: How big is SR irl?
Nothing is according to scale, just nothing... The cinematic "A New Dawn" shows it (Kappa) to be very enormous though.
Stell (EUNE)
: There are 4 types of people in league
So no one eats a sausage in a bun with ketchup and mustard? No one?
Emillie (EUW)
: If I can carry games as Ahri with constant 160+ ping, you can definitely play Vayne with 140 ping.
I think I'm just looking for excuses for sucking at Vayne. Should learn to get good.
: Nothing with skillshots. Nothing with a dash. Something where you drop all your abilities in one go and just auto attack (sort of) So Kayle, Xin Zhao, maybe vlad.
Well all of them have an AA animation I hate and can't even CS with. I could say I hate Vayne's AA animation as well though so yeah... Which champions would you recommend to a 140+ms ping player for all roles?
: I think if you got so high ping you are forced to play picks that dont have mechanics or fast use of their spells. To play vayne you need to kite which might be really hard with 140 ping. So you should try picks that cna be viable under these conditions .Amumu/Garen/volibear might be pocible to be played with that ping , I cant say for sure cause its too long since the time i used to play with 100-120 ping . (flashing to rush plays might be impocible or towerdiving )
Can you name some solid picks for top, jungle, mid, adc and support with 140+ms ping?
Approved (EUNE)
: New borders are awful. Just dont make it official please
Let's hope they fall into oblivion and never be seen again. It does not even fit in the theme of LoL, wtf Riot?
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Krestek (EUNE)
: Which is better for soloQ all/most elos
Well you said you're "good" with Lee Sin so I'd say him if you're also a good jungler who can snowball his laners. Otherwise I'd say Rengar since his ult on the ADC or APC is pretty deadly.
: yeah but it sucks that I always have to wait 20 minutes after i dodged champ select
Aw, that sucks. Well you can always report them and Riot will hopefully ban them, just wish they would let us get back that lp if they do ban the person :/
: skin splash art as in game picture
As long as the skin splash doesn't completely look like a different champion I'm fine with it.
: Trolls In Ranked-QueQue Champ Select
When you feel like you team comp is shit or if the whole team is flaming you should probably queue dodge. Losing 19 LP > Losing 5+ LP
: Best 4800 ip jungler ?
Wukong, Lee Sin, Sejuani, Noctrune, Nautilus... I would personally go for Noctrune, Lee Sin or Wukong since I hate being the tank.
: It depends on your personality. Are you Toxic? Get Riven. Otherwise, play Irelia.
Well played sir.
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Elkzahr (EUW)
: How do some people get gold elo?
They get carried hard, like how I got to Silver 1, currently residing on Silver 2 with 0 lp however. How they maintain that elo is the real question.
Emk1ll (EUW)
: EUWest Op lag spikes/game delay/servers on fire again?
That moment you see people whine about having 100 ping when you play on 110+ :p
Stell (EUNE)
: How Origen could beat SKT?
I hope mid lane gets interesting tough, miss those Faker plays :/ Marin and Bang still make up for it sometimes tough :)
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EG Ryu (EUW)
: to you maybe but to me it bothers me ... 20 min is just too much .. 5 min i don't mind .. 10 min np i can make a coffee in 10 min .. but 20 min ?! i can start a game and end it in 20 min ...
Just play Hearthstone or something, play different kinds of games to see what makes LoL special, heck play Dota xD
EG Ryu (EUW)
: i know after 5 games .. but what about the next low priority ? will it be 20+ min ? or reset to 5 min ?
I've been having disconnection problems and have been "AFKing" for like 3 games now and the clock is fixed on 20 minutes of 5 games, it doesn't bother me too much which is the reason I'm not whining to Riot about it.
: HELP ME PLEASE :'( :'(
1) Restart your computer 2) Problem still persists then perform a clean install of LoL 3) Still persists then contact Riot Support 4) Still persists get a new computer
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I need serious tips against Fiora.
Has a hard time against Darius I've heard unless she's really good at aiming riposte (then you are ****ed).
: Pre-Ban This Champ in One For All
Don't forget the Yasuos.
Balki (EUW)
: LF someone to get him/her out of bronze
Well that's some nice thing to do. Great to see not all players are toxic scumbags ^^
: riot games why u do this logic plz
Just go do some chores or watch a video while waiting in the 20 minute queue (like me) or you could always send a ticket to Riot support, they're nice guys/gals there.
