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: >and ive read somewhere "Support is one effortless role" and im like WHAT? Do you know how hard it is to keep your team mate alive?and sometimes to sacrifice your life to keep em alive? and like just try your best for them not to die? see? this is what 98% of the players cant see, all they think supports are doing is placing wards and stealing kills from adcs lol
like .. trust me, 95 percent of support dont intend to KS, like we just cast skill intending to kill the enemy cause the technically the objective, for example me.. i play SOna and our Q has a very low damage, but we sometimes cant control the damage and it just lands and arent we suppose to be happy the enemy is dead? XDDDDDDDDD but long story short .. we dont intend to KS, it just happens that our abilities landed with a decent amount of damage and enemy just happend to die
: Support is fun, but you need to get use to be proud of yourself don't expect others chers and acknowledgment. Nobody will see you, you are invisible, unless somebody die and blame you for everything You get blamed for no vision with 60 vision score by an 5 vision score guy, you are blame for not helping when you are in base and somebody die alone in enemy jungle. In a fight 2v4 in a gank if your adc take a quadra everybody say "gj adc" like you never existed, funny is adc will also believe he did it all by himself, since after he go and shop and heal he go 1v4 trying to replicate same scenario and when he will instantly die since your not there to cc the enemy and protect them, they will remember you and acknowledge you "report this support, never with me, 0 help". Still support is fun, just don't expect praises, and expect blame, but in rare games people appreciate you.
Support is fun and stressing at the same time, specially when your ADC is f*cking reckless, like the stress looking out for you ADC with a very bad and dangerous positioning .. even tho you pinged the cooldown of your CC skill and its not available yet and trying to make a play.. and still go in and tower dive. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i checked my vision score, like i dont go less than 50 and your adc dont even help you ward, is 75 too much for pink ward? and the audacity to blame you for not "warding" and dying for face checking a bush while youre far behind. and you know when your ADC blames you for not healing you even tho youre not in range then he goes in to fight but when he backs off the runs the other way .. like not the direction to your support? and then they blame you.. Like it sometimes leave me "WHAT?" like i find it sad to mute a person because i wanna communicate witht em, but when they start to go toxic direction, better off muting em tbh and just play your role, continue playing and supporting em.
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: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAsAaaEpmEQ :)
omg this speaks volumes. LOOOOOOOOL
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