Eveninn (EUW)
: > How do I go about picking runes for specific champions? Am I expected to change the page each time in champ select? With 20 mastery pages it was simple to make a few for specific champions and roles. I personally change my single page each game, it's a lot more convinient than having 5 very similar pages where I just change armor for MR, or have it flat compared to scaling like I used to have with old runepages. If you got no clue of what might be good on a given champion you can use pages that show the most commonly used pages. (e.g. champion.gg or even probuilds.net shows you keystones) The champions you play a lot you'll get an idea rather soon. Similar for minor runes. Just go and experiment. Most of the changes you'll have to just play to get used to regardless. ;) > what's the meta like currently? For casual play it matters as little as always. Melee supports are favoured, midlane you mostly see scaling mages, jungle used to be very tank heavy but that's always been ignored in soloQ or normals. Top and ADC are pretty much anything goes, some champs are considered stronger than others, but there are no specific groups that jump out. > Are we still hating on every Vayne, Riven and Yasuo? Many people still do. > Do we hate anyone new yet? Zoe is someone often complained about, similar to those 3 mentioned above. > Is it a tank or an assassin season? Depends on who you ask. Both work fine, but proplay doesn't use any midlane assassins currently. (Then again, proplay never translates well to anything else.) > Do average games last long or short currently? I actually don't remember what it was back then, so I can't compare. But I feel like gamelenght is in a good medium spot currently. (some go longer some go shorter, obviously.) > Can I still ignore my team flaming me as Susan for 30 minutes and then oneshot most enemies? You can, but mostly I see doggy join and stomp fights around 20 minutes. (Not oneshotting though, usually takes 2 Qs, but ult makes the CD low 'nuff.) > Do we ignore dragons, or are they worth getting? Cloud got buffed to now grant incombat MS or something... most still jsut go after Infernal and occasionally Mountain. But it really depends on what sorta players you get. Some people just vlaue dragons more and others less. They are worth getting, but as long as you get a good trade for it they can also be givena way. > What about that turret melting rift Herald that was still being tweaked last time I played? Seems to be more a 'take when it's free' objective. With 'average' setup it usually results in 1 turret takedown.
You're still around I see, I'm glad! And thanks everyone for the replies
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JackDan (EUNE)
: intentional feed
Just move on with your life and report him, ez.
MiIan (EUW)
for me ye I was having such a great match damnit ;_; EDIT: Managed to reconnect and won the game.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Free coffee and tea~
I'm gonna reach plat or higher. You'll see!
: new bard skin is the best!
Just enable the shop again so I can get it ;_;
: Snowdown preview
Totally getting that Bard.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Why you no say gg? :(
I do say gg :( if it was.
Eveninn (EUW)
: When you feel down...
Cosantoir (EUW)
: On this day I ask one thing.
: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
{{champion:432}} Magical Journey.
: What have I done with my life?
: No worries This will help ya m8 http://www.surrenderat20.net
I know, I always check that, but it's just it's way too much to read and remember.
Nah, that's definitely not a Bllitzcrank skin. In all seriousness though, damn that are a lot of new things. Way too much for me to handle. Skins, champion changes, all kind of item changes... HELP!
iRumble (EUNE)
: Its.. kind of a big deal... (HUD)
Take all of my upvotes.
: ***
He died in the story, Riot actually disabled him for that reason. Now he's coming back :o
Bükachu (EUW)
: Lore team. Im proud *shreds tears*
wowowowowowowoow what
: Shyvana Dragonform has no dance!
Give valor a dance as well!
LA Losty (EUW)
: Its my birthday :)
Happy birthday!
: Lux's ult bug...
Passive proc?
Sùpreme (EUNE)
: Ultra Rapid Fire !!! Questions
April 1st each year.
hdc123 (EUW)
: Cheaper champions
Everytime a new champ gets released one or more old champions will get their price reduced. We just have to wait.
: pliz RIOT i want some IP
Just get the first win of the day, and play a lot whenever there is a party IP event. They won't just give you IP.
He is on the rework list.
: when will tahm release????
No one knows. But the most recent champions all released around the afternoon/evening after the patch.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Sightstone on support
Yes senpai GPet, tell them!
Kljestic (EUNE)
: Can someone explain?
He doesn't want anything from you. He's just stupid enough to fall for those annoying chain mails.
Zygor (EUNE)
: Legit or not?
Fake and annoying.
Pháté (EUW)
: Don't be Amumu, be more Braum!
Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile.
: Noobs and trolls everywhere!
And your point is?
: Attack champion only?
If you are on a "normal" keyboard, you will have a ~ button to the left of your 1 button. Hold that and you will only be able to attack champions.
: Hmm are you sure Friend?
If you don't own 10 or less champions, you will get a mystery skin. Just be patient, Riot is handing them out as we speak.
: Heca ult vs Sion ult, what happens?
Hecarim will just ult trough Sion and Sion will just keep ulting.
Riryz (EUW)
: i got bard (i cant play with him becuase i s*ck with bard :/ )
Nice. Bard is really fun to play, a great support and also expensive.
: Thank you Riot <3
Happy birthday <3
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Something awesome happened yesterday!
Sffc (EUW)
: Nerfing Shyvana, despite not being really strong compared to other picks. Jax does what she does but he does it better. Nautilus is tankier and lockdowns but he ain't getting touched. Oh well. At least it's not a big nerf, but it's a sign that she's gonna get thrashed soon (it does fuck with her counterjungling quite a lot though) Kalista gets her auto attacks nerfed, but those are literally just mobility tools, her issue is the infinite stacks AND low cooldown on the stack detonation
There is a Nautilus nerf on the PBE.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: ***
Lichbane requires you to build AP, runeglaive doesn't.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. This skin is part of the harrowing event, and is usually available during that time for purchase. The harrowing happens around halloween in October.
Sure fits that event, still having nightmares ;_;
Eveninn (EUW)
: Whenever I see the poolparty Icon...
You're probably just tired. You should sleep. ~~With me.~~
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: The word i hate most in LoL: "sorry"
Don't hate the word sorry, hate the people who use it in the way you described. A "Sorry, I overextended. I'll play more safe from now on." or something similar is nice to hear.
SSkimonSS (EUNE)
: what do you mean by having my facebook linked to my league
http://puu.sh/iFFku/978c3d1fa3.jpg Do the facebook thing. You get there by pressing add friend.
SSkimonSS (EUNE)
: mystery champion
If you gathered point sin the pool party event, and you have your facebook linked to you league, you will get a mystery champion july 1st.
: Malzahar counter
TheBeastsd (EUNE)
: Buff that Jax...
"he is so weak,i mean he is still OP" What the. Also he just got buffed.
: perhaps its because right underneath the overview tab is an in-depth abilities page, why waste time coding the tool tips to pop up when there is a button that says abilities, if you are bothered by having to click something pc games may not be for you.
The in depthdoesn't even show stats. And it was coded, but it doesnt work anymore. They just need to fix it.
: Sated Devourer
I don't think it will make it to live in the current state. Too OP.
: Support summoner spell Ignite or egzshaust
I always take exhaust. There are like no reasons to take ignite unless you want to take your ADC's kills.
: Reported for not taking flash
players* The game is fine.
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