Klatumatu (EUW)
: i'm in silver too so i don't know if my tips are worth anything but a good friend told me the following: -cc is your friend. -concentrate on your Cs in lane, practice it if necessary. -play a lot. so far to me Ranked feels like 2 steps forward and 1 step back and by that logic playing a lot makes sense, duoing with a trusted friend makes ranked a lot more enjoyable and it lowers the risk of having a disconnect on your team by one. i want to climb to gold myself and the only thing i can really do is to keep trying so good luck climbing! keep at it! don't give! motivation woo~
Everyone's tips are worth something, not all players in Silver are equal/suck. Thanks for the tips.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Picky Peep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gT8qgEvA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-16T17:27:23.918+0000) > > I'll look into Udyr jungle then, thanks for the help. Also advice: Dont force things. If your toplaner is crying that he cant kill his opponent but pushes all the time, DONT go to gank there. If you start gromp, then blue, then wolves and u manage to secure rift scuttler, on first recall buy ward. Every recall buy 1-2 wards. Try to ward enemy jungle and track positioning of enemy jungler. Dont waste time in bush trying to gank, if you see you cant gank, dont force it. Go farm. If you see your mid laner is crap. IF one of your lanes is winning,keep going there, get them ahead even more. Ganking winning lane> ganking losing lane. Chances are guy thats losing lane wont use advantage u give him, but winning lane will.
I'd never gank a losing lane unless I have absolutely nothing better to do.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Picky Peep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gT8qgEvA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-16T17:22:42.700+0000) > > I hate Warwick jungle, no pressure at all and if the enemy team has a Lee Sin, Shaco, Evelynn etcetera I will get flamed to hell for not ganking. > Is Udyr good vs Xin Zhao/Master Yi if I want to counter jungle them? OH YES. Both Tiger Udyr and Phoenix Udyr can wreck those 2.
I'll look into Udyr jungle then, thanks for the help.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Well i have few tips about playing in silver. Dont play Warwick jungle.Play something that can make impact from start of game. Warwick gets completely shut down with 1 item, and it takes ages to scale if u go devourer. If you need to jungle learn to play Elise, Lee Sin, Vi or if u want champ that requires least skill to be effective in low elo choose Udyr. In higher elo u need to master Udyr to be effective, in lower all u need is E and R/Q. If you gonna play support and want to carry yourself out, play some engage or mage support like Leona, Braum, Morgana, Annie. Top laners i suggest Shen. If you arent very good mechanically, dont play adc, u will never climb with adc if you are bad at positioning. Another tip; Ward more. Even if you are ADC, upgrade your trinket at lvl 9 and ward ward ward. Vision is most important.
I hate Warwick jungle, no pressure at all and if the enemy team has a Lee Sin, Shaco, Evelynn etcetera I will get flamed to hell for not ganking. Is Udyr good vs Xin Zhao/Master Yi if I want to counter jungle them?
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Airfro (EUW)
: Do you main Teemo already?
No but in the dark years I used to :/
Dr Sup (EUW)
: movement as adc question
If you have 110+ms ping then kiting is not as seamless.
: SKT vs AHQ
If SKT doesn't lose even 1 game in worlds... I will main Teemo for Season 6.
: I play Irelia and Yi is useless to her, when his Q ends Irelia is mostly lower health than Yi meaning the E of Irelia stuns. Bam, then its play time for Irelia.
#BetterNerfIrelia :3
cAkRep (EUW)
: Master Yi = OP
Well if you have Teemo/Quinn on your team he's pretty much useless. CC works really well but try to use it after he has used his Q.
: Favorite Junglers?
{{champion:5}} If I'm serious and want to win a game. {{champion:35}} If I want to be cancer and have fun. {{champion:32}} When the team has no other tank.
: For me the game is unplayable above 60 ping tbh, I would only play tanks anything above that (Maokai...and...Maokai,,,).
Tanks don't have so much of an impact till late game tough :/
Demoyer (EUNE)
: I can play only Shaco {{champion:35}} with my ping that jumps between 60-150 which is very confusing to play with combined with my 19 fps.
I don't know how you can play with 19 FPS...
: That feel when you've never experienced 20 ms ping... I normally play with 60-70, sometimes it goes up to 150-160. Today i played aram with over 1000 and somehow managed to win with Soraka. Just spam heals and hit the occasional Q in teamfights :D
I'd like to do more than just spamming W and Q with Soraka.
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