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: Free Skin Contest nr 29
1. Katarina{{champion:55}} When i saw the rework on the pbe, watching youtubers play her, i fell in love. Before the rework she was pretty fun, but now shes just the best. I love jumping around to those daggers and knowing the range of my ulti. I have played her much and won almost every game with her. 2. Jhin {{champion:202}} This is my favorite adc and im glad i got lvl 6 with him not long ago. He deals much damage and is pretty interesting when you play him good. Hes maybe not changeds that much since the last season but still one of my mains and a champion i will consider getting lvl 7. 3. Poppy {{champion:78}} She is and will, always be one of my favorites. I have lots of gameplays with her. Im maybe just lvl 6 with her and not playing her that much now, but shes my favorite top laner forever. I got the chroma to battle regalia poppy, star guardian poppy, lollipoppy and scarlet hammer poppy. With her i came up to lvl 30. I would love to get a legacy skin to her like blacksmith poppy. I started playing league at the beginning of this year, almost the same day as poppy got reworked. I just loved her abilities, lore and design. I will never stop playing her. When i queue up right now im picking mid as primary and fill as secondary. I like every role, but i need some time getting myself known with the new jungle. Its really weird and my favorite jungler/ kindred is having some problem with the clear sometimes. As i said i love katarina and i try to get high up in rank with her picking mid everytime. I also love top : Ekko, Poppy, Riven, Yasuo, Fiora, Shen but i play more of that in normal. Thank you for reading my comment and i hope i win. :)
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