Hopy (EUW)
: Jhin - Crit or Lethality?
Attack speed, aka the fast build. Couple that with your passive and stormraiders you can keep up with everything and everyone. Fun as heck.
Defolet (EUNE)
: where is renekton's counterplay???!?!?!
Let's name a few. - Kite - Poke - Sustain - Don't let him gain fury - Back off if he has more than 50 fury Seriously if you got problems against him top, pick {{champion:85}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:6}} into him. He can't really deal with those.
: hardly super safe, nasus is easily counter picked, very vulnerable to kiting and not much use if put behind from the start.
what isn't safe on him? The lifesteal coupled with the tank ult and the 90% slow makes it pretty hard to get ganked or even dived.
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: Vlad still viable?
Pre rework vlad main here. And been playing some vlad as of late. He is still viable but hard to do well with. (read as know what you're doing). He took quite a big hit from the rylais nerf which was core on him. This can be circumvented by taking the stormraiders surge + ghost. Still build rylais though it is still too Good to pass up on vlad. Going full tank as vlad isn't really Great anymore, you can do it and be succesfull but generally you want a mix of tankyness and AP. Protobelt, rylais and spirit visage are still core. After that you can go into things like sunfirecape, abyssal scepter, zhonyas and maybe even a warmogs. If you got any further questions feel free to ask.
: try playing adc with 5 spots you can't step on while lasthitting and dodging support engages/poke.
: > [{quoted}](name=rince89,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kfZPXg10,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-31T19:34:56.233+0000) > > how about... I dont know... not steping into the traps? > Imean, they are not invisible or something WOW REALLY I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT, you type some stupid shit
It's a valid point though. Not standing in the traps prevents you from getting shot. Else use banshees or smth. Cait is fine, now vayne on the other hand.
: That's not a bug, that's intended.
nope it is not, no reason to punish someone that is standing next to someone who is getting snared. Never happened before this patch.
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Koson (EUW)
: Ezreal E on Blitzcrank Q
it's intended, try not to pick blitz into ezreal next time ;)
: You can also click the enemy as well.
Why is that unnecessary action required. You should be able to see it instantly. What of you had to click the enemy to see of he had red buff? That would be a bit pointless.
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: Illaoi seems pretty balanced
Stop playing against illaoi on her terms.....you lose.
: Upcoming Assassin Rework: Kha'Zix
Kek, no thanks i'd rather not have a flying nasus in my games. Kha has enough damage as is, he does not need permanent ad buffs.
: His E cd is reduced by each hit Qs. And he doesnt even have to hit you. If he hit team mates next to you you will be slowed as well.
Don't stand next to those teammates? Seriously guys, blue ezreal has been out for like 4 seasons, get over it and learn to play against him. Don't chase him, and don't pick garen into him. Blue ez dmg is pretty bad, twitch deals more damage.
Colsh (EUW)
: Yasuo is not OP you're just salty because you got destroyed by one. * His shield is not op in the slightest, it blocks 1 ability or aa so if you are a ranged ap champion you aa him once and it is gone * He does not gain armour when you attack him that is just made up by you (so much for "facts") * His shield does not counter zed ult because by the time Zed's ult proc his shield will have been used ages ago. * His crit chance passive is pretty much (other than his ult) the only reason he actually deals damage and is balanced as it makes him very item reliant. * His W does not damage and without it he would get killed so easy with him already being squishy so he needs it, also it has a 20+ cooldown so it can only block 1 skill in lane. * Without high mobility he would just be useless, it's essential for his kit and the ability makes him unique. * Yasuo pressing Q has literally nothing to do with Gnar's E. If you are talking about his 3rd Q, then yes, just like every other hard cc ability in the game it stops people from casting spells. * His ult is strong but it can only be used if people are knocked up and there are a lot of game changing ults like his in the game * He has many weakness such as if he falls behind he gets destroyed and snowballed against, has some almost unwinnable match-ups (good irelia/jax ETC.)
I still think either the tornado should not be able to crit or shorter duration. It's rediculous that guy can zone so easy with that stupid tornado. Which also hurts like a bitch.
: It's a hard life for us Zed mains
The best decision in my life was to permaban zed. It feels like he got removed from the game and i notice i am enjoying games much more.
