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Grοss Gore (EUNE)
: Is it really such a big deal?
In my opinion, that is a way to keep the game fresh. If you have all these options and no seasonal stuff, would you come back and play again if you stopped? I think many players came back, even just for a couple of games for these modes then some stayed and some went away again.
: Nasty Laggs
Just had the same issue, but i had fps drops from 200 to 30 and sometimes 10, never had this issue before
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 18 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 1 GO FNATIC!
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: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Yo!!! Nice thread! So lets go down the checklist: I am in Silver 5, happy with that? So-so, i started league when Yorick came out (i`m old) and this is the first time i got to silver so that is awesome but not good enough for season rewards so still grinding. My way was full of hatred. I started off by looking for some duo partners and found an awesome community. 3w guys were really nice and they had coaching sessions and i met some good friends there (i transferred from EUNE so i had no friends on this server to begin with and it is true that playing with friends is much more awesome!). We went around the strong super easy champions to carry games (Top Nasus - love it, Jungle Yi - I`m awesome with that, ADC Sivir - dat clear tho and last and least Mid Annie - i can not play that champ in mid). I got out from Bronze 3 to silver 4 just by playing Yi. Simple as that. Then i got cocky and started playing with the champions i love more and got thrown back to silver 5 and with the changes and nerfs as well as players adjusting to the wuju style i`m struggling again. My main Champ is the one i enjoy playing the most. I have others that i am better at probably but this one is the most enjoyable for me. ***_roll the drums!!_** Singed{{champion:27}} As for impact there are quite a few, but i managed to make some teams get RP in ARAM cups due to my awesome unrivaled Bronze skills (don`t mistake it i am proud to have Bronze skills!). Of course i have numerous games in my history where we managed to win just because we stayed positive and had a good time. I don`t shy away from telling my enemy that it was a nice move or well played. No one can match the Azir dance moves i do in ARAM now that he is on free rotation tho. I dominate the dance floor and the wrath of the emperor will strike down on those who dare oppose the spirit of dancing! For Personal achievements tho, i have never had any restrictions or bans, the one punishment i ever had was that i had an emergency and i had to leave the game and got the message to discourage me from leaving a game again. I have spent literally no money on this game so i don`t have too many skins, but if i could choose i would like to have the winter Singed. Of course that is not possible, i would really appreciate the Bane Singed. It would give me sooo much skill :D I would play the beefy version of my Favorite/Main so i would get beefier stats too! Anyways nice thing you have going here and have a nice day! :)
bmgg (EUW)
: It is worth buying 50 wins ip boost?
In my opinion if you have time on your hands, dont go for win dependent boosts. You get the plus ip from loosing too. If you can only play a certain amount of games and want the wins to count more go for that. Other than this, depends on what you want to use the IP for. Champions, you will get them eventually with playing, runepage can be bought with rp and the only thing that makes sense to gather lots of ip is for the runes (damn expensive). It all comes down to personal preference, if you have that much rp to spend, buy a 10 win one and a 3 day boost after that, you will see which one works out better for you. And if you feel super generous you could send me a mystery skin. :D
: Wrenchman changes
Rito gives players new wrenchman-> wrenchman are yellow - > Master Yi`s new blade is yellow -> Leonas new skin has yellow too -> Leona represents sun -> a new dawn is upon us -> dawn is here i got sunburns (dammit intensifies) -> sunburn can be black -> Lucian is black -> Project skins are metallic therefore black -> i want those skins -> Rito pls -> begging intensifies -> feel bad for begging. On a completely different note, since there are so many yellows here and a red post can i ask you guys a technical Question? This has been bugging me and i dont know if anyone has the same issue, maybe some HUD scaling. So the Minimap lower right corner does not fit the border and i can see the terrain there as i move my mouse it is more obvious. Is there some cure for this?
slavkoss (EUW)
: tips on how to win with early game advantage
I might be wrong, i am silver too but this is my theory. Your team wasnt balanced, the only ap was the support and 2 assassins with no peal and no gapcloser (Yi`s alpha strike can be considered gapcloser but if you go in the wrong time, you are dead so it is bad to start a fight with an assassin) Because of that they had the time to build armor, negating your damage. Everyone on their team had at least one armor item finished up and after that point assassins fall off.
slavkoss (EUW)
: tips on how to win with early game advantage
If you have advantage early on, you should push for objectives, denying resources. For example dragon control, baiting baron or dragon, pushing up turrets. If they have good waveclear splitpushing.
