: A Darkin mage would be nice.. But we already have a hemomancer so they would be too much alike.
Yea but, every Darkin has an "alive weapon" and darkins arent supposed to be hemomancers, they can be different i think. I rather can imagine a darkin assasin with some sick lookin alive weapon.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: If it only is what someone else says that gets you upset, you can try to use the '/mute all' command at the beginning of each game. This way you won't see anything your teammates write. It's not perfect, but it's a way I know many have sucess with. :s
if it will help me to move forward then okey
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Here's something you could do. When someone flames you, think of why you would want to flame back, what would it accomplish and try to remember that flaming back will decrease your chances at victory then maybe your hunger for victory will help you not say anything. I think what makes peopel flame back is theyr ego, i'd suggest to try and tame it it's gonna get in your way. Easy way to stop the flame is to just accept it, just say they are right, that's it there's nothing to argue about(that is if flame is directed at you).
why would i accept their mistakes what they are blaming on me? it would just make me depressed
: click on the beginnig of the game "/mute all" then noone will talk to you or flame to you. And you need to calm if a teammate is feeding. Just give him tips.
maybe thats a good idea :/
: If you are looking for any advice, "don't play top lane". Really this lane have a curse. When I am playing AD Carry support mid lane or jungle I never tilt and rarely flame. But if I play top lane I am tilting and flaming all times because many things happening like camping and diving me and no gank by my jungle even enemy top lane full push or if I push lane my jungle coming to Riven or Trundle or Nasus and die under turret and flame me. This lane is really cursed. If you watch streamer you will see that diffrence with top lane and other lanes really that is real
maybe youre right, the only reason why im playing toplane cuz i got so tired of one shotting ap lux supports when im adc. and all the other dumb assasins
: There's no hope for you. I can say that just by reading 10% of this post.
Łµx (EUW)
: even if u mute them , when ur top lane is 0/17 to riven , mid is 0/18 to zed in 20 mins and ur adc got 10 cs u cant stop it . there is no HOPE
true, u slowly go insane and then theres no way back
: Take away your enter button. If you have a keyboard where you can unplug keys then just take it off.
lol actually not a bad idea
RedruM I (EUW)
: I love how half the comments are about Tyler1 while I mentionned him in only 1 sentence. My point is not that Tyler1 should be unbanned. My point is that they should ban Shaclone too. As far as I'm concerned, they can keep Tyler1 banned. After all, he did get 15 accounts banned. I could only say: no matter what the reason is... as long as he's not being toxic in game anymore, then it's all good, right? Whatever works for him.
khm, 22 banned account so far i know
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Icemarch (EUNE)
: I am DONE need help or something
Well, first of all, DONT GET TILTED, i used to be a really toxic person (maybe im still toxic a little bit) but just turn on some music and TRY to enjoy the game, also if anybody starts to flame or something just /mute all . i know its really hard to not flame or write back, i always wanna flame or roast back but i need to control myself and just mute all and dont care about if they talking about me, these guys are trash and they will not climb. 2. If u went 0/8 on MF at a lvl 15 smurf, its not a big deal i mean theres A TONS OF smurf player maybe even more smurf than fresh player sometimes. 3. Have a break, dont play this game for a while to calm down, just for a few days find a good relaxing game and forget about league and when u come back you will be calm. Also dont even care about the pentakills its really rare and u have to be greedy and tryhard to get one, or just simply lucky. (if youre a support main prob. its the hardest to get, i have a support main friend who havent got any penta yet for 3 years)
: Europe is a christian continent still there are so many different religions in it And Satanism is not forbiden or illegal
its still dumb, why would you love something bad, and why do you care about this bullshit so hard, league is already toxic enough why do u want something like that here, the teemo skin is just a parody since the players keep sayin that teemo is satan but its a joke dont get triggered by that.
: I got 9 chests and 0 key fragments.