: hey thanks for the comment, yeah i geuss i should Q before teamfights to ensure good poke, im a passive player so i dont usually do that. about using your ult to waveclear, isnt that risky if a TF is might happen? there were many occasions when i saved my ult for tf's and glad i did
Ez main here, played all sorts of builds (old blue ez, rainbow ez, trinity, crit etc.) Ez is actually pretty easy to play of you know what you are doing. Like has been said before try to poke People down. Your q has quite good damage and the fact that you can kite so easily, use it. Save your E for When you need it, don't throw it away for a single q unless you are sure you Will not get punished for it. Other than that, use ults for waveclear, teamfights and executes, possible objective steal. Oh and for towers stack your passive to max stacks, give your teammates the w att spees buff and keep firing q for the sheen proc.
Zavion (EUW)
: His changes consist of Mana back on his Q. And his ult does true damage to champions that have been researched. So yes. Next to nothing has changed. A quality of life buff to his Q. And his ultimate deals true damage instead of magic damage provided the target is researched. His functionality is exactly the same, his role hasn't changed. Riot have failed in differentiating mages. Because if they had succeeded, he would have ended up substantially different. In a similar situation; Cassiopeia has been changed completely, yet she was totally unique to begin with. So by Riot's own logic, she shouldn't have been changed at all because Riot's initial goal was to make the mages unique - which cass already was. Malzahar is an example of a substantial change. Riot often lose sight of their initial interests and proceed forwards without caution and very little warning; whilst simultaneously ignoring everything that the community wish.
They are not looking at things being unique. But also if the Champ is cohesive and has clear Windows of weakness. Which vel'koz all fit. All they did was make it more obvious how his playstyle fits in this game.
: Is it just me or does Illaoi seem a little bit to strong?
How to counter illaoi, do not stand in her tentacles. If you do you deserve to give her a kill.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Now that zed's been nerfed, can we stop banning him every single game?
The nerf only makes him think twice about throwing his shadow. The % dmg decrease won't matter.
Obitoo (EUNE)
: We can mention some more champs that offers much more than zed .. guess yo got it bruh .. plus as i see in ur match history u never played zed b4 to judge him .. thats wut u see but u dont know how hard is it to be a good zed player and get your own kills .. its hard to carry with zed nw they made it much more harder, Zed became a useless champ
Stop acting like it is the end of the world. Zed has been opressing midlaners for months,glad he got hit by the nerfbat. Deal with it.
: Game is still unplayable for macs
I cri everytiem When i see someone gaming on a Mac.
LordSocom (EUW)
: your idea is good but so faulthy.. it's like saying that person is from germany therefore he should apologize for the holocaust where he didn't participate in. It's nonsense to expect a certain group to take responsibility & declare that they have nothing to do with it (while they actually do this & they fight against IS) and yes i mean LITERALLY fight. They do more than the west has done... the west only cries and tries to use diplomacy, you can't use diplomacy against lunatics. We need to train women into soldiers and send them to fight against IS. Why women? simple! IS warriors are scared as fuck from female soldiers simply because if they get killed by a woman they will NOT go to heaven and their death will be in vain. This destroys their idealogy. There's a reason women are forced to obey a man in those states. It's for these exact reasons so if we want to fight these people we can't do it with male soldiers, we need women that are prepared to kill. There's already a female army fighting against IS, they're former rape slaves of IS and their family got killed or captured. They have nothing left so they decided to fight against this. The only way to stop this madness is to defeat those extremists & get rid of religion.
I don't agree with the "if you Come from germany you are a nazi." those two things are not inherent to eachother. Thing is, both IS and regular muslims believe in the same god so i feel they should step up. I'm not asking for an apology i am asking them to step up for their religion.
: Well, the whole of religion is an incredibly outdated thing. It was invented to explain the (in those times) unexplained and by swindlers to seem more important than they were. It was likely never meant to blow up like this and still cause problems 2000 years later, but I'd be pretty proud if I was the guy who invented it. Anyway, there are muslims who speak out against it. But words and actions are two surprisingly unrelated things. As an example, I could say I never drink carbonated water, but I've got a bottle of the stuff right here next to me and I just took a drink. If I hadn't told you that, you'd still be thinking I never drink carbonated water. It's just a plain lie. And I wouldn't put it past people who throw rocks and bottles at the police and swarm them to prevent a high-profile terrorist from being arrested to plainly lie about condemning these actions.
