: Allow to choose champion select priority!
It makes it easier when you want to play that pick that has a lot of counters so you can pick it safely but It would encourage a counterpick meta I'd say.
Ratatouka (EUW)
: i see what u did there riot
it was already known beforehand because it was already known that you could buy them through be b4 they announced the emporium but either way they could give out some for free as its the first one (I'm not referring to the free missions (that I don't know where they are tbh) but giving out like 5 for the first clash thats not beta)
: What's up with Ezreal's stat chart?
I think it's bugged because it also says that ezreal is completely reliant on autos.
Obliνion (EUNE)
: Clash
As before in clash faqs they said you needed honor 2 now it doesn't, try to create a team, if it let's you, you should be able to play there.
: Just riot %%%%ed another thing.... i thought its 2.12 so i made a party at whole weekend and now they moved it on the saturday... YIKES{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
it's for both Saturday and Sunday.
: It's worse and worse
I'd say that it's mainly because people that used to play only ranked started playing normals as it's preseason and people are way more toxic there so they flame in other places
xTeaZz (EUW)
: When account transfer will be back ?
When they finish giving out ranked season rewards (unless they f it up like last year)
Łukαsz (EUNE)
: What's up with decay this season? I hit Master+ for the first time and I'm not sure if I have to maintain my rank throughout the preseason or not. From what I understand decay was disabled last preseason, right?
It'll probably be disabled
: Should Kalista be Reworked ? (Petition).
I feel like her r doesn't need a rework but a sort of buff, I've already seen this idea but it would be letting her be oarhbounded between multiple champions (only for R not W passive) scaling with lvl (2 for lvl 6, 3 for lvl 11, 4 for lvl 16) You said keep rend (E) and then asked to rework it, I think you meant the w.
: Mastery undefined where high ranks should be given?
This bug has been going on for like 3 or 4 months or more, tbh I don't remember exactly, but riot doesn't seem to care about fixing it
: The future of Game Modes (URF/Doom Bots/Star Guardian) and League of Legends (Desktop and Mobile)
It's a good idea but, riot's plan is to release more champions to wild rift (probably all of them in the end), so the balance part might end up unaffected as they would have to balance all of them. Also, some players that play these gamemodes are casual players but not all. I'm not casual and I like these gamemodes and wouldn't enjoy for example URF in mobile phone as much as I would on PC
: Boards active people check
I'm active but it doesn't look like because I always read the boards, but I don't usually upvote/downvote neither post.
: Thats better than: i hope u step on a lego
These comments show that riot allow everything on the boards, even things so rude as this
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Yea... Make tanks playable again!
Bruisers that take conqueror aren't killing tanks bcs of only 8% true damage, its that the are no good mr options for tanks and with void staff existing manges can abuse them And btw can you tell me what other rune should bruisers take
: [Suggestion] Banned from Ranked Games System
The problem of this feeding matter is neutral, it could work out so people don't feed but sometimes there are problems, mostly for jungler as its based upon reports and no confirmation junglers will get reported for not ganking a single time because the lanes are pushed in 24/7 as most low elo players do and then blame the the jungler getting reported because of their lanes and getting banned
Nekoshironi (EUNE)
: Are item macros allowed?
If you go to settings you can set the items to the button and as you can do that using a "macro", which in this case it isn't, you won't get banned
: A bit disappointed with draven's Eternal
One of his eternals is what you asked for and the last one is adoration stacks
MedveEmber (EUNE)
: Worlds Quarters and Semis Tickets
They said that they might put some 1000 more later on
Don't worry you can be leaving from time to time but if you leave a lot of times in a row then you get low priority not after one single game
: Anyone else have the "None" champion? https://imgur.com/a/PmbJFzS
Just saw it now, its also in the PBE I suppose as a placeholder for the new champ, but here we can see how much riot cares about making a good game
: What happened to my connection to the servers?
Right now something similar, I was in normal and at a point in Champ select everything broke down except for vc as i could hear my premade (idk if he could hear me though), any chrome tabs i tried to open didn't load but discord was working just fine, when i tried to log back in i couldnt connect to the authenticating server
Caenval (EUW)
: Is Riot Going To Do Anything About This Sort Of Behaviour orrr.....? (I linked my reddit post too)
You can report it directly to player support if she keeps doing that she might get banned. And as you said most of the player base is below plat so they would have to go through 19 as many games which is pretty hard even for a big company
: Am I out of Project missions?
Next week you'll get the last 2
Osekk17 (EUW)
: didnt get rp
Send a ticket to support, if you have bought it directly to riot you will receive a confirmation email you can send as proof
LilSalty (EUW)
: Who derservers skins?
Definitely Ornn or those champs that haven't got a skin in 3 years (or haven't got any at all
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Bro... I have like 5 or more accounts linked to SINGLE MAIL. Riot dont care about smurfs and if anything... They encourage it. Noone have to disguise himself as well~ I even was talking with support about removing them but they dont care. (Was very picky about my name - dont play them 😜) Also its a "new" thing because when I started playing X years ago mail was 1x per account (just what you ask for). People had to make multiple mails but yeah... Nothing can stop smurfing anyway.
