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DearPear (EUW)
: If you remove LP and Elo loss when someone disconnects, you'll have to remove LP and Elo gains when an opponent disconnects. Statistically there are more chances that leavers are in the opposite team. Your idea wouldn't help you gaining Elo.
I´m not sure if you understood what I meant. If I have remaining LP and have a quitter in my team who causes us to lose, I was unlucky to have him and lost LP. But when I´m on 0 LP and drop down from plat 3 to plat 2, it means the quitter in my game throws away 4+ games of mine because I have to work myself up to 100 LP AND play the 2 games (if all goes well) to get back and stand where I was before.
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Caraméla (EUW)
: if you want add me on lol and we'll talk about it there, but not now, i'm at work :)
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: AMAZING JUST AMAZINg, you just created the stupidest idea i have ever seen on the boards. incredible!
How is it a stupid idea? I don´t understand why nobody beside me sees the p2p part of this game...if I play ranked and I see someone I could counter if I had the right champ but can´t due to restrictions, it´s not fully f2p.
: Give statboosts on Ip boosts
But I don´t get why you think this game is f2p at all? It is a P2P game from beginning. Except you have all champs, runes and what not and your opponents also. What is f2p on enemies being able to counter you but you not being able to counter back due to lack of champs? Does that sound f2p to you?
: You didn't pay for a better service, you paid to get stuff that is already free, quicker. Your impatience should not be rewarded with an unfair advantage in the game.
It´s not an unfair advantage if the enemy is good enough to win against me with my boosts. That makes his victory even more satisfying
yakamushi (EUW)
: This very well may be the worst idea ever on this forum. Doing this would mean you could climb higher if you have more money (p2w) which would mean unfair competition
why are people with money not rewarded at all? What is the idea behind this
: Great idea, let's make this game a pay to win!
It´s just a minor buff and I paid for a better service so why not?
: it'd make LOL a pay to win, instead of a play to win. terrible idea imo.
why does it matter? After all I paid for the game so I deserve a guaranteed service for my money.
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: Fiddle doesn't belong in the current meta. He is not even a B tier pick... Accept it and don't play him or live with it like any onetrick pony that doesn't give a fck about buffs, nerfs and meta at all!
No, I don´t care about that. If fiddle is so annoying to play with, then they failed in champion creation.
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Black Yuumi (EUNE)
: so if its 45:9 you still have chance to win. i hate those guys
what if 45:9 but trynda can push a lane and win? yea
: If 4 people have given up, the game is over. You can't 1 v 5.
and the 5th gets completely ignored?
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: Yes, it does. However you cannot stack the unique passive, which is sorta the reason you build ardent censer, not the shield buff. You can stack the bonus heals/shields from Ardent Censer and Mikael's crucible though. That's actually very good.
But if Soraka stacked that item she could basically even heal some bursts out? It sounds op to me lol. Especially there are champs that give heavy shields.
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yoshi2790 (EUW)
: This is why they don't change prices. -700 votes. if they would change it, it would be EVEN MORE expensive. RIOT is a company. They only want $$
why more expensive? They already get their money
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