: Smurfing from d3, currently s5
Well, if you are smurfing you should not need a duo partner to get to diamond if that is your true skill level.
Dzsime (EUNE)
Puckab (EUW)
: Im looking for friends in League
Feel free to add me :)
Raksu (EUW)
: LF a Support main in EUW Bronze - Diamond ( Got smurfs aswell )
Added you, i`m in silver, we can play when you want :)
: team ranked rewards
i am really curious about that too
EDYinnit (EUW)
: Unfortunately, Taric was good at one point, and Riot said "We can't have that!" and nerfed him. He's now even weaker because armour was nerfed across the board, too. Sad fact is, his armour aura when supporting will be around one or two Cloth Armours at best (full build). Since a full-armour-built Taric dies in 5 seconds or less against a team completely absent AP threats (where he _should_ shine), even without Shattering part of his armour away, it's easy to see why he is no longer that useful if a game goes less than favourably. It's really the same for all true tanks. You must get ahead and stay ahead if you want to win. On the plus side, his rework is progressing along, so soon­™ we'll perhaps have a fun and useful Taric. (IMO Braum's kit is the Taric rework he never got.)
Gojiraw (EUW)
: He's kinda "meh". He is great against things like Trynda or Yi, but those guys are not so popular these days. I used to play him a lot when i started playing this game. It was actually the champion that i used for learning to play support, but, after a wile, it got "meh". First of all you got all those other supports like Braum, Alistar, Leona, that are also tanky, but they have much more CC. Then, the build. It's hard to benefit of his armor scaling. You start up with Relic Shield, then you need Sightstone, then boots, a lot of gold spend on stuff that don't provide you with any armor. When you start building armor, game is usually already going one way or another. As Taric, the hardest thing is to make enemies focusing you. You don't represent a threat. They can simply ignore you and team fight will pretty much go in their favor. There is no reason for them to focus you. No enemy will go crazy into "kill that Taric, his 1 second single target stun every 15 seconds is driving us nuts!". Oh, and you might go, "fck this nonsense, i'll go damage", so you go {{item:3057}} and {{item:3025}}. It's nice and all, damage is pretty good, but you still won't do as much damage as your carries or even tanks, so yea, kinda pointless. Taric excels at 1v1, 1v2 against melee AD champions. Other than that, he simply does not provide as much utility as other supports. If you want armor-based champion, Malphite offer more utility only by his ult. One good ultimate can really win a team fight. You can't say the same about any of Taric abilities.
Wow, i did not think about these. Mainly i play as blitz or leona, but i guess new champ for me got me in the charm. Since i am between silver and bronze, i often see those champions, and there are quite a few full ad comps in my elo. So far i have one win and one loss with him in ranked but i think ill stop playing him there. Going for damage wouldnt be good, because you said the lack of gapcloser and opting in for the gold coin build would damage my game in other areas. Thank you for the reply!
Plussmaci (EUW)
: Why did people stop playing Taric?
Thanks for the replies!
: **Yorick needs a skin**
Cant complain about that! Yorick is the best champ ever! The reason why he is not in the free rotation is the same for Poppy. Riot regards them as failures and as soon as they would get popular they would nerf them to hell. The problem with him tho is that he kind of struggles when getting into teamcomps.
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Mokoto17 (EUW)
: Skins
if you have your other account on your friend list you can gift a skin to that account
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Zevarik (EUW)
: So one game I played horribly can get me banned for 2 weeks while real flaming needs a couple of games?
> [{quoted}](name=Zevarik,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qA1kTvkM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-12T18:17:28.997+0000) > > So one game I played horribly can get me banned for 2 weeks while real flaming needs a couple of games? For playing horribly you can only get reported for unskilled at most. If you dont flame or flame back, threaten them, being racist etc... you wont get any of that.
Zevarik (EUW)
: Getting reports.