14 chests 0 key
zawazawa (EUW)
: Insane promos
dont tilt in your promos or just take a break from lol
Kraungard (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=House x33,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1vORyLB3,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-01-03T12:47:25.867+0000) > > -Stop watching streams/videos especially of toxic/troll streamers. > > -Stop blaming your team > > -Fu**ing stop acting like tyler1 I agree with the tyler1 part. Tyler1 is a bad player and a bad person. I feel like he should be banned from all streaming sites.
Dude u dont know him, it was a very old case and hes a whole new person :c {{champion:119}} This global ban changed him
Kraungard (EUNE)
: First of all, your English is fine. Now to the rest: It is good that you realize that you were toxic and that you want to change. That can lead to you having even better games, if you act nice to someone they will act nice to you too. Also, I kinda have to agree that EUNE games are, off. First of all they took us our Normal Draft and gave us the useless Flex queue so we are basically like lab rats. Also, people over here, at least in my games, keep chasing kills, like for real. Sure, you need to kill them so you can take objectives and win the game, but people over here don't bother for objectives. It's like kill, get some CS, go back buy some items, kill again, some more CS, go back and it just keeps going. The games where someone actually goes plain for objectives are really rare. Also, people on EUW for sure are nicer and have more "patience". I played a game on EUW where my Renekton went into the enemy jungle to catch the enemy jungler since he was really low on HP, while my Ahri was pushing the turret at mid lane. He got caught since the enemy mid laner came to save the jungler and died, while Ahri tried to help him but since he died she decided to go back. Renekton then said in chat that the death was his fault and then Ahri told him that it was actually her fault because she didn't react on time. I was shocked. On EUNE, you probably already know, in this situation both Ahri and Renekton would be at base arguing who's fault was it and why did he go to the jungle, why didn't she help with a rain of insults both on English and some foreign language usually Polish, Czech or Hungarian.
"while Ahri tried to help him but since he died she decided to go back. Renekton then said in chat that the death was his fault and then Ahri told him that it was actually her fault because she didn't react on time. I was shocked." This one made me laugh, i would have been shocked too. I played on EUNE for like almost 3 years and i had enough from those people, mostly from those Hungarians, im a hungarian too but im a different level. Also did you know that THESE countrys are part of the EUNE server? Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Faroe Islands Finland Georgia Greece Hungary Iceland Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kazakhstan Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon Lithuania FYROM Moldova, Republic of Montenegro Norway Oman Palestine Poland Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Svalbard Sweden Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Yemen I dont even know the half of these, like wtf.
: Yasuo is weak to counterpucks like talon Diana Annie etc. yasuo it's self isn't broken, is the items. Why was tank yasuo a thing? People suddenly realized oh wow frozen mallets is good on yasuo because it gives health and damage.riot did make a nerf to it but it wasn't big enough to kill tank yasuo. I do admit, yasuo is annoying, but he only became somewhat overpower in the last 7-8month, around the beginning of season6. Why is that? The items. Riot reworked phantom dancer, that give yasuo a ton of utility, kinda like the old tri-force when it still given crit chance. Have a look, when was the last time yasuo got changed? A long time ago and it was a NERF to him and he is still doing will.after season7 came,yasuo became stronger with it.why?the biggest offender here the favor of battle,2 stakes per auto, max at8 stakes and that gives 64 FREE ad At level18.is the mastery broken?no,but why is it good on yasuo? His q, applys on hit effects,again,yasuo's q isn't broken,but combined with favor,that's when he's damage becomes rediciolous wether is early or late game. My final point beening yasuo isn't broken yes I said that. Is the items, if riot can separate tank items from damage items, and actrully think before they make there mastery, that will make him a lot weaker. Speaking from a yasuo main
"Yasuo it's self isn't broken, is the items. Why was tank yasuo a thing?" Dont tell me that an unstoppable flaming unbeatable windwall machine is so fair against mages or adcs. also the reason why tank yasuo is a thing becasue of his kit, he just simply able to play him and still do a lot damage while yasuo supposed to be a squishy assasin.
