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Viavarian (EUW)
: You get BE by disenchanting the champion shards you get when you level up.
Does it sum up to the amount that you used to get for playing?
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: Bots in ARAMs are becoming an issue...RITO halp
I remember i once was playing late at night during working days,.. i got 2 bots on my team... xDxDxD Enemy got 3 of them xDxDxD Those bad luck brians, game was clown fiesta, we won.
: Except this idea excludes people that actually like to support. Also, have you played with full carry teams? They aren't all they're cracked up to be.
Yeah, that's why i wasn't suggesting it to replace 3-laned 5v5. It would be like a separate game mode with it's own meta.
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Midna922 (EUW)
: can i get punished for trolling ?'s like sending a letter to a police department: >"Will i get arrested for any of this? I will be violating Public rules at park X. I might be running around naked, i might scare the shit out of old people and etc." I think you're at the wrong place to ask. But really, if i were to suggest anything, it would be find 4 more people to go into premade to troll arround and troll for example enemy jungler by camping him in his own jungle.. or make enemy midlaners game a nightmare by picking 5 annoying poke champs and all go mid and poke the heck out of him. These things are prefectly ok according to the rules. Honestly, i think your post might get deleted soon :/
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Hi PookeyTheCat, Replay system can be used by going to your match history and clicking on that round button near each match To upgrade to Alpha Client, start up League Launcher and in the top right box you will have the upgrade option
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: iam so fucking sick of this!! jungling
If jungle is broken, then play jungle lee song and carry => climb. Life Hax.
Kha Boom (EUW)
It depends on your attitude on money spending... if you think that at any point you might regret spending a shitload of euros on RP, then just get the amount you need for your skin. Don't use mobile though - it's a rip off.
Infernape (EUW)
: When the enemy uses their CC and when you know they've wasted their abilities.
: mostly depends on team comp tbh, but there are a few good ones like {{champion:21}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:29}}
Thanks for your answer :) I have one more question, though... what do you do if your team has no tank? When do you go in to auto?
: I got first blood vs Riven lvl 1 as Yasuo, while i was disconnected
Lol that Riven must have been tilted after she figured you were dc'ed xD
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Infernape (EUW)
: Wouldn't 10 bans pretty much allow a team to ban near enough an entire class of champion?
Why would your own team ban said class of champions? Enemy has only 5 bans, if they chose to ban champions from the same class, they will miss out on actually OP picks. You can ban entire class, but what's the point, if you're going to screw yourself over?
: Champion select should be longer. I wish that after everyone picked their champions, there would be extra 90 seconds for bathroom brake/to eat some more snacks/ to browse the web or something.
But jokes aside. Punishing doges harsher isn't the way to go due to simple reason --> It's not a single person that keeps dodging all the time, but it's multiple people dodging for their first and only time that day. What they could do instead is to get rid of animations for every action - they take too damn long. Also pre'selecting your champion wastes a ton of time as well during multiple queues.
: Champion select takes too long
Champion select should be longer. I wish that after everyone picked their champions, there would be extra 90 seconds for bathroom brake/to eat some more snacks/ to browse the web or something.
: First, that you have 200+ upvotes doesn't mean your topics need to come close to that. If you've made 10 topics, they just need 20+ each. Secondly and lastly, everytime you post a comment, you automatically upvote your own comment. Apparently, Riot thinks you have to like what you post :). But yeah, every comment you make gives you +1.
Oh, alrighty, it makes sense. Thanks.
TheStiiv (EUNE)
But thanks i'll try her out...since i lost all hopes of AP Akali being good. :)
TheStiiv (EUNE)
It is funny, because during previous seasons AD Tank Akali build was the thing that was mildly suggesting Rioters to rework her.
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: Solution to "Your Team Mates Ban Your Champion".
Huh...i posted identical post in NA boards ... i don't feel like answering the same questions all over again. Sorry i thought i could but, it's life draining as heck :P I understand your frustration - it's natural for a human being to get frustrated, when they lose their power. In this case a power to potentially screw your team mate over.
: ??? report people dat ban the champ pre selected!!! what if the enemy team ban your champ do u want to report dat guy? or if enemy takes the champ u pre selected u going to report dat guy?? why u wanna troll if your team ban your pre selected champion!? they deserve ban but if u going to troll after u dont? and if u only have one champion to play why you in this game?? this is so funny: > if the guy accumulates a certain amount of such reports, he gets perma-banned for toxicity. perma ban for toxic due to ban champs in draft mode!!! u people are very funny.
I feel that you either have very poor english and didn't understand the post due to this reason, or you're trolling. Read again, try dictionaries for the words you don't understand. What you have suggested sarcasticly/written contradicts my post entirely.
tortsY (EUNE)
: But if someone is last pick and he wants to play some champion but u want to ban that champ? Why would u take a risk and not ban that champ even if someone from their team can pick it then?
The one who's 5th pick realizes that himself - he will not let the OP pick to go for the enemy (he wants to win game as well). That's why you have chat in the champion select lobby - you can negotiate that.
: Solution to "Your Team Mates Ban Your Champion".
If you don't want to play with some player, or you don't want to have certain champion on your team, it's you not the other guy who should be dodging.
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xRaykim (EUW)
: V6.23-Seeing enemy teamchat (only once)
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: This MUST be a curse!