The system checks the chat logs. You can get banned for one game but restricted only after multiple occasions only
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: Smurf Adc Lf Supp
What is your smurf elo? I`m Silver 4 best with support.
eXtreme078 (EUNE)
: Loss Prevented
Loss prevented is given when there is a big server issue that affects the gameplay for many users and they can not perform to their fullest in given conditions. It is not a thing you can ask for, they give it regardless if the game is won or lost, due to said issues.
: How to counterplay fed annie?
The key to counterplay Annie is the range. She has super low ranges on her skills and aa got nerfed too. With enough poke and knowing her summoners cd is how you win against her.
: hm flame or wards lets flame
For example, you are mid and have a ward in top bush (the closest to you). Enemy top laner is J4. If you pushed your lane a little past half of the map, when you see him to react it will be to late. Another example, you are top against Nasus and you have to push to deny as much cs as you can. You have a ward in river but mid akali comes and jumps on you. These could be prevented if you got notified of missing lane.
: I understand that old Seraph users got a buff. However, could it work for some champions who didnt build it before? LeBlank is just an example, you can look at Swain(easy stacking with ult, shield is useful for him too, and he gets ROA too, which means more mana for Seraphs passive and shield), Velkoz(easy stacking with his low cd spells), maybe others too?
> [{quoted}](name=Posui Gart,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YUm2yuao,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-10T13:31:48.920+0000) > > I understand that old Seraph users got a buff. However, could it work for some champions who didnt build it before? LeBlank is just an example, you can look at Swain(easy stacking with ult, shield is useful for him too, and he gets ROA too, which means more mana for Seraphs passive and shield), Velkoz(easy stacking with his low cd spells), maybe others too? Definitely, i would always build it on Swain, Karthus too basically every champ that has a spammable (super low cd skill) or sustained skill could benefit from this IMHO.
Plussmaci (EUW)
: The Donger!
Thank you! I was hoping for this :)
: About AP items
The thing is, you need spamming to get to {{item:3048}} . So unless you can do it and will have a meaning to it (other than getting stacks) it would be good. For LeBlank i would not advise it since it would take an eternity to get those stacks. However Singed, Veigar, Cassi will have bigger powerspikes!
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StoffelEG (EUW)
: 07.07.2015 connection issus?
Synsuma (EUW)
: We need a Support! :P
If you can carry me out of silver to gold 5 ill come with you. Main Support.
Talatzor (EUNE)
: Pool Party Rewards
I`m guessing, since they mentioned that these will be rolled out in 5.12, we get that the same time
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Jarahmeel (EUW)
: Notification when a reported player (by you) gets punished
I don`t know about you but as soon as i leave the after game stats i don`t remember who i was playing with, and if i see a text popping up that xy is being banned by your report i honestly wouldn`t feel any different.
: Drop Hacking: What you need to know
Nice and comprehensive description. I think as with the DDoS the technology will come to get rid of it. I highly doubt that it could be solved with a software as you will probably need to track every single packet of every single player at the time before the dc started, and analyse them as it may contain malicious information. Since it is not unique information, or the common ones can be found with similarity looking algorithm still you will find more than you can handle. Plus the IP tracking and binding it to a specific person or account with the dynamic IP is a pain in the butt.
p3pik (EUNE)
: Yorick, Volibear or Atrox ?
Voli would be a good pick, i don`t know much about Aatrox, but if i play top i go with Nasus or Yorick. Yorick is fairly easy to play, has huuuge manahunger and his lategame is not that good, plus you need a fed adc to use your ult on. He is a really big bully in lane but outside not that good splitpusher plus not that tanky i would say. It comes down to personal preference.
: The 15 Win Challange!!! (fun and hard league challange)
yayyyy Yorick and Poppy :3 I love those champs
: Why isn't Shyvana played that much?
She lacks CC. And no gap closer (outside of speed buff and ult). That is the main reason she isn`t played.
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: Mainsupp looking for a Dia ADC to smurf with
I will smurf with you if you want :D
: Diamond 5 pro player??
According to, you will skip it and go up to dia 3 or 2. Good job! :)
Plussmaci (EUW)
: Annie
no, without activating it i don`t have bonus. On second level e i noticed that first cast gave the right amount of 20 and after the second i got 21 again.
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: Who wants a Mystery?
I would. Entered your previous one too, maybe this time i win :D
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