Hajrulla (EUW)
: So next time I shouldn't even bother going in-game if this happens at least I lose less LP and I don't get flamed for something that's not my fault.
lol ok! hf not playing
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Why would i lose LP for this?
you lose LP because you lost the game, it's not complicated .
Jeymon33 (EUNE)
: Why dont they make a mute my self button ?
Why don't you exercise some self control and stop being a dumbass typing and flaming all game?? It's not up to Riot to teach you how to behave , grow up
: Server Transfer, when it will be avaiable again?
: will eclipse leona release today or next week?
If you look at the patch notes, the skin isn't even in this patch, so not today lol
: shen about to finger jinx or vi
You need to get out more
: Does anyone else think there should be a system for banning people exclusively from ranked games?
I don't know why people think it's not ok to ruin ranked games with bad behavior, but it's ok to ruin normals? Some people don't want to play ranked, they get anxious about it or simply don't care about rank enough to play it. Why should they have their games ruined by people who are barred from ranked? Doesn't sound like a fair system to me atall
: You smokin on that good shit or something ? I don't give a rat's ass about who commented first. I suggested you to check out my post that I took my time and effort writing, debunking the OP's bullshit post, since you used the "call out for lying", wanted to give you a good laugh. [IN CASE YOU DIDN'T SEE]
: do what
just reply to people to be like "hey look I commented this first!"
: Nerf Cassiopeia!
She doesn't need to be nerfed lmao try building some MR and learning matchups/your champion not everything is broken just because you don't play well against it
Ashesz (EUW)
: Some Transformers skins?
You mean like. . the mecha skins?
: Just read my post below :P
Do you always do this? It's a bit obnoxious
: I got a ban when i wasnt even online
You need to send a support ticket, riot wont help you here unless they call you out for lying
: Jack Carrera, addme ingame ;) {{champion:142}}
or you could just add because Im busy rn and you can see what my ign is :v
iBotz (EUW)
: Impossible to improve
"after three years, you're still allowed to be Silver" No one's forcing you to be silver except yourself and your poor playstyle, incredible that you'd really blame your rank on your account on other people.
: Life of a perma banned player
Make a new account, you had enough chances when you were given multiple chat bans, then banned for two weeks. You didn't learn from those punishments so you got a perma ban. next time, learn when to stop talking.
Kayret (EUNE)
: Ban For Nothing.
Good thing you were banned, you sound like a child.
You don't know that Ashe didn't get punished though. .
Rioter Comments
: My cousin is a toxic Bastard he banned 14 accounts in generale
"including 6 that i created and leveled up for him" openly admitting to account sharing which is against the ToS, good job buddy. . .technically you should get banned too lul
: I got banned.
I'm really curious how you know that other people aren't getting punished, please enlighten me.
: Smurfing
Was he playing by himself or playing with you? If he was playing with you then just don't queue with him and he shouldn't run into smurfs.
Murderius (EUW)
: You should see how some proffesional footballers treat each other.. like Good ol' puyol.. messi.. ronaldo.. and a lot of teams just trash talking with a language so bad that will make a gentle soul like you lose faith in humanity 😂. I dont wanna hear sportsmanship from people who probably could barely run 200 meters.. Lets not mention other sports, like hokey on ice, you can check how they treat each other.. > No, not an utopia. Just a place with a minimum of respect, manners and sportsmanship instead of a kindgarten with (figurative) children throwing a tantrum and lashing out at everyone when they don't get what they want. Not true in kindergarten children learn how to speak and behave and manners and respect and be considerate. League of legends is far different.. and has always been a toxic game. You dont have the right to talk about sportsmanship if youve never done anysports(clearly you havent). Sides do not exist. People always report. My cousin never flames but always reports bad players? Do you think he cares if its wrong or right? Same with me, whenever i see a player who cant follow pings and just play like garbage i report. This game is made for ego measuring. This game is made for slaying ur enemies..
Dude what the %%%% are you on about? You're not playing football or hockey so how they act in those sports is completely irrelevant, you're playing League. Stop with the stupid comparisons and weak excuses and either quit, fix your behavior, or get ready to say goodbye to your account.
Underway (EUW)
: Because I was raised to punch back when punched, and I feel the same way in LoL. It's difficult for me to simply mute, when someone starts flaming. I HAVE to flame back to protect myself. Muting feels like a pvssy way out...
"I HAVE to flame back to protect myself" get ready to say goodbye to your account then, retaliatory flaming will get you banned just as fast as if you started flaming in the first place, cut out the macho fragile ego shit and just use the mute button, unless you don't value your account ofc! But don't be back here whining like a little baby saying it was unfair when you get hit with the permaban c:
: Tired of flamming teammates?
If you're tired of other people flaming you, use the mute button.
Kabrakan (EUW)
: So, Riot placed chat section so people use it as a way of comunication. But when they do, they will ban players! :D I love riot's logic xDDD
Please tell me you're joking.
: Is this abusive?
Dude stop typing and just play the game, if you want to go support someone else, go do it! You don't need to be typing in chat giving a running commentary about why you're giving up on your adc, it's not necessary at all. Yes you're being abusive because you're flaming your adc and harassing them and your nonstop typing creates a negative environment for everyone else
: Still think this automated system is "working as intended"?