The amount of muslims condemning these actions and not allowing terrorism in the name of their religion is surprisingly low. Yes everyone can lie if that is the case so be it, but prove to the rest of the world you do not accept this behaviour, that this is not the religion you pray for. I notice it is getting harder and harder for society not to turn on muslims.
: show the best music video you know.
http://youtu.be/sBzrzS1Ag_g Kind of nsfw, Just saying.
: Look, these attacks have become a monthly(?) thing. And the source is _always_ the same one. The problem is that we refuse to see it, and everyone that shows it to us is met with _"LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU YOU'RE A RACIST BIGOT HITLER"_. Nobody gives a shit anymore. Yeah, they killed 31 people and maimed hundreds. But there's already _**thousands**_ of people ready to beat your opinion back down your throat if it's not "progressive" and "tolerant" enough, even if it's the truth. These people are being protected by the masses they'd just as quickly shoot as start a friendly conversation with. I mean, I predicted this like a month ago. Not that it'd happen at this specific airport and metro station, but that they'd attack Brussels. It was basically common knowledge. People thought I was joking, they laughed, they called me intolerant and bigoted. They're not laughing now. You know why? Because one of the districts, Molenbeek, is often regarded as the main hive of jihadism in Belgium. It is no coincidence that a few days before this attack the police captured public enemy #1, the only surviving gunner from the Paris attack, in this neighbourhood, it is no coincidence that during this operation, the police was attacked and hindered by over 200 people in this neighbourhood (you won't see that in the media though, doesn't fit the narrative.) I live in Belgium, and it really is like a self-inflicted apartheid in Brussels. In the city you have asians, blacks, whites, sikhs, you name it. And in Molenbeek you've got these people, and _only_ these people. They refused to integrate when they came here, they refused to do so for two generations, and now it's a no-go zone unless you want to get robbed, stabbed and robbed again for looking at someone the wrong way. It'll be a month of silence and they will attack again. Mark my words.
I agree with the statement that muslims are free from blame When their group commits these crimes. Yes not all muslims are extremists but it is time for them to step up and tell that these actions are not condoned by them. That these actions do not define muslims in general. Yet, they do not. They say nothing. In my honest opinion religion is one of the worst ideas humanity ever concieved and caused more problems than it did good.
: what the fuck did Russia do nothing keep using the situation to gain more oil and land what can we do the only way to stop this is to ban every single muslim off europe let them rot in africa they deserve it filthy terrorists
Yea and that mindset is precisely what IS wants you to have. So they get more muslims to turn to them cause everyone turns them down.
Ultearov (EUW)
: Starting at 30 minutes they start gaining armour, up to 30 armour when minions are nearby at 40 minutes.
games don't last 40 mins....
kjono1 (EUW)
: Why is surrender even an option?
You can't turn it around dude, it's league of snowballs games last 20 - 30 mins on average. The game is delibrately trying to tell you to go F yourself cause you will not get a comeback.
: Anyone else tired of the blue ezrael trend?
Kek, are People still whining about this? Make up your mind community. Is blue ez OP or useless? Either way, ez needs to farm early because he needs the core items asap. Once he has those built he can punish pretty much anyone. And blue ez dmg dealt is fine. Just not in the way you are used to.
: he just got heavily nerfed, what are you talkin about
"heavily nerfed" topkek.
: Let's talk about blue build Ezreal
Don't pick immobile champs into blue ezreal, not that hard.
hucyber (EUW)
: Is Lee Sin still strong?
He is picked in 35% of the games. That alone says enough.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Look up your nation's history. You have no moral high ground to stand on. Not that _that little fact_ has ever stopped West Europeans from passing judgement on others. East Europe consists (in a large part) of Slavic nations, and while we have our flaws, racism isn't one of them.
Talking about moral highground, lol. You guys in east europe are the most prejuidiced People i have ever seen. You guys kill homosexuals and everyone else Who does not follow your standards. That in a whole says enough about your standing on controversial subjects.
