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Exdominator (EUNE)
: Any Ryze counters?
I played an Olaf onto a Ryze. Played safe up to 6, built MR first, then poked him down with axe, sustained myself, then when he was slightly out of position, popped ult and rolled over his face. Obiously he can't lock you down when you ult. After that it was easy, poked him down while ult on CD, then just popped it and ran at him. Ryze usually always buys ROA and tear item first so not much defense early game. By the time he gets stronger you should already be far ahead. Although I did play a Ryze into an Olaf and ended up 22-1-14. Got an early gank, 2 levels on him and he couldn't come near me. So I guess it's down to the player, but in theory an Olaf should just run at a Ryze.
Justen (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Satu - The shining Ghost
I like the idea of the Q, although I think you'd have to make sure it's not OP. Would the reflected spell scale to your stats or theirs? Also, a 25% damage reduction to someones ult and the ability to then cast it back at them could be a bit strong. May be worth lowering the cd, making it not work with ults, and giving you no damage from the enemy spell at all. A bit like a spell shield that steals the spell. A way of making it not OP would be like the Death knight spell in WOW, where you put a debuff on the person that lasts 12 seconds or something that gives you the next spell they cast regardless of who they cast it on, That would give the ability to counter it. You'd have to drop the debuff to like 3 seconds or something giving them the option to cast and get it copied, or not cast for 3 seconds. Just some thoughts, but i like it. I definitely think there's some promise in the Q.
Justen (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Azekiel - The Rift Gardener
They tried the W on another champion once, one that was in the design phase, it didn't work. I can't remember if it was a coding thing or an OP thing,but they scrapped it. Also, one suggestion. If you're gonna give the Q a short time limit I wouldn't bother with a health bar. It might be better to give it like 1 minute duration or something and a health bar, or make it unlimited duration but limit it to 1/2 only at a time. To be honest, it would make a good ult. Give it 5 health, make it bigger and global. Give it an initial heal followed by a heal over time, (smaller heals to compensate as it can be an indefinite HOT if left) you could drop it in a team fight for example and they then have the problem of ignoring the tree and the team getting healed or targeting the tree and not the team. Just a thought though, it's your idea.


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