: WTF another fu%%ing S is rubbed! wake up rito...
Dat {{champion:24}} tho, 1 cs and death per minute...
: Please let Fiddle keep the T-pose
Isn't that his normal idle pose? He's a scarecrow after all and that's how they usually are set up. :P The transition doesn't look very smooth tho so I guess it will get a little better in the final version.
Chizn (EUW)
: Account Perma Banned
Calling people degenerates and whatever the censored word was at the beginning after getting your last warning (14d ban). Did you not read what they tried to tell you? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: i got pernamently banned for this... ok
Lost it already on first line, good parody mate. :D
község (EUNE)
You just accept the fact that you got unlucky and go semi AFK to save energy and avoid punishments. If you tryhard to carry that filth you will just get mad.
MamaDuck (EUW)
: Why don't people play ADC's in midlane?
I just had a game with {{champion:22}} vs. {{champion:18}} at mid.
: I can't get s tier
It's the stats behind KDA too (damage done etc.) so killstealing won't get you much. Be it a kill or an assist probably doesn't matter since it amounts to the same ratio anyway. CS is most important of them all but you need a good KDA too and it's not that important to get a huge amount of kills but just maintain a good ratio, like 3/1/10 with proper CS should be S- in most games. Generally just farm and avoid dying.
: 14 day suspension for "abusive, player-reported comms"???????
Were you honor level 0? At that point you should only say things like "hello" or "gg" or disable chat altogether. People rage report others all the time in this game so you can't really risk and be in the grey area like some of the lines here in your chat log are. This alone wouldn't have gotten you anything if you were honor level 2+ and only been negative-ish like this every now and then. Then again they are known to occasionally send people wrong chat logs on these so you could always ask support if this match was indeed the one that got you banned. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Solution to getting banned
Or just learn to tip-toe around the punishment system by using sarcasm, choosing your words carefully and soft-inting if you must. You can continue being toxic just fine and never get banned. Yes I'm a very cool guy. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Why is EUW the most toxic server in the world?
How do you know? Do you speak all those languages so you can tell they aren't as toxic?
: why is ppl who flame not getting punished?=
But isn't you getting banned proof that it really works and flamers actually do get banned? I think you have a little contradiction here bro. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
You mad bruv, it's a conspiracy against you. The secret brotherhood of trolls won't let you get to master elo for free. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
draco190 (EUNE)
: Is it reportable to call enemy team "bots"?
Don't know about serious reasons but I doubt the system picks that up, at least I haven't gotten anything from using soft flaming/bm like that on a regular basis. It's basically the same as saying "easy" which gets you absolutely no punishments on its own. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Dreszcz (EUW)
: Permanent Banned Account
: Pathetic Smurfs.
Stop crying bro and go practice. It seems you are talking about normal games, they don't follow the same MMR as ranked games so you might get matched against any skill level players really. It's not even nearly as bad as you put it in ranked games from what I've seen on my gold elo vacation from D3. If anything it should be a good thing to see what champions can do in capable hands so you don't let a {{champion:222}} snowball like that when you go play your ranked games. With this attitude I would love to tilt you to oblivion if I was smurfing against you, just saying.
: can i have my account back please
Silent Note (EUNE)
: She's a new champion though. Her winrate is low, because most players don't know how to play her, dragging down her winrate. Xayah on the other hand is easier to play, and also came out 2 and a half years ago, so the playerbase knows how to play her better.
> easier to play Even Riot marked Yuumi as 1 difficulty. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: There are people who say stuff like "lol 500 games and still plat" and they are annoying and it doesn't even work as an argument to anything. However, often times people think that they are being rank shamed when in reality they are not. As an example, a silver player complains that darius is overpowered. Then a high elo player (like a diamond player) tells them that he is not overpowered and that the silver player shouldn't concern himself with game balance because he doesn't have the necessary game knowledge and level of understanding about the game to make any statements related to game balance. The silver player often takes that as an insult and rank shaming (more often than not) when in reality, it's just a fact and entirely true. Not to mention it has nothing to do with rank shaming.
