kikifiks2 (EUNE)
: Support couldn't help unban me (recieved an unjustified ban)- what is your opinion on this?
Four Star (EUW)
: Advice on getting into gold
I was Gold 3 seasons in row... But this season... Damn it... Something is much harder than usual. And being support main doest help me very much either.... :(
Flopus (EUNE)
: Don't get tilted lol
Damn dude. That was the most intelligent answer you could come up with?? Guys, Press E to pay respect
Four Star (EUW)
: Bronze 5 looking to coach teams (Challenger)
This, Ladies and Gentlemen... is how you properly SHITPOST xD Nice man
: League of Legends timeline (Player created)
When I started playing regularely, they just released Yasuo :)
iSneez (EUNE)
: League of Legend guide for banned players!
You are just lucky that the enemy team was so bad. If you didnt win, you would have made a post about RIOT not banning Inters. This BS is making me sick. Someone ruined your match? They dont deserve anyones respect. Dont even TRY to tell me some utopia-stories about positivity....
Marcua (EUW)
: Being positive is worth it
Being positive doesnt work shit. You had a lucky winning streak or you played better because of a phase of good mental health and that made it easy for you to be positive. You were positive because you were in a good mental state... not the other way around.
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: you do realize we lost because as you said yourself in the game our jungler did nothing and also as my premade said you left him alone in a 1v2 lane and roamed and the reason you left him is because "he is a waste of your time and useless". Also i said k-y-s is a nice word ironically. Obviously its not do you think im brain dead? and have no sense of morals?
yeah the jungler was .... jesus christ *facepalm* ... you are right about that... but you have to admit you played with fire intentionally.... xD
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: how is saying k-y-s is a nice word making fun of you? are you like 10?? are we in pre-school if i called you like gay you would call the police on me or something saying that i like %%%%ing sexually assaulted you or something you delusional cuck
how does even saying "k-y-s is a nice word" justify ANYTHING? is saying "k-y-s" REALLY a nice word tho??? REALLY YOU THINK THAT??? I attacked your shitty gameplay... idgaf... i will speak about you and your premade making us lose.... but saying someone to end their life... is ... "NICE" according to you??
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: uhhmm, i think you are blind. Can you clearly not see that i didn't even say %%% to you? are you really that stupid? And also i won my lane, and then there was nothing i could of really done as talon cause i got melted down by all the others. And if any sane rioter looks at the chat logs of that match they will clearly be able to tell that you out of everyone from that match was being toxic 24/7. I think maybe your ego or something is stopping you from seeing what you did wrong. And i think your shitty personality is making you delusional by thinking i said the phrase k-y-s to you even though i did not.
i think YOU are blind... what was my first sentence in game? "dont repeat what twitch just said it gets you insta banned" ... then you both made fun of me... gg ... who is blind
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: im surprised you didnt get anything, you were the most toxic in the match
You and your premade both tell me to kms ... but me being frustrated by your really shitty gameplay, leading us straight to the loss makes ME ofc the most toxic. Logic mate your premade said it first.. but he said it only once, in pre-game lobby so he didnt get anything.
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: Suspension for saying %%% *not directed at anyone*
Hmm... I waited for your post here. Dont say that word again in chat. :P
Ceberuz (EUW)
: It is possible to get penalized for writing those things, since it's both negative and passive-aggressive.
but if the above sentences really trigger you so hard i reccomend you checking your mental health tho
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DutchPro (EUW)
: 'Please report him' reaction is not so much about actually wanting him to get reported, but more to have the reassurence that your team or the enemy team is on your side, agrees with you. Its a subconcious thing
Rioter Comments
Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: Being support is the hardest
Main Support here too. You have to watch so many idiots being unable to function properly If you do your job well, nobody gives a shit, even though you carried the game, but people think the highest KDA did it lol You almost never get honor, people have no clue how good you warded, how much you improved the chances of winning by doing that In my elo i even get flamed and spam pinged at when i start roaming "STOP STEALING MY EXP NOOB" "REP XY TROOOL" etc Then the other thing when your adc is total trash you should start trying to help the other teammates instead of wasting time with the said ADC ... same story as above. This Game is so full of dumb people xD
: You don't need credit, if you're playing support for credit then you're in the wrong role. The fact that you won the game via keeping carries alive and spoon-feeding them early game should be reward enough.
