: I'll mainly be on my onizuka account so add me there
Done :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I could play with you from my smurf lvl 3 if you don't mind. can still have fun and win games ^^
Tell me your name or should I add from your gd onizuka account?
: Yeah, but I go support and poke with my W. After Frost Queen's claim's passive is obtained, the power spike is insane.
It sounds better than I expected :O, I honestly can't hit the traps most fo the time
: YES! Do you want to accept a level 7 AP Jinx main into your group? I also do Support Vi, Tanklyn, Support Twitch, AD Annie (only if someone supports me with Lulu) and more. I want to play with a non-serious team pleassssseeeeee.
Sure! But how does AP Jinx work? Do you explode those noobs with the trapz?
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