You never stop seeing that phrase. :P Saw a "lmao 600 games and d2" coming from another d2 that had a couple hundred games fewer.
: Rank Shaming in 2k19
Lmao shut up plat player. jk man :P
N o (EUW)
: Massive Twisted Treeling Bot Problem
Riot is trying to guide you not to touch that mode at all so they can bury it quietly one day. :P Even ARAM gives tokens in every event but Twisted Treeline doesn't.
Magica (EUW)
: Your Crazy Lux Main is looking for a duo who can provide amazing amounts of glitter!
Aww so cute, loved to read it as a {{champion:81}} main! Sadly not really gold myself anymore (although playing like one some days) but I can't recommend enough trying to find an Ezyboi to play with and supporting him should be double the fun, at least from my perspective it is when I get matched with cute Luxies! You would have two roles to choose from. Nothing beats unloading ALL the sparkles and lazors once she hits a light binding! Only a steaming pile of glitter remains! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Qiyana and Arcade Event
Was really looking forward to buying the pass and getting that Caitlyn skin but the date overlaps so bad with the new FFXIV expansion release which is today as well. Not so sure if I have time to grind league in this event. Why Riot.......... :(
: Super scared of Getting banned, help me!?
If they were to ban people solely for off meta picking then they would already have made it so that people would only be able to pick champs from set pools regarding their role. For example if you were given the ADC role you would only be able to pick champs that have been tagged by Riot as ADC. Trading champs could also just be disabled because why have it when we already started limiting freedom? The thing is that off meta picking is usually paired with trolling and griefing teammates, which are bannable offenses if severe or repetitive enough. You won't get punished for solely picking off meta if you have no ill intent but you need to be more cautious with what you type because unaware people are more prone to click the report button after a lost game if they think you trolled. You'll net far more reports total but they don't do anything unless you give them ground.
Mate you said it yourself, you went hard inting which the system will pick up and slap you with 14 days. Soft inting is an art and you should practise it for the next time you want to do it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I have seen alot of female streamers talk in this condescending tone frequently and never been punished so i figuired it was allowed but i guess not.
Doesn't really matter what they talk if they don't write anything in the game client and if they do the same rules apply to them.
Ãgnus (EUW)
: Which house did you choose?
No idea, clicked red one I think.
: Can you get banned in game for something on the boards?
I don't think they are connected as banned players can still write here can't they?
The Zeph (EUW)
: Feedback on the upcoming IG Camile skin
They look nice alright but I'm afraid they will look too identical, it's gonna be a mess if people pick multiple of those skins in the same team...
Sundling (EUW)
: Got banned today... 14 days for 7 messages.. yeez
Nice try svenska pojke, it doesn't mean that in Finnish. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: She reminds me more of diana. Check their jokes and you will see how similar they sound.
Yeah but even with a bit different themes they are both are voiced by https://twitter.com/ericalindbeck/status/1097670450396618752 so I just can't get Taliyah out of my head. xD For Zoe she altered her voice enough so it's not that noticeable to me at least.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: Morgana's LAME VU
I love the new {{champion:25}} although it kinda bothers me that they used {{champion:163}} 's voice actor for her. :( Can't stop thinking about her every time Morgana speaks.
: When will i get
YushaSama (EUNE)
: A few last words.
Flame them with sarcasm so the system won't pick it up. Don't go overboard with direct flaming, avoid it in many games in a row, that is the worst thing you can do after no tolerance keywords and obvious intentional feeding. Ping like an idiot when they die. Go split top or whatever other lane when your base is about to get demolished if you feel you are being held hostage. Adapt to what's currently allowed and what is not and you can continue being toxic without losing your rewards. You probably won't get to honor level 5 but I promise if you learn the fine line between allowed and disallowed you can maintain your honor level. Become lawful evil! {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Syndra is probably more chaotic tho... xD
: Read it again, it refers to botting, and i could read the reason of my ban when i sent the ticket.