Snowhill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Real Ahri,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8MWNYV3w,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-03T13:22:21.805+0000) > > I do wonder _how_ you say it though. If my {{champion:143}} For example stays botlane alone for no reason instead of go warding and dies, when I told her to back off or roam mid, then I would say " Plz do as I say, there is no reason to stay bot alone" -Immediate reply:" Report Caitlyn for toxicity"
Snowhill (EUW)
: The community does not understand what the definition of toxicity really is.
: 10 ranked games lost in a row
stop playing ranked or lol for a while go play something fun, it will help
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pornstar Draveen,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1vORyLB3,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-03T13:33:41.488+0000) > > Man i had enough time acting like Tyler1 and i still thinks that hes the best entertainer on Twitch also hes 110% reformed. > I know how to play a lot of champion like Shaco from Shaclone, Yi from Cowsep or GP from Tobias, why would i stop watching them if they helped me a lot. > Funny because all the Toxic players are in high elo, or even in LCS like C9 Jensen who used to be extremly infamous player but still managed to get high ratings. > I dont think that you can cant blame your team or tilt when all lanes are losing and your the problem as a jungler who needs to do everything from dragon to helping your team and also farm for yourself. -Some one like Tyler1 will never reform. -Shaclone is just as toxic as tyler1 (see him as tyler1 from euw) -Because some pro's/high elo players are toxic, doesn't mean all are. -If you keep on blaming your team, there is no way for you to improve at all. call it loop. As a jungle main I do not blame my team. I do search my mistakes. Why didn't I read the enemy jungler properly ? Why didn't I take his jungle when he killed top ? Why didn't I camp the lane we burned sums on ?
Oh boy then u dont follow him, hes the cleanest person right now. Shaclone was toxic, but you cant compare him to the old tyler1. I know that not all the pros are toxic, i just said that theres many pro whos toxic and still in high elo. Im a secoundary jungle main too and i can say that i do more than i should. all of these things are basic jungler things and these are not enough to just win a game.
House x33 (EUW)
: -Stop watching streams/videos especially of toxic/troll streamers. -Stop blaming your team -Fu**ing stop acting like tyler1
Man i had enough time acting like Tyler1 and i still thinks that hes the best entertainer on Twitch also hes 110% reformed. I know how to play a lot of champion like Shaco from Shaclone, Yi from Cowsep or GP from Tobias, why would i stop watching them if they helped me a lot. Funny because all the Toxic players are in high elo, or even in LCS like C9 Jensen who used to be extremly infamous player but still managed to get high ratings. I dont think that you can cant blame your team or tilt when all lanes are losing and your the problem as a jungler who needs to do everything from dragon to helping your team and also farm for yourself.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: When people leave champ select just enough times for you to get autofilled in the one that makes it.
it happened to me, i was glad that i got toplane finally after all that time and BAM there goes a dodge and an autofill
: BETA means it is work in progress. When the new client is finished it will be much better.
BETA doesnt mean that it will be better when gets finished, it can be shittier than before
: Why is it that everyone has to complain constantly? Can't we just appreciate the game as it is? And btw, it would certainly help if you would post something actually useful like "hey, I could see this as a great feature to improve the new client" instead of bitching around how bad everything is...
Theres no such a thing like no complaining in life. sadly.
