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Rëngár (EUW)
: he didnt think this trough.. its a perfect system because: you prove you can win games by carrying your teammates who seem to all be disabled/developmentally challenged. your enemy team can not do this and therefore loses. thats what makes you better thus gaining elo but I think you're the one who needs a wheelchair in league of legends and the comment section are the ones who have to push you trough the game.
Absolutely untrue. For instance last game, i secured 3 aced for my tms. finished my lane phase as 3/0/19. Fed my jinx to god like levels. My garen in top had fed Darius to 9 kills by this point. Just straight running at him. Now we end up losing. I think it ridiculous that you think as a support champion such as thresh you could completely carry the game. I can secure kill after kill as i do for the team however i cannot force them to right click the Tris, if they wish to focus the Darius thats all on them... So no nice try pal at the whole "Wheelchair" its a clever comment but further adds to your stupidity.
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: > All i am saying is LoL ranked system should be based on your INDIVIDUAL SKILL not the skill of others then you have failed the most basic concept of the entire game and you don't deserve to be any higher then bronze. It is a team based game, you win as a team, or you don't win at all.
So if i tell my mid or top laner to stop running at the enemy and dying 5 times straight in a row, they do not listen, its my fault ? gotcha.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: > All i am saying is LoL ranked system should be based on your INDIVIDUAL SKILL not the skill of others Your individual skill should be so good you should solo carry games even with bad teammates. How boosters boost accounts in bronze/silver etc? They are simply so good they can win everything alone no matter what. They snowball and start helping others. You should control your midlaner so he doesn't go 1/15.
Please link to me your game on youtube of you solo carrying EVERY game as support please show me how u soloq climb as support from Bronze. Ill be waiting.
: This issue will be forever here and mostly because you get autofills in your team. You CAN carry but not all games, as a support main it's painfull to play this game sometimes, doesn't matter what you do, sometimes is that 1 guy who %%%%s everything up.
Its true, like ill always roam to other lanes when ive swept up my lane, last game me and adc ruined bot lane, smashed it. cait 6 kills up their adc nothing, i roam to mid constantly to support the lux, but she dies time and time again, she ended up something like 2/15 You can always help but sometimes due to other players the game is unplayable.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: When you state that you get at most times die when commiting too much, it sounds like an individual skill rating would rank you lower than you currently are. Is that what you're after?
most times i would die if i supported a teammates stupid engage, i stopped following stupid engages, nice try though pal. i dont think dieing 3-4 times a game is terrible if i create 30-40ish kills.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Then perhaps you get too overconfident, which makes you lose the advantage you gained from the early game. Understanding the limitations of your champions is important.
Yeah i mean, i main support, Braum, Bard, Leona them types, for instance a game a few days ago 60ish kills on our team, i went 7/4/41 i believe as leona, we still lost. fed my adc a huge amount. Still lost. Needs individual skill rating
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Winning lane is not the same as winning the game. A positive KDA can be obtained by not assisting your allies if you think you may die. Rewarding such behaviour isn't right either.
I assist them a little too much and sometimes if not most die for it.
: Then it would be Ks or Score-league... only gank 1 lane perma and you could say you won for yourself
So what you are saying is, i win my lane, i win mid, now i must hard travel (now im leaving my adc for a long time) to travel to top and win this lane ? Nah i dont think that happens until mid to late game pal.
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RastaBoyL9 (EUNE)
: Champions in s7
Sorry man, i think you meant Yasuo
: As a Yasuo main with 300k points, I HATE HIM
Every game i have ever been in, hes been in, i personally think hes OP as hell, never seen a real counter to a Yasuo who knows what they are doing.
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