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: As a nidalee top you will be dieing alot against any rene that makes you consume mana. Way to circumvent that is to stay on the map rather than in the lane
I had a fight with him at level 1 when minions got to lane put him on 50 hp he then killed me and sat between my towers and killed me again that's why I died twice in 3 mins :C
: I'm afraid It's not that simple. Take a look at paragraph 4 of the [ToU]( >**4.3.Do I “own” the Virtual Goods I unlock? (No. What you “unlock” is not the virtual good itself, but rather, a qualified right to access it in the Game.)** >You have no ownership or other property interest in any of the Virtual Goods you unlock, regardless of whether you acquired access to those Virtual Goods using Riot Points, Blue Essence or Hextech Crafting. Virtual Goods have no monetary value. You can’t redeem them for cash. You can’t obtain any refunds for purchasing Riot Points or Virtual Goods, except as expressly permitted by us. You can find our current content refund policy here. >We have the right to delete, alter, move, remove, or transfer any and all Game Content—including Virtual Goods—in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you. We don’t provide or guarantee, and expressly disclaim, any value, cash or otherwise, attributed to any data residing on servers we operate or control, including any Game Content attributed to your account. The sale or transfer of your right to access certain Virtual Goods, Blue Essence, Riot Points or Hextech Items may only be conducted via services approved of or provided by us, if any. ---- > **4.4. Once again: I don’t own these Virtual Goods? (“No!” shouted all the lawyers.)** >NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY HEREIN, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU SHALL HAVE NO OWNERSHIP OR OTHER PROPERTY INTEREST IN YOUR ACCOUNT, AND THAT ALL RIGHTS IN AND TO YOUR ACCOUNT ARE AND SHALL FOREVER BE OWNED BY AND INURE TO THE BENEFIT OF RIOT GAMES. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE NO CLAIM, RIGHT, TITLE, OWNERSHIP, OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTEREST IN THE GAME CONTENT THAT YOU UNLOCK OR ACCUMULATE, REGARDLESS OF ANY CONSIDERATION OFFERED OR PAID IN EXCHANGE FOR RIOT POINTS OR VIRTUAL GOODS. FURTHERMORE, RIOT GAMES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY MANNER FOR THE DESTRUCTION, DELETION, MODIFICATION, IMPAIRMENT, HACKING, OR ANY OTHER DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ANY KIND CAUSED TO THE GAME CONTENT, VIRTUAL GOODS OR RIOT POINTS, INCLUDING THE DELETION OF GAME CONTENT, VIRTUAL GOODS OR RIOT POINTS UPON THE TERMINATION OR EXPIRATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT. --- You agreed on following these Terms of Use. I highly doubt you'll be able to outsmart Riot here, I've seen many people "demand" refunds, noone got any, because Riot has no legal obligation.
People are missing the point, I don't think it's fair I have been banned. Forget the money, forget TOS. Also the Consumers rights act is the Law not something I have made up or Riot.... I want to stick to the point I haven't been toxic, haven't intentionally fed but have still been banned. My friend has just been in a game with a Lee Sin who went 0/10 in a game that lasted 16 minutes but the Lee Sin player hasn't been banned.
: How important that little fact is
: They usually answer between 1 hour if you're lucky and a day or two depending on the complexity of what you're asking
I must not be lucky as it was logged at 12:30am so well over 12 hours ago! Nevermind :)
: Hey PoppetPrincess, unfortunately we don't know what exactly happened that game, and the match history can only tell us so much. You'll have to [submit a request]( to the player support and explain what happened. --- False positives are very rare, and maybe there was a good reason for the ban. I'm afraid you're not in the position to demand a refund on your purchased goods, let alone the tickets for a live event, that's a little far fetched.
I have submitted a ticket this morning at 12:30am when the event happened. I hope whoever reviews it can see the chat log and the Kayn is one of the most toxic players I have come across and the person intentionally feeding. I am in the position to demand a refund on purchased goods because I am unable to access and use those goods. I'm protected under the consumers rights act 2015.
: One bad game, 14 day ban. Seriously Riot?
I have raised a support ticket with riot but I bet they have that many it will be seen after the 14 day ban has ended! I'm just annoyed because I have been in such toxic games and reported people and nothing has been done. But I have a bad game and I am banned for 14 days, don't get me wrong it was an extremely bad and unlucky game but don't think it's really deserved... It's also worth mentioning the Kayn was annoyed at me for playing Nidalee top and if you read the chat logs he says he's going to intentionally feed my lane. Which is when he runs down at 50 seconds taking tower shots and giving him the kill. If you also view the chat logs you can see Kayn is then toxic the whole game and I don't be toxic back to him mostly ignoring him. At this point Renk was waiting in different bushes each time I went to go into lane.
: You died minute 1 to Renekton You died minute 2 to Renekton You died minute 4 to Renekton You died minute 5 to Renekton You died minute 6 to Renekton You died minute 7 to Renekton You died minute 8 to Renekton You died minute 11 to Renekton You died minute 13 to Pantheon You died minute 14 to Kai'sa You managed to walk into lane and get killed 8 times in 11 minutes. That's only possible if you walked into lane, died, walked into lane, died, etc. Only reason you didn't die minute 9 and 10 was because Renekton was doing something else on the map. Killing your team, while being 11/0, 8 minutes into the game.
Kayn ran down my lane at 50 seconds as shown in this printscreen I tried to kill rek got put onto 100 hp then he killed me and then kept killing me on the way to lane :(
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: The first penalty for intentional feeding is 14 day ban, and it can happen even after a one game of intentional feeding. But it is true, if he wasn't intentionally feeding, support will unban him.
> [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EFQaAb3x,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-23T14:15:21.669+0000) > > The first penalty for intentional feeding is 14 day ban, and it can happen even after a one game of intentional feeding. But it is true, if he wasn't intentionally feeding, support will unban him. *Her :p
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