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: Master Yii is mainly a jungler. He can come out of nowhere to help his teammates and is quite good at ganking. I added you ingame to help you if you want^^ Accept my friend request
Will accept you tonight. Just watching some videos on techniques for him to Jungle. Need all the help i can get!
Playerh8a (EUW)
: First Post - Newbie Random Questions - Master Yi
Thanks for the responses as that has cleared a lot of my questions. Riot ARedHerring thanks for the super amount of information as that's really going to help me play the character correctly. So many things i was doing wrong that i can now correct. I guess my next line of thinking is where should i be playing Master Yi? Middle? Bottom? I got the feeling from my games last night that he is more a "wait until they are near then and pounce" kinda character. Once close they are in trouble. I thought teamed up rather than solo worked well. From a gear perspective i pushed for Attack Damage, Then Attack Speed, Then Crit & finally Life Steal. I added in some HP for defense. Thanks again for the assistance
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