: But then how else would you expect me to ever reach the level you are at? If you help me out it'll go all the quicker. One chance. Give me that? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I'd say i would wanna play a coupLe games with you. Thing is tomorrow and today i don't have time. I would like to see you play and give you advice on what you can improve on.
: [Help]Champions so frustrating you'd rather quit and take your punishment than play the full game
It sounds like you got no idea how the general toplane dynamics work. That's not surprising though but it is something you have to know. Thing is, counters don't matter of you don't know how to play the Champ. Darius is melee and even though he has built in sustain it is possible to out poke him Try taking a ranged champion against him and force him out of the lane. You also mentioned playing safe did not help, getting hit by his grab is not playing safe. Learn the range of skills and how to dodge them.
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: play tanky, get hydra though for waveclear... actually you are able to poke the enemy with your Q a LOT, you see them having their "weakpoint" on the left/right/front? just use Q to hit them (try out custom to learn it), while you do it, you will deal %dmg AND you will be able to heal. fiora is about her timing, nothing more/less
i try to do that as often as possible but i get wrecked when they go all in on me after i proc that vital. Adn i should build tanky? like just get hydra for mg then go full tank?
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: stupid post spotted. spears are much harder to hit and her laning got nerfed to bad she had to hide in the jungle while crying.
I wonder how her spears are much harder to hit, seeing as everyone doesn't have any problems. Yes the decreased the width, but it's still high enough.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Well, I find it the 'compensation' for having 6 abilities. If you're used to that champion you'll have no problems with cooldowns, as you know them well and you know when you can get out of your spider form on elise to cast Q on a low hp enemy that got away. So basically you get 6 abilities, a melee + a ranged form, all different, but you need to put up some effort to play the champ the right way. So my opinion is it should be kept like this, to separate good players from the bad ones and to keep the high difficulty high reward thing on those champions(you may say Elise is bad atm, but only her late-game sucks badly - maybe mid a little too - but her laning is overpowered).
Your cooldowns not being visible is not a difficulty setting. Why don't we release a champion where the cooldowns are invisible, and you have to count them in your head, fun right? No. It makes no sense, the fact these champions got 2 forms doesn't justify them having to struggle with non visible cooldowns. And seperating the good from the bad? well, that's easy to do without punishing people for not knowing their cooldowns. Champs with 6 abilities are already harder to play, them managing to do good and make nice plays are what seperates the good from the bad ones. Not counting numbers in your head to know when you can land your stun again.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: iirc, Rengar could be the solution. You know when he has his empowered spell, cooldowns are still indicated, they still got that clocklike countdown but aren't 'blued out'. But with Champions with 2 forms it get's hard since both form's spell can be on CD, unlike with Rengar wWho's empowered spell basically is never on CD.
You can add a small bar above the spells to show the CD's on the other forms.
Rioter Comments
Tech savvy kids like you make me chuckle: "Contact your ISP (the guy u pay internet to) and tell them to stop #BLOCKING ANY TRAFIC.". Classic, A+ for effort though.
: i lowered the graphics and it was still the same. In patch 5.9 it happend but i could fix it with a driver update
Try updating the rest of your drivers
: Sudden graphic issues pls help
I assume you are using Windows 8.1 x64. As @WildcardHS said, you should try to do a rollback to a previous video card driver. When that's done you and the problem still exists update your other drivers. (Chipset, soundcard, etc.). Does lowering your graphics settings change this problem? Did this happen on the 5.9 patch?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Have you ever considered why is that? It's a bit of a guess on my side but imagine if ranked and normals had the same mmr, then that means if player plays a bunch of ranked his mmr raises and translates into normals. On the other hand think backwards, player plays normals and what happens to his mmr? Does it continue to raise or it just stays always frozen until player goes back to ranked and raises it even further? Some people could be okay with it staying frozen, this would open things up for abuse, smurfs specifically would be an even bigger annoyience they could always stay bronze level and keep crushing bronze games, but if it would continue to raise then there woudn be a need for ranked and normals to exist as separate because they're both one and the same.
Just let ranked mmr weigh in normal matchmaking. Don't let it define normal mmr.
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