You got a nice Summoner Name tho xDD
No chíll (EUW)
: Good job Riot "behavior team"
Exactly. Riot made toxicity to a problem by pushing it so hard in the foreground of this game... Making the most offensive things like racism, Homophobic slurs, k*s and cheating the only two reportable offenses there wouldn't be even as half as many snowflakes in this game. When the upset person complains about something that's seriously threatening the outcome of the game... The criticized person won't even fckin bother to try to improve their bullshit... They instead think of reporting. THAT they remember... But the TOS say just as clearly that you are supposed to try your best on the field of battle... But somehow going 0/12 is only a bad game.. Yes... My bottom
: That explains your name, lol. Well I don't know what else then. Besides that I usually rant on voice chat to my friends/premades instead of the in-game chat still, I found several ways to avoid being toxic since I play this game from the Season 2 minus Season 6 & 7. :P
Yes... And most people do seem to mute me. Because I really don't troll or anything, try my best to win.... But only if I wasn't that stupid and could shut up...... ^^
: I mean, there are polite ways to speak your mind. "Omg zed wtf ahh ur trash" could instead be "Zed, next time try to wait for the team, or use x ability a bit better". You can speak your mind AND not be toxic at the same time. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Yes you are right. But you know this community just as good as I do... Have you tried that? The moment you even TRY to criticise someone in the politest way you will get responses like "muted" "why flame" "stop flame" "stfu ur 1/2/3" and bullcra* like that. And then I will lose my Shit :)) The best solution would be to completely just shut up and don't talk. But then you see the genius who dies for the 7th time in the same way, doesn't build defense items, or idk goes botlane when enemy is doing baron... The obvious things for every player with a functioning brain... And there are soooooooo many of these people... Idk how people like you can stay calm in situations like these Those are the most ready people to instantly report you for every word you said instead covering their ears in shame for ruining the match. Thanks for hearing me out... You're a bro 😁😁
: Try this, type in all you want until you're satisfied, and then, hit Escape instead of Enter. It works, really.
Yeah no... That won't work for me I fear. I am a communication junkie... I want to talk to people whenever I can and I don't feel afraid speaking my mind. Aka = against the TOS 😂
: They won't. They tried this once and people that received these "perma-mutes" frequently resorted to inting or trolling instead. So they scrapped that project. I'm not saying you would, but since the data revealed the majority would, they are unlikely (and quite frankly don't want to) try that again, even for a few individuals.
Yeah but I am not an Inter. I flame so much because I get so upset about seeing stupid bullshit from people and fearing they will make me lose... XD That would be bullshit on my part very much xD But OK... Unlucky
: Completly deactivate the Chat
I am wondering If I ask riot support to permanently mute my chat on this account if they would do it. Everything is possible to communicate through pings / emotes.. But when I get upset it's not easy for me to keep cool... But the strange thing is, that when I know I can't type then I don't feel the urge to do so... I just say out loud something and everything is fine If they would... I would honor RIOT for GG
: The base MMR for a new player is mid/low silver so this is why you see unranked players around this elo. While I understand that there are players who are fresh lvl 30's playing ranked for the first time coming in at a level that many experienced players play at there is also the other side of the coin where there are people who are playing just as long in bronze who may not be the best players out there. We all know how hard it is to climb in any ~~league~~ division so putting anyone at the very bottom may not be the best experience. While at the start you do see better gains for wins after placements and someone placed in bronze 5 at the start could climb its harder then to work out a fair gain when they are not playing against the average player. Additionally it also makes a poor experience for existing players in bronze if someone is particularly good as you end up running the risk of having regularly uneven teams because one person is better than average and we all know how much of a pain it is what then happens to us.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Ok so a player repeatedly running down mid in every game, not farming and not building everything is a new player trying to learn how to play Sorry hon but i don't really believe that. And i'm pretty sure they got punished because when i logged on my account today i got a report feedback ''You should be banned from the game for even trying to shame someone trying to learn how to play the game in normals'' That's just funny ok ''You may believe it or not but imagine that a 10-year-old girl made a new account'' Why a girl, why not a guy? I don't really see the idea of mentioning the player's gender in this situation
Rioter Comments
: ***
: Looking for girls to play with
: To The Toxic Talon That Reported Me.
i could swear that i met you in a game already :D with your old name ofc
: Why do people keep typing "ez" even when losing
: I hope they remove the 14day and give you a perma for account sharing.
You really hope that?? What kind of person are you... Wtf?
: Hm ? Sorry do we know each others ? OP asked a simple question, "How is he supposed to climb" - I analyzed his situation, and gave him a specific answer, that only a payed coach would do. If he doesn't appreciate or like my comment, that's on him. I did my job of trying to give him useful information, on which parts of his gameplay he should improve IN ORDER TO CLIMB - hence answering his question. How are you on-topic, or helpful in any way to this post ? You say " he again " Like I was some sort of a boogieman or infamous person on the boards. Who even are you?