Well nah I would have been personally permabanned 100 times by now if a few surprisingly good games would trigger it. From 10 win streaks with double pentakill games to 0/4 semi afking in seven games in a row etc. I know people that have "soft inted" smurfs to bronze V by hitting Amumu Q's conveniently so that they end up under turrets and give buffs to laners and then start 1v9ing with other champs from there. I'm 99% sure this has to do with how the leveling happened on your account but it's pointless to debate here. Hope the support handles it if it's a mistake.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yeah, it still feels unfair though. I'm fine with having 1 or 2 smurfs in a game, but when the entire enemy team is smurfing, the match kinda feels pointless, like the game is literally decided before you even leave the base.
Yeah I kinda know that feeling, last season I was in D1 Flex while being a D5-D4 solo player all season myself, the games at D1 Flex MMR were full of people that were D5 in solo queue and whenever people that were D1 - Challenger in solo queue would come and 1v9 the games. >_> Depressing from the start to see a huge disadvantage- {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I specifically got banned because of "botting and probably selling" the account, but it didnt happen. It is, and allways been on my name, with my official e-mail address, that never was changed. Edit: Anyway, i didnt say i was a good player. I explained why i have negative win rate in such a low elo, also i didnt really play that much since season 6, so my skills arent on point now. But i can still farm like i could 2 seasons ago, and nothing is going to stop you in this elo if you are 300 cs / 30 mins. Edit2: "First, we look at each individual’s playstyle and performance history, and examine reports that come in through the in-game reporting system. Suspicious accounts are then queued up for review and, if found guilty, punished." Copied from official site. And yes, my playstyle changed, because i started to take the games seriously. Why is this bannable? This account didn't even have a suspension in its lifetime.
It says in the screenshot that you were banned for using a third party software. As far as I know it's a completely different thing than account sharing, isn't that what the part you quoted is about? I don't think playstyles have anything to do with the ban you got. You should wait for the response from support to know more, if they will tell anything.
: Another permaban story.
No one gets permabanned just because of a few reports. You either used a script hack, used a bot to level your new account and the ban came your way much later or without knowing it yourself have a program running that Riot determines as an inappropriate 3rd party software (no idea which programs are included) or this ban is a complete mistake in which case support should sort it out. It's pretty hard to believe you were too good and got banned seeing a negative win ratio in op.gg. There are much better, if I may say so, smurfs playing in silver elo all the time without getting banned. If what you say is true, then I'm guessing your PC is not safe to be used to play this game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Flex matchmaking?
Because the matchmaking is more... flexible. :P Are you talking about solo queue ranks? Flex MMR is its own thing, solo queue rank doesn't affect it in any way.
: Jhin build
I saw people did Rapid Firecannon -> Infinity Edge and then just more crit items to reach that 100% again and it worked pretty nice. You could also swap the first two items around now that IE is back at working on its own.
LuxyFlexy (EUNE)
: 5x20 is not really that Bad but it is Annoying. I mean but yourself in my case. I had a Account level 70 (PLATIUM II) but sold it after I joined the Army. Now after 6 Years in Army I have retired and started playing LoL again. I am currently level 26 and Im trying so hard to get to level 30 so I can start again play Ranked. Then the electricity goes out suddendly (Which is NOT a common thing. I never experianced that the Power goes out in Austria). After 9min I was abel to rejoin the Match, I gave my best to Win this match and we Won. What did I get from it ? : 5x20 Leaver Buster No EXP No BE If I am getting 5x20 Leaver Buster, ATLEAST give me the EXP and BE that I deserve ! **Lets be honest, If the electricity went out again, why tf should I rejoin and play hard again and not just troll?** I mean I will get anyway 5x20 Ban, No EXP, No BE. Why dont I just rejoin the Match and feed the enemey or just dont rejoin again? You see the point in this Problem.
