in the game as support. I think must bans are : {{champion:98}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:54}} It's kind of sad cause bans should be used to ban champions you struggle against and not to prevent the enemies from picking an op champ
Rena (EUW)
: What is your problem with Bronze players?
I think anyone who uses Lolnexus in a normal game has a serious issue. Also, I don't have anything against bronze players. A friend of mine who I used to play with a lot was also Bronze. I think some people just trash on Bronze players to make themselfs feel better
Limrasson (EUW)
: HotS vs LoL or what should one learn from the other?
I also think that Hots is better than LoL in a lot of aspects. Like variety, faster pacing, no 20 minutes PVE. less flaming, ... However, I found myself wasting too much time playing 2 MOBAs at the same time. So I stick with League because it is more competitive and I've played this game for 6 years now and thus pend a lot money on it
: [SUGGESTION] I´d like to propose a new SKIN LINE for 3 champions
This sounds actually awesome. Even more so because those are 3 of my favourite champions in the game
raishinari (EUNE)
: How did Zed become like this?
Applepear (EUW)
: [BUG] Skin doesn't get selected automatically
The game saves the first skin you have used the first time you played that champion in the new champ selection. In your case you played Fizz with the standard skin before you bought void so the game will automatically pick the standard skin every time, which sucks
Korkalek (EUW)
: Why the hell don't we have a warning if we're about to launch a game while our ping is bad ?
Or maybe you should check your ping yourself before going into ranked ...
: Why are junglers always blamed for everything?
Imo jungle is the most difficult role in the game. I never blame anyone, including the jungler. Blaming someone won't make him suddenly play better. Also, if you are losing your lane 1v1 you're just worse than your opponent (which is okay, there is always someone that is better than you). It has nothing to do with your jungler not ganking. However, I sometimes do wonder what the jungler is doing, if he is 0/0/0 with 34 farm and the enemy jungler is 1/0/2 with 38 farm. Obviously he is doing something wrong if he doesn't successfully gank and is getting outfarmed by the enemy jungler. Anyway, I usually just mute those flamers and report them afterwards.
: Everyone's forgetting to pick and ban
I think they need to increase the time penalty for "queue dodging". There is no reason to go afk during champ selection. If you queue up for a game, commit to it.
: Season 6
I laughed so hard at the Illaoi support part, because I recently played her for like 13 matches as support and lost about 10 of them. Don't do that in ranked Anyway, hilarious video
: Amumu isn't really the best champion to montage, better champs to montage are Zed, Kha, Yasuo champions that require mechanics and are actually amusing because champions like Amumu are way too predictable but with champions who require mechanics and skill to play are a bit more interesting to watch. But nice video none the less.
Well personally, I'm tired of all these Lee Sin, Zed, etc. Montages. They are pretty predicable aswell. It's refreshing to see a montage of good Amumu, Bard, Braum etc. ultimates which are far more game changing than some assassin killing someone in the jungle
: Why does Riot seem to prefer AD over AP
I think AP champs are in a good spot. The only time I see them at a disadvantage is against: {{champion:238}} , which imo has the worst design out of all the champions especially assassins. No mana, short cd gapcloser/escape, insane poke, no brainer last hitting tool, aoe slow and don't get me started on his ultimate. Assassins like Shaco or Kha Zix can only cry thinking about such an assassination tool
its lit fam (EUNE)
: Frucking hell Riot Games
Deep Terror Thresh got replaced by Apocalyptic Brand QQ
Fawkz (EUW)
: The usage of the word "ez"
There will be a ton of people telling you "it's the internet" "get used to it". Well Sherlock, people like you are the reason the Internet is such a terrible place to begin with. Why be part of the problem if you can simply not be rude to others? People hide behind their anonimity and insult other human beings because "lolz ze internetz". I bet 99% of those toxic players wouldn't have the balls to call someone "idiot" in real life. On topic: I always report someone on the winning team who types "ez". It's such an act of disrespect and has no place in a competitive game. If it's someone on the losing team who writes "ez" I just take it as a sarcastic remark and move on
: The Shen Rework!
I love the rework. Not only is his kit more interesting, his visuals are outstanding. It's the best ingame model up to now imo
Nuunna (EUW)
: Please, I just want to play my main role.
I always wonder what people like you did for the last 5 years. Did you just force your lane by bullying people into playing another role or did you just pick it despite it had already been taken? I mean even before the dynamic queue you should have chosen a backup lane
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: Patch 6.2 thoughts
Have you actually played Kha Zix yourself? Don't get me wrong, he is my favourite assassin by far because he is imo the best designed assassin in League: killing targets that left the group. However, this won't work against people with half a brain. If a target is not isolated, Kha Zix can't burst him fast enough even if fed, unlike someone like Rengar who just jumps in and bursts someone with his ultimate. I agree though that Poppy deserves a nerf. Going full tank and still outdamaging someone who builds ad/ap should never be the case. Which is also why I still think that those Mundo and Tham Kench nerfs are not enough. Also Malphite needs some nerfs
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