Phazôn (EUW)
: flex matchmaking wtf
and still we get matched as 1-1-3 vs 5 isnt 4-1 vs 5 more fair? or is that just my imagination shouldnt it be possible to disable 1-1-3 vs 5 aswell? i mean communication advantage in a game like that thats exactly why matching as 4 got disabled and now there we are# unbalanced communication matching the fact that riot always did ignore GG
The S1ash (EUNE)
: Toxic players in pre-game lobby and I am punished by losing LP
actually people are abusing it anyway to boost theyr LP example if u dodge u dont lose MMR but u lose LP means u get a lower elo with same MMR means more LP each game
Rioter Comments
: Zoe?
the best question is how to get BE since lv ups needs like years and give like 0 fking be all time -.-
: When i will get my PBE account?>
im still waiting since season 4 for it got 3000 hours ~ of playtime and tons of rp spend -.-


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