: How about you start playing a real champion and not this OP piece of crap Akali Placebo nerfs and you guys still crying, such a joke
Ohh I can't believe you are losing to a fake champion called "Akali", and btw she is not op, we are just good at it..{{summoner:14}}
Morrhen (EUW)
: Very likely intended to lower her presence on toplane and ''balance out'' the midlane aka make Yasuo mains cream themselves, because people will counterpick weaker champ against them.
This is why Draft Mode appears in Ranked Games, to ban champions that you don't want to play or, against it..{{summoner:14}}
: Section: Technical support, EKSDEE.
I can't see other boards discussion in mobile.. idk why but EKSDEE{{summoner:13}}
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