: My comment was deleted so I will say: I had the same problem and I went afk in the loading screen to let my team remake the game. I was the only one who losed the LP, but after that I had 20 LP per win and 20 LP per lose. I don't know if I was really lucky every time I tried, but was what I wanned. Now I don't know what you can do and I don't say that you should try what I did. ######Now is better?
I never went afk in my games
: Yeah. Just checked your op.gg and you have a 56% winrate with a huge win streak yesterday. Dunno why you'd have low mmr. That is wierd indeed.
yeah, feelsbadman
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because you're Plat 1, with MMR slightly under what's expected of Plat 1 players. That's evident by you losing more LP than you win. Any site that claims to tell you your MMR are just guessing, because Riot does not share the formula used to calculate it. These 3rd party sites are never accurate.
I've been winning a lot of games, my mmr shouldn't be less then plat 1 right?
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