: MMR is the most stupid thing there is
Just because you dont understand mmr dosnt mean its bad
Råi (EUW)
: I've already had 14 people add me on League and Discord, and already have a Diamond team to coach. Some challenger coaches are Gold in SoloQ. Also if you take another look at my Op.gg you will see I rarely play, infact there are no matches in the history.
Fairs man if it work for you. Wasn't trying to grief you
Muradai (EUW)
: Dia 5 Adc Looking for Support player.
I would be down, was diamond in preseason, been 1 win off diamond this season, plat 2 promos atm
Råi (EUW)
: Coach looking for a team
Dont want to ruin your dreams but people are unlikely to want to a coach in game that can only achive gold in soloq
Qotalily (EUW)
: Bronze/Silver Ranked Team
If you guys are looking to climb i would be willing to give some tips and coach you guys maybe
Catchdown (EUW)
: You mean me?
Yeah i dont want to get involved in your flame war but you been commenting on all of this posts xD.
Catchdown (EUW)
: And this is why I said your attitude is your main problem in finding a team. Knowing you go through my board history just to annoy me is kind of childish. Like I said, have a nice day and please don't bother me further.
You clearly went though his profile though.... mfw
Twinbo (EUW)
: me and my team just think your rank was too low (S5), + you seem over confident for your rank which is bad, i could see you being very arrogant.
I im a diamond smurf so i think rank will be fine and the over confidence was to assure you that i would be up to the task as i can under stand the hesitation with such a low rank. Im not an arrogant guy either just trying to have some fun in low pressure games in which i can also help people. Just for the future you should message people back when they reach out to you as communication is key with these things. ~Qotalily


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