Yeah I've commented about the "no rewards/minus lp for a win" scenario so many times on these boards and still don't understand the reasoning from Riot. I'm all for letting people that connect back get **partial** amount of the rewards, like half of what LP/EXP/BE they would get for a complete game or something. I'm sure people would understand why they didn't get the full amount and would try to stay in games to get full amount and not rage quit instead of getting angry about seeing them reconnecting only punishing them. The leaver buster system really needs to be there even if it punishes those that had no control over their disconnects due to electricity outbreaks or whatever other reasons. You do understand that there is no way for them to know the reason of you leaving the game or staying afk for a long period of time so they have to punish everyone in the same manner. Might not be the correct place to talk about selling accounts btw... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
LuxyFlexy (EUNE)
: The System is great against Trollers/Feeders/RageQuitters I agree, but Rage Quitters dosent rejoin the Match do they? Lets take a Example : Cs:Go Bans player if they leave and dosent rejoin after 5 min, if they rejoined then its fine they dont get Bann and they get EXP. Which I see is a good thing, but if the Player started Trolling then he can get Reported for Griefing. (But Valve Report System is sadly TRASH.) In League of Legends, the Report System works really Great. If its against Feeders or Toxic Player it is working. Other Idea would be : If People that got unfair Leaver Buster Ban can submit it some where like in this Forum and the Staff Team review it and if they see it was really an unfair Ban that they remove it. I know it is not the best solution but its something. btw : I been living in Austria Obersteiermark since 5 years and never experienced electricity Problem. This is the first year something like that happend to me so it is not a common thing.
I agree that the penalty shouldn't be as harsh if people connect back, especially in ranked where you now get full minus lp penalty as if you lost the match even if you win if you were disconnected for a long enough time (5 mins or something like that). I've seen people do rage alt+f4 and connect back after a while many times tho when they realize they might not lose it. :P That 5x20 mins is not really that harsh to be honest, is it? It doesn't escalate into actual bans or anything. It's also to ensure your system works fine and doesn't instantly crash again so you wouldn't ruin another game right after. Just watch or do something else on computer and keep the client so that you see when it's about to pop. Submitting it for review for an actual person would require more work than what it takes to just wait the so called penalty out I'm sure.
LuxyFlexy (EUNE)
: This is a Joke....
Trust me it's far better that the system is strict like that, otherwise you would have people doing alt+f4 after dying once all the time. It really is unfun to try to play a 4v5 game, you know that right? Maybe you should think about getting an UPS if this is a common problem for your area?
neviss (EUW)
: Just bring back old urf with 10 bans
No thanks, super unfun to play against the same broken picks every game, random is much more exciting. :P
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Jesus, This game is about Strategy.
Yeah but the strategy should be about how to beat the opponents in PvP or how to secure PvE objectives through PvP, not about avoiding PvP altogether until the clock ticks 20 minutes. The fact that this funneling strat can be played too safe means they had to nerf it.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: But dude, what??? Mastering this strat. Makes one climb higher on elo, untill you meet other Funneling Strating people. So its perfectly fine by me. Balanced, Till you get high enough to find other Funnelists on twisted tree line.
It's a boring PvE strategy and this game is about PvP.
: I love this hellhole
So why did you have bad cs in aram?? Let me guess you didn't even put any wards... boosted!! {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Ban for inting when playing with friends
Technically yes, to get banned someone had to report you so at least one person thought it wasn't ok (opponent that didn't know you were premade) and it's automated so make a ticket and ask what support has to say, nobody here can really answer or help you.
: Yeah, that would be nice. Linking an account to a phone number or similiar would be a way to auenticate the account to make sure its real. Something that shouldn't be possible to change unless you talk to Riot about it. Like requesting a number change and a very good reason for doing so. Actually, talking about prime.... if you play non prime CS:GO, you will notice just how many hackers there are, using wallhacks and aimhacks since theres nothing stopping them from making new accounts.
Yeah then only kids that can use their moms number could smurf but it's better than nothing though. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Smurfing and Boosting
Only things I can think of to prevent or at least reduce smurfing would be to 1. make leveling phase take much longer so people wouldn't bother with more accounts 2. make ranked locked for below level ~50 3. prime account system through mobile linking, similar to what CSGO has
: team mate ban hero
So what happens if you want {{champion:84}} top as last pick but I absolutely know I have no chance against her in mid and therefore ban her? Should I receive a punishment for banning a champ I might cause to snowball and ultimately lose the game or at least make it much harder? What if you start hovering her on the last possible moment and I click to ban her just a second before?
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