In ARAM Tanks > All :D They probably had a shit ton of re'rolls
tortsY (EUNE)
: But what if I have bad computer that runs New alpha client pretty bad? And if my friends would have animated icons my computer would almost explode xD
Won't Riot force you to update your client after it's testing is done?
: Summoner Icons RP/IP
As for those, who already bought regular summoner icons for RP, i think RIOT can give them the cool looking summoner icon/2-icons (depending on how many they bought) reward that no one else gets.
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: auto fill and trolling
I wouldn't be happy if got support as well. I enjoy playing the role from time to time, but damn i just don't know how to do that well. I got 20%-30% winrate on that role xD
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Apparently I got accidentally permanently banned?
xD That Rioter has funny sense of humor. I like it. He'll probably unban you some other day.
Saido (EUW)
: Jhin W hitting behind him
I remember when i was playing around with Unity, those tutorials were teaching you to program projectile at (0,0,0) coordinate of you gun/spaceship/character model. So i'm guessing that's what they did here. They programmed that the Jhin W hit box starts at the center of Jhin model. Since Kalista was on top of Jhin + all champions have spherical hit boxes ("making them larger"), the Jhin Ws and Kalistas hit boxes overlaped, since her hit box sphere was on top of (0,0,0) of Jhin model, therefore this triggered event -->root+dmg.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Split pushing - my issue with it
High ELO players say that split-pushing is the thing that gets you out of lower ELO , if done at the right times. When your team and enemy decides to play ARAM in summoners rift, it's pretty much up to you to do all the work a.k.a. kill towers. Just open up those Gates.
Applekami (EUW)
: Im being freaking toxic lately
I got a bit toxic as well >_< Just got too much things drowning me IRL atm.
: Why Vlad though, the slow doesn't count to proc it Diana would benefit of this keystone more.
I'm assuming slow procs it, since it's cc. I can be wrong though. But i used swain/vlad cause they are both tanky + get decent HP from their builds --> synergy with the mastery. the jungle yeah... in the midlane nah.
: > The more I read about this banning of Support Singed, the more I am disappointed in Riot. Most likely because you read the same stuff again and again or, as you hint in your text, got your knowledge from Youtubers. Youtuber are interested in views. And "Riot is banning a non meta support" gets you way more clicks than "Oh never mind, it was actually a perfectly reasonable ban". > Are you going to issue a formal statement on this? They already did. Even at the very first day they released info that puts this ban in a completely different perspektive. But it's boring info that makes the ban itself boring too, so no one cares, everybody prefers juicy headlines about Riot being evil and fucking up big time. Anyway, here is probably the best of multiple statements on this topic:
Oh, i had no idea RIOT replied to that thread. Thanks for the link.
: Mages are abusing Courage of the Colossus
The only two mages i imagine using this would be swain and vlad... and i'm not sure even that would be effective compared to other choices. It's way more beneficial for a mage to take damage keystone.
: Ryze Fuck him
Ryze has pretty shitty winrate, which means he has some weaknesses that you can exploit. You just need to figure them out.
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Spearki (EUW)
: If you want to discuss if playing support is meta or not you're 5years too late buddy
??? wat -"How's the weather today?" -"I eat apples."
Spearki (EUW)
: There is a difference between tactical disagreements and refusing to support properly running around counter jungle and doing jack shit doesn't mean support ... i don't think hes punishment was specific for doing singed support but rather the way he went about it as it ovis wasn't supporting xD But as i said i could be wrong about what happened but i'm trying to make you understand that he probably wasn't banned just for picking singed support but rather the way he went about it
If it doesn't do jack shit then the one doing it falls down in rank, until he reaches lowest possible rank. Problem is already solved, i'm not sure what you're complaining about. Forcing someone to go support btw, falls under the category of enforcing META. Since supporting is META.
Spearki (EUW)
: matchmaking in normals are fine if you don't shit to bed on the other had i think most higher elos agree with me if you want to troll around leaving your adc to 1v2 while you jungle as singed with no sight stone or wards to help the adc in anyway you bet you gonna get reported for trolling on the other hand the darius i had playing darius support main in higher elo was actually doing a legit job as a support reason hes hasn't been punished. On the other hand it's also stated that he has been banned multiple times and gotten warnings about what he was doing regardless he kept doing it but didn't get a perma ban yet i would feel lucky if i was him 3) DO NOT REPORT A SUMMONER FOR TACTICAL DISAGREEMENTS
: This is Blind Pick!
I liked that part where people where stating that they were first to type the role. Fking kindergarden.
Spearki (EUW)
: But ranked is a game mode where fun is not included you got normals aram etc if you wanna do singed support but not ranked ^_^
Also, keep in mind that it's your own personal opinion that "ranked is a game mode where fun is not included". Since it's subjective concept, you can not enforce others to think that way. Obviously, those who play olaf support and shit in ranked, think that it's also supposed to be a fun mode, difference being, it has better matchmaking than normals.
: This is fucked up. Games are played to be enjoyed, not follow the META (Most Efficient Tactic Available). Those guys that suspended your account need to be fired. And if it's about your in-game decisions, then RIOT should also ban all bronze/silver players for getting caught in fog of war, because they negatively impacted their team's feelings. It's like not letting someone play Simcity or Cities Skylines because they don't enjoy building grid type cities. That's is stupid.
Send that "support" guy that link you posted at the end. It has much more great points written in it.
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