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: Scanning files AFTER being already updated
Same here. Been playing on this patch entire day today. And now after work it showed me error msg that some of my files can be corrupted and it scanning it now again with infinite speed ... downloading god knows what. So riot are you serious or what ? 5 hours wasted yesterday just to get this crap working cause it had to rescan this iber patch 3 times. ... now after 15-20 games i have played today suddenly from nowhere the files are facked up again ?
: Ranked AFK's
Tooo hursh. There are multiple reasons to go afk any any sort of game. I would apply this on a guy who trolls or go afk on purpose cause he lost a lane. But There are a PC problems. Connection problems. Or even personal problems to consider which can come up unexpected. You can loose conection cause of black out or storm which doesnt have to be in your town. ( about the pc problems yesterday I was forced to leave ranked game not on purpose but cause my stupid system decided its time to install all the updates without any notice and it just shut down and took me 15 mins to update everything) and personal problems can be emergency call from work. Or any other sort of problems. And I can guarantee you that even those randoms who go afk in your game on purpose wont do it in the second round. I know you feel like you are getting those every second game but tbh loosing a game cause of feeder or as some of you would call it guy with one bad game(even tho he had similar kind of games in his game history for the last 15 games but call it w/e you want) is more likely then loose a game to a random afk guy.
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: You Care About The Majority Riot, You Will Surely Loose Your Minority
Well To the last comment that tanks are only popular in minority. Thats true .. Idk which post was it but I read something about that everyone in low elos mostly till diamond they want to be the hero thats why they dont pick tanks... To Kill some1 with a bruiser or a pure tank takes a loot of knowlidge about your champion. But If you put enough time into trying out one champ in multiple situations you will be able to get penta with full tank renekton.(My case. All My pentas are from renekton different types of builds but I never managed to get penta with anything else) And To Follow up on the true dmg ... It is kinda ridiculous . Vayne with botrk is just insane. If you get hp .. you get 100 - 0 in 2.5 sec. If you dont then its 100 - 0 in 2 sec ... in 40 mins you spot a vayne you are trying to run. Nah to be serious its rly annoying the amount of true dmg and %hp dmg well played vayne can put out it just too much. But its not just about vayne. Have a look at reksai. I played that thing when it was reliesed on top. Then 2 weeks later it got droped to the ground.. You cant see that much of reksai anymore. On the other hand what they created with kalista ... God that thing with its E got more dmg then 2 smite stacks... it can outsmite 2 smites. and Imagine she stacks 154145145 spears to the tank no matter how much armor you have nor mr ... from 4k hp and 250 armor I got 100-20% in one kalista combo .. and you cant .. rly cant do anything about that ... you cant get to it unless you flash or you are vi ... and you cant outrun it if you change you mind dueling that. Also totaly agree its too low diversity in tank builds ... Just have a look how many dmg items there are ... crist I cant even count it. All with different passives diffferent stats .. different cool things they can do. And now have a look into defensive items. Check out any tank anywhere. I can bet you you will mostly see banchee or spirit .. guess why ? Cause there is nothing else viable to build. And next item randuins or frozen heart .. and guess why everything else got neerfed to the ground. And rly those new items they brough up... No defensive stats ... few extra up and speed up when you chase any enemy ? Which tank is gonna build that ... or that zz portal thingy .. Have you tryed it out ? Waste of money for 0.0 nothing stats. I am used to play top lane and tbh I cant diverse my build enough. They remove DFG there is 1514541 QQ post about removing another dmg item sooooo iportatnt for mage assasins... they nerf randuin or sunfires or nerf duration on banchees shield refresh .. (its only for good cause tanks was too strong with that old sunfires.) Sometime I rly cant understand what and how and for who they balancing.
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: New patch failing at 99%?
Srsly I have no clue hows that Lineage, Tera , Aion or any other stupid mmo game is capable of creating some reasonable patcher. This thing with file scanning is too slow ... your files are spread all over the folders and there are files that can get simply compressed or deleted after each patch. God knows what we can and what we cannot delete ... Last Time I was cleaning my PC it found around 2k exact same coppies of the LoL files. Deleted coppies ... ofc I had to rescan and re-download the same files cause apperently there is a reason to store the exact same files and file names in 50000 different folders. Anyways to get back to my point crist I got to 16k files already .. And I am pretty sure there is a simple way how to make the scan way faster... LoL game folder aint that big as Lineage or Tera or even the Aion after the new patch but it certainly takes longest to check for updates or of there are corrupted or missing files.


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