DaWolfer (EUW)
: my first game ranked this season
First time ever ranked, got blamed for feeding for a situation i couldn't fully control, atleast rest of the team was friendly.
: sion's current state
As someone who has played Sion he does become a unstoppable tank the more hp he gets, it's why i build titanic hydra and black cleaver on him and the rest tank items :P watch them run as they get crushed by the rest of your team.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: No Jungle ganks? Look no further!
That moment nobody on your team buys trinket upgrades except you and the support and actually buy vision wards Etc. and stare at your team constantly getting ganked or having no map awareness at all.
: Automatic Taunting
There aren't enough up-votes for this, make it happen riot.
: A story of how the enemy team destroyed us mentally
What did i just read, a love story on summoners rift? Atleast you added him after right... <_< {{champion:35}}
: So if you don't play SR, no chests?
Aram is a fun game-mode, it doesn't show actuall skill since everything is a constant team-fight, it's easy to score S ranks when you have the better team, some teams rofl-stomp the enemy so quickly, it's ridicioules, SR matches basicly mean each their own lane, shows skill, understanding, even the people who are the best at their champ can still fail agaisn't their obvious counters or being ganked constantly because they might become a danger later-on.
: Voice - Jhin, The Virtuoso
He sounds awesome, so far i can tell he has specific qoutes for the champs he shot also. like the Zed qoute about him killing his master, very intrigueing, especially since he seems to know everything lol.
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Your Opinion: Most Fun Champion
{{champion:27}} Nothing more fun than tormenting your enemies with your laugh than rushing at them and flinging them into your team. {{champion:35}} Doesn't need any explanation. {{champion:412}} Cause becoming an unkillable tank support is always fun, dem juicy souls.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'm smiling way more than I should... Q_Q
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sdXeAKWy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-11T10:00:33.238+0000) > > I'm smiling way more than I should... Q_Q I smile at you too.
: Nerf that fucking Veigar for god sake
You're midlaner should uhh also stop him from farming his Q passive that would help tons.
: A snowy December story
Haha great story - thanks for the read.
: So a sion a heca a garen and a nasus attack u....
{{champion:203}} Flash into wall so sion wastes ult, heca probly wasted his also than, garen still spinning should've used his Q for buff. I'd than W use q with wolf active lower CD so q again and escape.
Damaskus (EUW)
: Playing excessive VS Bots hinders your learning process ?
I played bots a lot - than i jumped into pvp at lvl 30 with some champions i felt good with. Yes it hinders your process, there's different reactions, unpredictable enemies and each fight can go wrong or right depending on your choices, how you ward and how you predict your enemies pattern. I've played a lot of aram lately - it lets me get used to abilities of certain champs and see how people build on aram, especially good for 'team fight' training even tho it's all random it's better than nothing haha. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Omg, fck u riot with ur new skins, just fck u!
Nobody is forcing to buy them, nobody is making you buy them, riot isn't holding a gun too you're head. All in all, i hope this is a sarcastic thread, otherwise you are stupid.
: Mordekaiser's ghost should be granted assists
Hello there satan, good idea voted yes.
: **Yorick needs a skin**
they said he won't get any new skins untill he has been reworked.
A Ocean (EUW)
: To all botlaners
If i jungle with shaco, i do dragon while their bot is busy, their jungle has to go somewhere too being occupied, if their still fighting under turret, i come from behind, lay boxes, than jump in with q/e, go back into my bushes, sometimes their silly enough to follow and die to a box/smite/ignite combo.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: The reason to not flame your support
You're not supposed to flame anyone, the other team might be more experienced, you might make a mistake. But flaming demotivates others, it stops them from wanting to learn, you ruin their experience in a game meant to be fun, this includes ranked, ranked has rewards sure, you're wanting to be the best, but the enemy team might be using skype, teamspeak etc to make their plays better. There are 100's of things too consider, but yet, most don't seem to find them viable because 'their game' got ruined, no, everyones game has been ruined the moment you begin flaming, there is no excuse for flaming. You don't flame a police-officer irl after stopping a bullet but failing to stop the next one (ie support saving but after making a mistake) sure a crazy metaphor, but seeing as how serious people take this game, it might aswell be this serious.
Snowfox (EUW)
: "Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man" WARD
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pestis Virtus,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Xqr0LQAp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-28T22:05:50.841+0000) > > I'll join tomorrow with my brother. yay! btw sry for not accepting invites, i get spammed with em today lol
I understand it's fine i was spamm inviting, gpet kept declining also. But was a nice bonus so far i got with my brother.
xCillion (EUW)
: IP Farming with Awesome Board Personalities!
I'll join tomorrow with my brother.
Rioter Comments
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Riot i have a perfect suggestion for you when it comes to PROJECT:Zed.
Once PROJECT: Zed kills an enemy, he recyles them into himself to gain their shadow essence. By recycling them, he also shows how trash they were. {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{item:3290}} {{item:3290}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}}
Archangal (EUNE)
: So Morde got highest base AD in whole game...
I read this. 'Hello i am gnar main, i am very sad that my giant fluffy ball of annoyance doesn't have the highest base AD anymore when he transeforms into a cookie rampage' {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}}
vZork (EUW)
: Oh nice thank you i was buying warden sivir but if Zed cost 1350 i will not buy her.. ok ty
It was on the PBE site so might still change. Here it is: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/08/820-pbe-update.html#ward
vZork (EUW)
PROJECT: Yi - 1820 rp PROJECT: Leona - 1350 rp PROJECT: Lucian - 1350 rp PROJECT: Zed - 1350 PROJECT: Fiora - 1350 rp Yi is said to be legendary so it's higher in price.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I usually play mid when support isn't available and it's exactly the same for me.
