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JustClone (EUNE)
: How can I take your opinion seriously, if you even fail to pick the correct board for this post? From what I have read, you keep complaining of extremely low win rate champions, implying that they are somewhat overpowered for what they do. Yet you complain that champions that are very good in pro play, are completely useless.. (so what? The game should be balanced like that... if you cannot play the champion, just don't )
It only gave me this option to post. -Pathetic Singed {{champion:27}}
Crash7910 (EUW)
: You clearly need to post this somewhere it can be seen.
Where do I post this? It only gave me this option. -Pathetic Singed{{champion:27}}
: Revert 9.14 if you care about the game Riot (Long Post)
Don't even get me started on the bugs either. The game is currently resembling something more akin to an Indie Companies mess rather than the biggest Esports game in the world. -Pathetic Singed{{champion:27}}
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