And account for IP won't work either, as you can easily get a proxy in case you're taking about Internet ip or go look for an old device in case of device ip
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Suggested small ARAM balances
Teemo: It is also like this in normal SR so changing it for aram doesn't make much sense, also being forced into oracle extract means nothing as in SR you have to get oracle lenses to survive Fiddlesticks: This one I'm on board with it but instead of it being like this maybe just reduce the bounce radius Pyke: With the nerfs to damage i think that it doesn't need more nerfs as if you don't get the kill the dmg from his r is around 120 at lvl 6. Also the only way is if you're low from other fights (can be Possible) Sylas: His w heal isn't a side effect of it and its the main reason why it exists, also w into a champion when you are below 40% is asking to get killed because 5 people would jump on you Yuumi: Its better if she has mobility than if she doesn't, if she can't move between allies you can't damage her at all and if she moves between allies you get that short window to put cc on her. You are buffing her by putting those changes
Reverse (EUW)
: Question
Carrying as an adc is easy just pick a late game adc practice farming to get 10cspm get 3 items spike in 20 mins and practice kiting + mechanics for the champ and you're good If you want a late game carry with mobility and sick outplays take kaisa or vayne or if you want a more immobile but slightly better damage you can go for a kog (and pray to get a lulu as Supp) The best idea is to get 10cspm queue up with a lulu main you play kogmaw get that guinsoos + runaans fast and your lulu gets censer and you can carry pretty easy
: Customization and Personalization in League of Legends
Lately, their quality is going down just spamming those events that are pretty worthless for the player. Tbh the best event there has been has been Snowdown, being able to get missions that aren't a copy of the one before and u can get them though something that isn't get 30 kills on SR is fun. Eternals are the biggest cahsgrab ever and for what I saw on the pbe they are as you expect them damage dealt + kills and some random stat like how many kills have you gotten after ulting(example for kaisa)
: only with premades
Ah you mean that but either way they really won't add it bc if all the toxicity if you really want it create a dc server and invite everyone in your game
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If I'm 100% sure that the players was inting, and I can see that he did not get any 14-days penalty, I send a support ticket. Even if it will not help (still it helped like 2 of 6 times) it will show them, that they need to work on their system (and maybe one day will force the company to improve their int detecting bot).
There isn't an int detecting bot because of the judgement it has to give. In highelos if as there aren't many reports they can check the game and in 5 mins they can see
: It's So Hard To Make A Voice Chat?
There's already a VC unless you're on a mac then it's bugged
: New Ping Communication
Area is warded is already a ping and ward this area is easy with ping on ward and then normal ping where you want the player to ward
ScooterOG (EUW)
: Offline + No icons?
I have 2/3 of my friendlish on offline instead of the typical mobile. Also a lot of games people don't have icons (well a transparent one actually)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Sometimes it seems like Ezreal's Q prioritises champions and ignores nearby minions
What happens is that the ezreal player clips the q this can also happen with kai (and I do it a lot to hit between minions) bc the minions have a smaller hotbox than the champion although it may look like it hit the minion
: Shyvana
1st They might do it after voli and fiddle because of her results in the rework voting, 2nd if you don't build correctly you can't deal enough damage and she will usually not deal physical damage but if you build her ap she will deal a lot of damage
: Chat restriction (Mute) removal appeal.
Post chat logs then we can verify that you weren't toxic
Jupimm (EUNE)
: I totaly agree that these items are kinda a must vs Aatrox, but its not fun for him at all, since i play Aatrox alot, my favorite toplane pick
You just have to be more careful and play looking for the fights and not going full all in without thinking and it isn't fun either for the people who have to play against a fed Aatrox if there's no way to counter him. Every champion has (or should have) counterplay and this is aatrox's counterplay the same for a fed Yasuo or master yi getting healing reduction is a part of how to counter them because most of the times they go in and although you might do enough damage to kill them twice they heal so much that it looks like you deal no damage
Jupimm (EUNE)
: Grievous Wounds vs Aatrox
That's the point of healing reductions bc if not then aatrox becomes and unstoppable healing force and the same for mundo for example
: When do i show up on the stats experts list? [SHACO SUPP OTP]
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Remake bugged?
if its a bug that's happening to some people which is that league doesn't even start then you cant remake (that's why the idea of making remake a if you buy or left fountain) but it can still work (yesterday couldn't connect and team remade)
Kelioris (EUNE)
: Add Ukrainian language on EUNE | Додайте українську мову на восточному сервері.
Karthus got nerfed this patch b and he will get nerfed again this patch
Wen294 (EUW)
: Client is so shitty it's making the game near unplayable.
They probably won't do anything on this client as they said they were going to make a new one on Chromium so we'll have to wait for the client to work again
: How to Report people trying to fish account data?
Maybe if you send a ticket to support they can do something
BeastKong (EUW)
: SHOCKING Interview with the Riot Balance Team about Wukong´s current state
I believe that you don't know that they are going to minirework him
Awertonas (EUNE)
: My Client says that my game is in progress, but loading screen never pops up.
This happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I found 2 fixes, one is restarting the PC (found it on na boards) and the second is using task manager stop all league processes (check if there are any in secondary) if nothing of this works then idk how to fix it
Remmeh (EUW)
: Source to information
check surrender@20
: Riven q knocks up teammates...
it prob is a bug, but we know that league has none rn...
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Can GangPlank and Graves get playable item like StormRazor again? Would really love to play them.
Let's make SR only for 2 champions bc they are your main and just destroy all adcs. If they revert SR they will revert most of the other changes and if you just want SR for 2 champions then adcs have no starting items just making them even worse in the meta rn
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