> [{quoted}](name=Vionicesca,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2pETJEQy,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-08-23T12:06:04.065+0000) > > I usually play mid when support isn't available and it's exactly the same for me. Even if i'm support, i ask my team too upgrade their trinkets and buy pink wards time to time as where they think a stealth will be placed a lot, most of the time they don't listen, get ganked, die and blame jungler. {{summoner:3}}
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Picking a support champion and/or going bot doesn't make you a support.
That moment you're top lane tank and warded more the entire game even the enemy jungle so you could signal where he was too your jungler.
MrJossy (EUW)
: What League of Legend's champions think when you chose them
{{champion:35}} 'Oh god another person who thinks he is just like shaclone or shiv hd...' {{champion:27}} 'We all knew the gas jokes were coming but you still picked me?'
: Ganks while you have Dragon op but it will happen only %1 of the games in my opinion. Also Morde ganks get stronger with items so he relies on items a lot. Items like Iceborn and Rylai necessary for ganks. Also ganks without red buff useless. I think Speed boots useful in early game since 3 q attacks are really strong.
: New Jungle Route For Mordekaiser after 5.16 Patch
How were the ganks though? that's the thing i'm interested in more since mord doesn't really have any stuns/cloaking etc.
amalurr (EUNE)
: hi
So the weapon turns rengar into a poro? makes sense.
: Difficulty finding a main
I don't have 1 main, i have 5, each for 1 lane it keeps diversity. I mostly play singed in team-builder because i just love too see the annoyance of the enemy team, fling them away from my team to keep them safe or make a wall off gas they have to pass through and get hit a lot off when you got you're ap items. Basicly? look for champs you love to play over-rall, look at what you love about them enjoy about them. Every champion requires skill, why? because there is always a team/champion that knows how to counter that champion and how better to learn to counter you're counter? by adapting.
SirBreston (EUNE)
: Update to Juggernauts changed meta from bruisers to assassin bruisers.
I found countering skarner easy if you know what you're doing, take his crystals yes take his crystals when you're enemy dies or you've won the lane for a bit of time - once you take his crystals he gets less mana less speed buff too rush in to gank, you will also see the crystals change if he needs the mana you can spot where he is invade his jungle time to time make him paranoid. But yeah a good experienced skarner player will probly destroy you, i haven't seen much of those, i think i've only see people play-testing skarner, worse thing is nobody on you're team seems to have read the patch notes and ignores the crystals...
: every splitpusher / solo laner should USE this item
Buying a few vision wards helps also incase one gets rekt.
: Why are you so cruel to Riven? :D
As a singed player whenever i'm vs a riven top lane, i just smile and remember what singed did during the lore :D.
: Patcher stuck help.
I've tried to patch for over 9 hours now and tried the new stuff you listed, nothing works, still gets stuck. Thanks for the help but i feel like giving up, now.
Rioter Comments
: Today is my birthday! :D
Happy bday just hope this guy doesn't show up. {{champion:27}} or this guy... {{champion:35}}
ZeaI (EUW)
: Main Support????????????
Brand has the burn affect which can sometimes KS certain kills from adc's who are not paying attention + annie's stun is more reliable.
I3onito (EUW)
: Looking for some fun top laners (Not normal meta picks)
AD tresh top, the souls will give you the armour and the ap anyways. For the rest tresh his auto-attacks can become a nightmare with his flay also, seems dead-mans plate works on tresh to deliver it's momentum ;), was nice to try out.
: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
Tizk (EUW)
: Fiora update op?
I played agaisn't a few fiora's as singed, now i see a red circle whenever she 'exposes' a weakness, just run around, glue if you expect her to jump, fling gass her, just study the movement of you're enemy and build accordingly. Dead-mans plate is nice for the extra speed-bonus and delivering the full-stacked momentum on a fiora :D.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: And people still don't ward...
The potion thing: Just buy a flask if you really want a easy laning phase it refills each time you base and only takes 1 valuable space. I love flask on champs like singed when i'm vs close mellee targets, i can easily out-run them and gas them, use bushes to my advantage to constantly ambush them, the flask keeps me alive for me to deal dmg to the tower while they leave :D.
ZeesBombi (EUW)
: Xin Zhao... balanced? I think not
Ap xin zhaos are even worse :D.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: And people still don't ward...
I always ward, especially if there is an enemy jungler like shaco, rengar or rek-sai who are plain annoying to deal with. It's also a good idea to ward the enemy jungle so you can signal you're jungler to take their camps, while they are away or signal a warning for your jungler that they are trying to counter or gank a lane. Stealth wards for the win tho, since nearly noone in my match bothers with sweepers + i put stealth wards on random locations they don't expect them to be :D.
Mecar (EUW)
: Add a delay to annie's tibbers and buff her somewhere else ?
Just buy a champion with longer range to troll the enemy with, once you feel better you can return to you're usual champs.
: Whats a good name for someone who only plays darius mid/top/jungle/support?
: So what Mystery Skins did you get?
I got mad scientist singed. Sorched earth xerath. frost queen janna And Masked shaco.
TheXptX (EUW)
: What's your favourite lane?
All but voted top, simply because of top plays as singed, mordekaiser, tresh. {{champion:27}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:412}} Shaco is my favourite for jungle especially lvl 2 mid ganks and top {{champion:35}} support is usually sona/janna for me {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} Adc twitch cause of his insane attack-speed, so i primarily build damage/lifesteal at start. {{champion:29}} Mid, xerath or syndra, xerath purely too harras enemy team, especialy when hiding in bushes to slow/stun combo than ult. :D{{champion:101}} {{champion:134}}
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