: Another Yasuo thread. Even though Riot already said that they are going to "take a closer look at him" every "Yasuo is the bane of LoL" thread will increase the odds of it happening ASAP. It's not just me or just a small number of people that absolutely loathe Yasuo. The number of Yasuo haters is increasing so much that if you look up any sort of "Most hated champion in LoL" thread or video, Yasuo wins by a huge amount. So - the main problems of Yasuo that make him unfun to play against (Apart from the "Yasuo mains" who i am sure we all know) Free stats - Riot has clearly said that they don't like hidden power or free stats. Jarvan IV got his E demolished, Sona got reworked completely so that they have a more clear impact on the game than just...having the stats/giving stats. Yasuo? Free 50% crit, Free 50% arpene. Free shield. *but...but...the free 50% crit is after you buy items for it* Yup, 2 items = 100% crit chance. Tryndamere envies you boi. *you only have the 50% arpene after you ult* Which is every 30 seconds. And you have the buff for 15 seconds. I'll talk about the ult being bullshit in a minute. *but...you have to run around to get the free shield* Yes. It's also a passive. Is there another character with a passive shield? Yup, There is Camille, who needs to AA a champion to get the shield and Mordekaiser who has his entire kit designed around the shield. They both need to be aggressive or pushing the lane heavily to get the shield. Yasuo? Yasuo activates his shield exactly the moment he needs it. When he takes damage. Free stats and high base damage are the reason for tank Yasuo even existing. If you gave him 0 base damage and all scaling, he would not be able to do that. Now, moving on to the second thing i absolutely loathe about Yasuo. The Windwall. You see, AoE effects are mostly more expensive/have higher cooldown/higher manacost/less duration than similar effects on single person. You can see that clearly when you compare Jax's dodge (2 sec dodge) to Shen's dodge aura (1 sec at rank 1, 2 sec at rank 5) In addition, since windwall also blocks spells, let's compare it to spellblocks too. Sivir and Nocturne have 20-ish sec cooldowns on their shield. They can only shield themselves and they also need to time the shield correctly, since they last 0.75 secs. Lastly, there is Braum, who is "the wall". Braum only blocks the first projectile/attack hit, the rest is redirected to Braum (even though with lowered damage). The main Braum's drawback is that should he block an explosive projectile (Jinx R, Nami Q....) they explode on contact with Braum, dealing all the CC effects to both Braum and his nearest allies. Yasuo's wall costs no mana, has 20-ish cooldown like the other spells... and NULLIFIES every ranged attack and almost all ranged spells with a few exceptions (lazors go through). And it lasts 4 seconds. 4 goddamn seconds. This bullcrap, this ultimate level support spell is slapped onto a melee carry, so that he doesn't need to rely on his teammates at all. This spell single handedly promotes solo flashy plays. This peak of all badly designed spells gives a super-mobile champion that is already hard to hit by skillshots a way to avoid even more of them. "Just CC Yasuo" is exactly what i cannot do. Since Riot has chosen to transform everything into a skillshot to make the game healthier, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU CREATE SOMETHING THAT DESTROYS THIS VERY IDEA?!?! And oh boy, if Yasuo gets QSS, have fun stopping him. ...and lastly his ultimate. This... this gapcloser-selfbuff-shield reset-burst-CC-synergy machine with nonexistent cooldown.... Why?! Why is there no drawback? Why does it do EVERYTHING? Why does it give Yasuo the ability to counter tanks even though he is already super good vs squishies? He doesn't even need to build the supercheap OP last whisper. Why can he ult one person at the start of the teamfight and another person at the end of it? Why does it reset his shield? Why is this overloaded ability allowed to have extra synergy with knockup teams? ....there. Rant over. Thank you for creating another "Yasuo is bullshit" thread so i can have my daily dose of venting out.
Agreed. Yasuo W is definitely the biggest problem for me i think, The only think that can go through Yasuos windwall is a Lux Ultimate (what i know) At least they could make it like a Braum wall, just much more weaker since hes supposed to be a squishy assasin, also those Passive shields from just walking and ulting is the reason why THE OTHER SKILLSHOTS CANT WORK, and if u wanna get closer to deactivate his shield, not wasting any spells, he just E to you and destroy you and lose the trade. This champion is a joke.
