: Don't call it fact if it's just your personal opinion. I am very sure that Riot does NOT want toxic players to come back. Toxic players cost Riot a lot of money, because their behavior affects other players and makes them a) quit the game for good and b) makes them unhappy, which results in a lower chance they will spend money. The money a single toxic player invests on a new account is a sad joke in comparison the money he costs Riot by affecting other players negatively. Riot has no financial (or any other) interest in keeping toxic players in the game.
Cool story, too bad it's all made up and not backed up by facts, whenever someone permabanned contacts support about unbanning his account he's encouraged to create a new one and play "reformed", this is a FACT, deal with it. May others believe your propaganda, save it for them, I'm not buying it.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: On the US forum a rioter clearly stated that they do NOT want toxic players to spend resources on league. They want them out of the community.
In fact they want them to come back and create a new account xD , so no.
NeoCeri (EUW)
: But meta toplaners are booooooring What's weak about him, anyways? :T
Overall and very resumed: Easy to kite, needs 20+ minutes of power farming to be actually usefull, only one slow without true hard cc(even if it's a heavy slow), extremely easy to counter and shut down early 1v1 zoning him out of csing, not to mention he's weak to ganks aswell since he's melee and doesn't have jumps/blinks. Nasus has his strong points, but right now this meta doesn't favor him much and there are too many meta hard counters to him, some of them got buffed in recent patches(and he was already weak to them before so you can imagine).
NeoCeri (EUW)
: How to beat the Nasus.
Weak af, pretty much every meta toplaner destroys him plus several offmeta ones.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > 81% TIME when they wont surrender we lose 72% of statistics shown online are made up, including this one. --- If you literally give up and decide that the game is lost, it's going to be lost.
14% of people know this, the other 94% are too busy doing karatewhile the remaining 67% watches and 5% films aliens.
: I have been playing since season 3 so pls dont tell me how it has been
Then why are you talking about 1 min more queues when we had 15 minutes to half an hour queue back then?
: Yes great forcing you to play on a role which u hate and suck instead of waiting 1 more min in qeue... Anyway if the majority of the people like it then its ok... Anyway i dont really care just expect to have a "troll" every 20 games.
I won't bother to reason with you, speaking with such self righteousness when you are just completely ignorant. 1 more min queue? Pfff, that's being delusional. I'll just tell you the harsh truth: before this sistem it was quite normal to have 15-20 or even 25-30 minutes queue in low-medium elo ranked and even in normal games in hours with little traffic(in high elo the queue could literaly go to the hour mark), this sistem solved a real issue with the small sacrifice of playing an offrole once every few games (mostly once every 20 or even less). Seasons ago most players could play 3+ roles almost like their main ones, new generation players are nothing but crybabies that can't do nothing but complain about even the sistem that makes palying easier and more enjoyable. If you don't want to play autofill, you have the same option as ever, dodge and eventually get a 20min ban for longer queues, just like you want, you won't evne lose elo or mmr with a dodge, you'll get the result you want, longuer queue garanteed role. In resume if you don't know what you are saying, at least stay quiet, least you look like a fool.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Are you taking into account only mine or the rest of the players as well? I always thought that CS is relevant to the game...
Sefi (EUNE)
: Good enough?
Not with that csing, yikes.
: Or why not remove autofill entirely? (Don't answer to this if i rly wanted an answer i'd make a new post)
Because it's a great system, one of the few things riot has done properly in last years(and somehow one many players seem to hate) Play the game and stop crying over 1 autofill every 20 games or go play blind pick.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had to name your future child a league name, what would it be?
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Zoe, and why she's pretty balanced atm.
She will be balanced the day she gets deleted from the game.
: I also want to be able to honor opponents again, but I don't think it should have any rewards. It should just be a way to show appreciation for the other player.
Same for allied honor, there should be no reward for honor, since the moment you start rewarding people for farming honor you are just taking a shit on honorable conduct itself. Todays honor sistem is just a cheap prostitution of conceptual honor, due to it just being based on farming and rewards.
Abdu Nabil (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Perfecter Cell,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=B7w5mALh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-01T03:03:33.356+0000) > > bans are meant to be used agaisnt both rivals and allies. seems like the whole community got used to negative attitude.