Your friend needs to send a support ticket, you whining on the forums giving no context does absolutely nothing to help
: Well, my point is this... in every game I play there are at least 5 other guys that have far worse behavior than me... so yeah, I do feel cheated because if I'm not the worst one, why am I the one being punished? Also, all my honors are for being FRIENDLY and they are from strangers, not premades... why do those not count? Why doesn't it count that while everyone when you KS them as a support they curse you all game long, when my support does it to me (I main ADC) I say np and tell them gj for the kill? I guess those don't count... I'm sorry but if everyone was getting punished in every game I would be alright with it... but as it is now, I'm honestly being cheated....
So just mute them also you don't know that they're not being punished, stop being so concerned with what everyone else is doing and work on improving your own behavior
: I just realized my chat restriction happened for this...
Chat restrictions come from multiple games, not just one. You were toxic in other games you just got punished after continuing to have shitty behavior in this one.
: Making a oficial riot base in Portugal
Pretty sure only Riot can make an official riot base, not league players :^D
: Here we go again! New set of skins!
the WW/Nasus/Xayah/Rakan skins were obvious choices, Xayah and Rakan were clearly going to get the valentines skins, if you didn't see this coming I don't know what to tell you, I agree that the others deserved a skin before them but it is what it is however Lux getting another skin is a really ridiculous choice, I don't buy the excuse that it was 'already in development for x months' either, they know these other champs need a new skin before her getting another atleast it wasnt Ahri I guess..
: ***
they already do punish people who keep dodging...
: Doesn't that go with the "zero tolerance" advertise which we are getting here on boards from rioters and the board staff from time to time?
obviously not don't make shit up and spread misinformation
: Someone said K*S and wasn't banned
"I know that by saying the k word you instantly get 14 day ban but this guy didn't" how? how do you know this? Because it clearly isn't true
: 14 day ban 4 months before my one game where I was mildly toxic(aka I swore at someone once)
> [{quoted}](name=Leonardo DaYasuo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nez8EIll,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-25T23:47:52.219+0000) > > 14 day ban 4 months before my one game where I was mildly toxic(aka I swore at someone once) post chat logs, I don't believe you :)
: what if i get demoted after that.I will get just bcs they wanted to grief me?
> [{quoted}](name=Mpakalogatos,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GX2GXgxZ,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-25T22:47:19.679+0000) > > what if i get demoted after that.I will get just bcs they wanted to grief me? that's life it's just a video game dude, nothing really tragic or horrifying happened that destroyed everything, get over it and move on instead of stewing over it
: u are like riot..They'll never check why i inted.Maybe bcs they stole the role that i was supposed to be or declined the trade and griefed me afterall.Then flamed me and after that i trolled.The point here is that riot will never check what really happend bcs they are bored to do so
> [{quoted}](name=Mpakalogatos,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GX2GXgxZ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-25T22:42:12.909+0000) > > u are like riot..They'll never check why i inted.Maybe bcs they stole the role that i was supposed to be or declined the trade and griefed me afterall.Then flamed me and after that i trolled.The point here is that riot will never check what really happend bcs they are bored to do so If you get your role taken or they won't trade **then dodge**, there's no reason for you to ruin the game of the other people on your team just because you got griefed or whatever. As I said, just because someone does or says something rude to you, doesn't mean you need to act like an idiot as well, you could've just played the game normally like a normal person instead of having a tantrum and inting.
you're crying because you got banned when you inted because of other peoples behavior? do you seriously have no self control? mute them ban deserved gg
waxyG (EUNE)
: how can you hide them?
> [{quoted}](name=waxyG,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=dc5AeoI4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-25T20:31:33.219+0000) > > how can you hide them? go look at the runes page and you'll see it
: Perm Banned for this
nice try with the chat log screenshot lmfao why do you people come on the forums to lie? riot wont revert your ban and even if they did, they wouldn't do it over the forums
: > [{quoted}](name=else7aaaa,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=E9Ehk6gE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-25T15:20:01.408+0000) > > Today i wanted to play and get the 5 matches done with the 20 min waiting, but when i tried when it hits 00:00 it just began from 20:00 again, > SOMEONE EXPLAIN!!!! well i got 20 ban aswell because riots server crashed and it said i got 5 min ban even though when i went in lobby it said there 20 minutes pls fix or do something.
you get 5 games of a 20 minute low priority queue the servers didn't crash by the way, then everyone would've been kicked, its problems on your end
waxyG (EUNE)
: can i somehow disable the 5 preset rune pages?
you can hide them on the runes page but how are they in the way?? they're just in a drop down menu in champ select
: Account permabanned for one game!!!
title is misleading lol, you got banned after continuing to be toxic even though you had a 14 day ban boo hoo start a new account and learn to mute all
ienergy3 (EUNE)
: TeachME
: recovery my account
riot dont remove bans, dont be toxic
: Best runepage on Karthus?
aery or comet, ultimate hat, transcendence, scorch triumph, coupe de grace he just got buffed to make up for losing deathfire and I don't feel like he's weak
: BOOSTING whithout problems...
what exactly are you trying to achieve here? you haven't included names and if you need to report someone you need to send a ticket, not post on the forums
Proppa (EUW)
: How do you deal with Kayn?
As A1laku said, if he ults you just bring him under your tower or to your team, if his ult doesn't kill you he wont stick around to finish you off or ban him ofc
: I will never play League of Legends again
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