: Lets call it the EUW + UK server then {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I am with you. kappa
Doomley (EUW)
: The eu in euw means Europe. You are leaving European Union, not Europe.
Well come on dude it's obvious the UK isn't shifting place. Just wondering if anyway are linked together. :^)
Doomley (EUW)
: UK doesn't change it's geographical location. So no need for a server. They have a very good ping in the euw so why would they even need one?
Like i said personally i anit bothered i do have fine ping. Just the EU in the server i know it sounds stupid but i was just curious {{summoner:31}}
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: Login Issues
Yeah i have the exact same issue ive been on since 5 in the the morning when it happened i dced from chat from there i have never been able to log back on because of that attempting to reconnect thing :(
Arashì (EUW)
: Soo, you made a screenshot. Pasted it in Paint. And instead of saving the picture, you make a screenshot again? Do you even computers bro? On-topic though. Do you have to? No. Is it smart? Maybe. If it's ranked, and you're sure he'll actually troll and it's 100% a loss. It's the choice between losing 3 LP or over 15LP.
Why would it matter if i screen shot then screen shot again ? To be honest there is multiple ways to do it plus why would it have to do with the way i am computing if you think more hassle saving then posting then deleting when i can just put a link ;) think P.S : I study computers
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Phantoms (EUW)
: How a 2 weeks ban changed my behavior!
Guys i was always a nice player ^_^ when i won{{item:3751}} But when i lost thats when i was salty but i have now become a nice league player even if we lose {{summoner:31}}
RV Yatash (EUNE)
: Nice, keep it up man ! I hope that you will get those rewards.
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