It has nothing to do with negative attitude, if I don't want to play vs soraka(or any other champ) I can ban her, if i don't want to play with a soraka on my team I can also ban her, I'm in my right as much as you and everyone else. You are in your right to decide what you ban and I can decide mine. I consider way more of a negative attitude your approach of restricting other's rights and freedom to accomodate your own preferences.
Abdu Nabil (EUNE)
: Discussion: champ select bans
No, just because you cant to play something there is no reason you should be able to strip the right of other's bans. If you don't want to get your champ banned no matter what go to blind pick, recruit and ranked bans are meant to be used agaisnt both rivals and allies.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tre di picche,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VrbkWXaR,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-30T03:57:52.906+0000) > > I understand your point man but afterall, that was a normal game. Nothing happens if you lose it or not I would never do something like that in a ranked game where you can actually ruin someone's day ya know what I mean? Plus I feel like you didn't read all the stuff I wrote cause I talked about it in depths, that shit is like arresting a kid for stealing a candy, yeah true you could because that's wrong but that's not really right Plus they banned my champ on purpose, that is also not nice
Nice or not it's fair game and not against the rules.
: need some serious help please !
Cry over a game? Ffs you are supposed to play for fun, not to cry, change your attitude when you enter a game, play for fun or stop playing and find some hobby you can have fun with, you clearly don't have a healthy approach to league right now. Consider droppig the game for real if you continue getting so emotional over it, only advice I can give you.
: Got 2 weeks ban and I'm proud of what I said and what I did, and I'll do it again.
: The Riot's ban system is a nosense
So, you think you deserve privilege for being honor 4 or 5 and a free ticket to be toxic? Nice. **Deserved ban, learn from it, play properly from now on, because after 2 weeks ban the next is perma.** Sorry but I won't think the way you do, I don't believe there is an excuse for trolling and intin, and in my book that's worse than flamers, everyone can just mute flamers and the insults are no more, but there is no button to make your trolling dissapear. **Someone banned your champ? deal with it, everyone(you included) can pick their own ban freely, if that person decides to ban your pick it's his(her) right and decison, you got nothing to do or say on it.**
Sanguin (EUNE)
: Mental Support in Games
Mute all and carry them useless scrubs.
He4rtkiller (EUNE)
: 2018 Victorious skin
zeewier (EUW)
: Dear Riot , this is for the community.
If you get so pissed off over the toxicity of others on a videogame maybe not only tehy have a problem but you aswell. New players are mostly amtched amongst themselves, unless they play with other "long time" player premades.
Autarchy (EUNE)
: Why perma-ban when the problem is only in chat ?
Maybe you should have disabled the chat yourself before being toxic enough to get permabanned, if you can't control yourself when you type, stop typing. The same way everyone has the ability to mute, you should have the ability to shut up, everyone can have a bad game or a bad day, but i hardly doubt you got perma over 1 game or 1 day, since I got bad days myself and here I am not banned. I don't know why you got perma or what did you say and while I'm all in for being way more important permabanning inters, trolls and ragequiters I won't cry for a hardcore flamer being banned.
No, boring and toxic as heck linear champ, rest in pieces.
: why is garen allowed to be in his current state?
gnar with frozen mallet gg easy, and that's just an example of the docens to smash garen and make him useless, late game he's worthles, brings almost nothing to 5v5 as long as there's some hard cc in the team (which pretty much every support in the game has, as long as most mages, bruisers, tanks and even some adcs) stop crying about a champion so easy to counter, he's not op at all, he's just easy to play and easy to play against.
: How are these champions still not nerfed?
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Marissa (EUW)
: I mean; there's still people adding you and eventually you'll have enough people added to be online as 5 at the same time. For the 4 or less augments one you don't really need a premade, as a lot of people seem to be doing those. If you politely ask in the gane lobby, chances are they'll go along ^^. There's also a lot of people around here promoting (pretty large) discord servers every now and then. On top of that you could visit the discord setup by the volunteers! It's reasonably active and with a bit of luck some people will be playing :). https://discord.gg/58Jeu7r I actually didn't use any of these. After someone begging for the 4 augments one in our lobby, I just reinvited the peoole from that game and got a 5man together for the 3 augments mission thay way. ######I'm stuck at 2 or less now though ;-;
i'm on the 2 aug one, and either ppl already made it or they aer still in 3-4, hard to find ppl at all
: if only there was a official forum and several discord channels to find people... dammit rito why? lul
A forun to find 4 premades to complete quests with hours of difference between posts, gl with that lul.
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