: A PERMA BAN THO. PERMA BAN!!! For saying some mean words. It's actually pathetic. You kill someone IRL and only get 20 years. Even that's not perma. Riot mate. Sort it out. To many snowflakes running your game. He doesn't play the game at all anymore. Because you PERMA banned his main. Boom. That 4 accounts never been used again. Didn't think of that did you. No wonder this game is dying out. He has been punished long enough. He's started drinking more, he's starting playing WOW for %%%% sake. And runescape. He needs help and this game was his light in an otherwise dark world. You have sentenced him to death. I'll make sure his parent know who to sue. GOOD DAY!
What the heck ? If he really got drinking problem he shoud see a professional. Complaining here won't change anything
: TFT still down, absolute disgrace.
: Does rito accept fanarts for small quantities of rp?
50 Rps is a big amount, they usually give 1~10 Rps but I never saw more than that, anyway good fanart I hope they will give you what you want.
TSM DarkPaw (EUNE)
: My Final Days
Ok, goodbye I guess ?
: My Very Bad Masterpiece : (Yasuo.EXE)
What a bad Yasuo, I mean you aren't even inting, what's the point of playing this champ ? Nice video tbh c:
: Most Toxic EVER? Well, most angry kid ever, for sure!
Wow, are you sure it wasn't an evil entity trying to comunicate with you ? I mean the "die die die die die" part is freaky af :o No but seriously, at least you took time to censure his Name, congrat. But for real, this is next level mental break, I hope he is alright IRL.
Tôm (EUW)
: I've quit League for Fortnite
I found fortnite quite boring to be fair. You launch one game but you don't feel like doing another one after, that's how I feel.
: I know the outcome of every game since minute 1
Well it's easy to know that your game is lose when you begin running down mid when you're just too tired to play. I guess you just want attention with this post my dude...
: Zed Montage - Death Per Shadow by Fishermind ( hope you like it )
: I left a game and got a free key fragment
Typical peoples who have no life and are bored as %%%% that their braincells are killing themself... Psy are for something my dude.
: Nerf yasuo pls
Just ban him, in your team he will feed, in the other team he will destroy you. :c
: Question about zoe
Why ? To punch her, stab her, and finally rip her head off ? That seem like a good idea.
: Can Turkish and Eastern Europeans STAY on their OWN Server PLEASE
Zuukar (EUW)
: Returning - feeling new!
Well the best thing to do should be to use the new training feature to test your champions and read what every items do, watching lives will also help you a lot. I'm sorry I don't know any better way to go and look for yourself x)
Dragosh3000 (EUNE)
: That cant to learn from my mistake. My mistake is to go on my jungle and farm? And he places all wards and I got only and only camp? This is unhelpful for me..
Well placing wards is an option, also if you know that he is in your jungle, go in his jungle. You can also take a red trinket to get rid of his wards. You can gank the lanes when you know he isn't there to countergank. If you placed for examples a pink at your blue and asked your mid to do so in the river top side admitting you were playing blue side you could've planned a gank botside when you spot him in your jungle (aka when he is spotted by a pink/destroy a pink). Communication and ward are important when you play espacially in jungle. You can always do better. Finally if he is smurfing he isn't for sure the best player because I see a lot of red in his games. Also when playing at a low level champions like Kha'zix are espacially easy to play since almost no one is carefull and doesn't watch his map.
Dragosh3000 (EUNE)
: Whenever , this is Level 15 community + This Kha'Zix also smurfing , he can be banned for multiple account? For real this is unfair. I am playing for first time one champion , and I got someone who wanted to ruin my fun. This game it isn't based on fun, it based to be angry and tilted.
In all case saying such things aren't good for anyone. If you want to have fun there is many games you can play other than League of Legends, especially if you tilt easily. You can also learn from the bad games, focus on your mistakes and don't play like a brainless player. If Kha was camping you, maybe he was punishing your mistakes. Try to understand how could you be better trough thoses games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Tjv7oE6c,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-07T23:59:54.171+0000) > > tryharders are also those enemies who play better than you yea but tryharders include BMing and stuff like that a tryharder is someone who trys wayyy to hard and spends to much time to be good at something that is pointless AKA yasuo or riven mains
Well is there something wrong with trying to be better at the game ? I mean i'm an OTP Ahri so does it mean i'm wrong tryharding my champ ? Even if i'm not toxic and want to carry my team ?
proliarides (EUNE)
: I dont want to be mean but
Just... tell them the truth, i mean if you are higher than them it's because you are better I guess so they should take what you say seriously and step-up. If they doesn't understand that's because they aren't you friends I guess. You shouldn't play with them if you don't want to.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: exactly my point. mõrgana justr started afking in enemy jungle xd
Ahh my bad I misunderstood your quote :c Yeah in that case you can't do anything than report her sadly.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: that moment when
Well it has been written nowhere that all MF's should build lethality. I mean a lethality build is good at the beggining but it get worst as the game continue with the armor scaling of every champions. I guess building crit is an alternative for the very late game, but you can't call that troll.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Sea Witch Nami Login Screen - Mentoring results
Wow this is nicely done. I almost felt like it was some kind of ultimate skin for this year ^^' It would be great to see this person create with maybe some help a custom skin in game to see what it look like.
: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
I don't think changing you IGN would be usefull, if you like it, keep it. Don't change it because of the others, what I mean is, if peoples add you and ask you that kind of questions, why doesn't you block them ? Thoses peoples are just thirsty and shouldn't get the attention you give them. But that's only my point of view.
Holaka (EUW)
: Zoe is cancer
I'm okay with that, that's a random champ :o No but seriously it won't be removed lel. This champ is just annoying af because her damages are insane, her range is abnoxious and finally her cc is OP but we have no others choices than to deal with it.
: Please consider changing how you structure quests.
Well i've done the A quest randomly by chilling with my friends. I didn't have done the S one because I only played the new gamemode the 2 first days and a random champion/ugly ward isn't really my kind of thing... But it doesn't seem impossible to my point of view...
Fajerk (EUW)
: Riot we really need 20 bans.
What's next ? Please riot make 40 ban per games ? Guys come on...{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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