Yes yes you gave solid advice man... But I read your comments here all the time, and you completely forget the "human" part of everything... Giving dry.. Emotionless responses to people who are obviously frustrated about something what happened in game or their accounts. While being helpful is important, showing understanding before giving advice could massively improve your chances of people actually listening to you.
: Why would you play akali into jax/darius/heimer first of all. Your overall lategame utility is ZERO in the said comp. You offer nothing to your team, except a couple of cheese kills that you get in lane vs a bad opponent, while you have ignite advantage. Secondly, try averaging more than 6cs/min - it's too low. While having a good amount of kills in a match might look good, it's not a win-condition, especially if you play assassins. The enemy Jhin died 0 times - you know what does that tell me? Mister assassin didn't bother to roam not even once. Well if you don't roam, and we established that before, that you don't farm either (since 6/min is low) - then what did you do? You dealt 0.8K damage to objectives - so you didn't push or do drakes. You purchased 0 control wards - so vision control wasn't important to you either. I tell you what you did. You killed a near-1K game sub 50% win-rate Silver 5 borderline bronze Darius 5 times in a solo lane, missed half of the CS while farming, didn't bother to help out other lanes, didn't bother to place vision and now you came to the forum to ask us, how can you climb? I tell you how - by improving - MASSIVELY - since you current performance perfectly reflects the rank where you belong. Good luck.
kek he again with the face-bashing on a frustrated persons post.... good job man, i hope you are proud of yourself xD
: Ok, kid (because I assume you are not grow up yet, nevermind your age) - imagine that the person being bullied is your mother. She is stripped, tortured and lynched on the tree. You see how life is slowly coming out of her while she screams. But people around her don't care. They are throwing horrible words at her and comment her body like a piece of meat. Now imagine people, after her death, make fun of her. They don't want to punish her killers. They are promoting this people and saying that it's funny! Feel nice? You think that it's alright to make fun of people who lost their life only because... what? Because they were different in some way? Maybe next time the difference would be eye's color or hair? Maybe YOU will be the victim? It still will be funny? You want that? If you do then I have bad news for you and your parents - you should seriously see a psychiatrist.
No YOU should see one, for imagining stuff like that. Cheer the %%%% up.
: This skin loot if so unfair
There is nothing fair or unfair about a random system.
: > Do I tell random people on the street they deserved their bans? LUL
Rioter Comments
: Game crash fixed. Do we get our earned LP afterwards?
I got 9 lp for that game before the crash... 9 lp... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: (EUW) Stuck in game that ended 30 mins ago, so are the people who were in the game
i kept restarting the client till it worked. but no stats for last games and the LP for that last game are gone too. :( edit: i got 9 LP like 10 min later xD WTF
Igfotz (EUW)
: New feature by riot don't worry, you'll get a summoner icon for testing it
: Client won't open
Yes! And this is on EUW... Not only on EUNE any more... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Stuck in game after game finished.
Well... it hit me now too. x)
BladeM99 (EUW)
: Hi riot ! i uploaded the dump file like u said and here is the link : plz tell me what to do to fix this.and thank you.{{champion:157}}
Sarokh (EUW)
: Whatever...
Haha I thought the game dead when the god damn Tanks were the strongest champs. Every other game makes tanks deal little damage, but for that be very tanky... Only league makes it possible for tanks to deal the most damage in team and survive the longest.
: ***
"or a street cat" What the f#ck is wrong with you?
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamille W,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=M5Nc9yxy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-27T09:42:10.122+0000) > > Hold up, that's racist af > > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} in europe to think that i call somebody asian is pretty silly :d I even corrected it, but you manage to quote me so fast, becuase it's easy to flame so fast then to think hmm maybe was a mistype As you see I wanted to say, so AGAIN not asian, but its ok, your apart of toxic community also :D ALSO why i would call bad marksman asians ? when asian people are the best in league and win all tournaments for 8 years ? :D
So wait a moment.... Ok I get it you mistyped... But if you didn't... That would have been racist... And people calling you out for that wouldn't be "flame" like the snowflakes in this game refer to anything they don't like to hear... It would be a fact.
: I see no chat logs. Without the logs, you have no case. so feel free to provide them.
What do you need his chat log for? He admitted on talking back like crazy... You just want to rub his face in it even though he is already frustrated as f***... You do that in every thread of player behavior. No actual help, no sympathy, no empathy... Only rubbing the already frustrated people's faces in their chat logs. You're are a bit sadistic, aren't you? :)
: Life lesson: Don't trust what people say on the internet It was pretty obvious he made that up
Leyruh (EUW)
: What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?
I thought boots were a waste of money. I built Warmogs armor first item. gg ez i guess xD
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