: I read your post, but on my opinion these are pathetic reasons to be mad at Yasuo or requesting nerfs, but how you already asked, i will now answer everything in your post > In live-stream Leblanc rework champion spotlight someone said you reworked her because she was anti-fun to play against right? I agree she was annoying to play, you kinda nerfed her hard with that 1,5 sec delay on passive and she just can't carry as hard as before. But whatever, the point is you nerfed, oops, I mean reworked Leblanc because she was anti-fun to play agains't right? The first thing i said on this post is regarding this > He needs 2 items to get 100% Crit Chance and ofcourse there is 's passive which gives his crits 50% more damage. Now before silver Yasuo mains show up telling me how much skill he requires I would like to tell you that I know his crits deal 10% less damage but at the same time I want to point out some broken builds on him. We've all seen that famous Tanksuo meta which is still kinda annoying to play against, because now not only he has that annoying windwall which counters 80% of champions but he is also tanky and has high dps (damage per second). Then there is supportive 45% CD Yasuo build which gives you 9,9 sec CD on W which blocks all projectiles for 4 sec, your dps will be a bit lower but who cares as long as you can spam W :) The critchance is a really importand part of his kit, how you know Yasuo has a really high outplay potential against nearly all kind of Champions, but most of this comes from his crit passive, without his crit passive he will be totally useless, his Ult would take ages to be totally rewarding, since only his crits get bonus Armor penetration, so taking away his crit passive would be flat out retarded from the balance team You got up a fair point there about Yasuo, and you actually had a valid platform to stand on and defend yourself, because finding any good arguments that speak for tank Yasuo is nearly impossible, but what did you had to do ? You had to ruin everything Instead of telling me that the {{item:3046}} {{item:3022}} Combo is totally unhealthy, or him getting so many tanky stats from his Windwall + Tank + passive combo, you instead tell me that a Yasuo with 45% cdr will Spam the Windwall and that he has high Tankynes + Dps Yea, and ? The Windwall is a little thing, and a good team will play arround this windwall or just disegange for a few seconds into a different location, a Yasuo who would spam the Windwall the entire game would be nothing else but garbage, also High Dps + Tankynes goes for nearly every tank, for Amumu, Malphite, nearly everyone, but that does not mean they do as much Dmg as a full AD Yasuo > Most pathetic thing I find out about Yasuo is the press R "wombo combo", like Vi-Yasuo or Naut-Yasuo. Unless you have Zhonya or some ability to become untargetable there is no way you will dodge it. Just. build. Zhonyas, most items are made for countering specific champions, if they have a Karthus you build Zhonyas, if they have a Seju, you build Zhonyas, if they have a god damn Malphite you build Zhonyas, because as soon as they ult you, your Hp is going down faster than a bike from the mountain Vi, Naut Etc just wasted their ult on you, and it won't provide anything, you could also build Banshees, Midlaner don't have to be exclusively FULL squishy > Come on, at least remove double crit chance, give his crit normal damage and make his ult cooldown a bit higher. Maybe change his W too, let's say instead of blocking all projectiles for 4 seconds he would block first 3/4/5 projectiles that hit his W? Garbage, i already told you why the crit chance must stay, and if the W could only block 3/4/5 Projectiles it would be the most useless ability since The Old Sion ult when you played him on AP The only suggestive thing you mentioned is to increase the Ult cooldown > Now explain me dear champion designer, how is Yasuo fun to play against? How is Getting CC chained for 10 seconds fun to play against ? How is getting killed by ignite fun to play against ? How is loosing Scutle Crab because of the enemys smite fun to play against ? How is Vi fun to play against? Everyone has their own belief
You have so problem here
Bogity (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yH2VwJW1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-03T08:38:57.636+0000) > > Yes. > > Just learn to play against him and acknowledge when you are outmatched by a better player. I may know how to play against him but my TEAM can't!!
outplay a yasuo xddd Then just remove that goddamn E spell or make a limit and then MAYBE u cant hit him with 1 skill shot.
derlio (EUNE)
: Let's talk about Yasuo
"I agree she was annoying to play, you kinda nerfed her hard with that 1,5 sec delay on passive and she just can't carry as hard as before." Yeah, u have 1,5 sec to re think your life before u got raped in the ass.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Put champion names in postgame?
Its a really small change but still kinda usefull
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: >cuz i ran down mid in like 6 game in a row . >I was toxic for over 2 years or more now and i had enough . > i got camped on bot and everybody had negative score i was about to afk or run it down mid Your answer to "being behind" is "running down mid". How after writing this crap and behaving like that you can then write with a straight face something like: >this server has to be one of the worst game experience. You are the problem with this game and it's mainly people like you that enable flamers.
you dont get the message of this post. i know that i was toxic and etc and i did this becauseof the tilt, but i wanna change in a positive way, i dont wanna be toxic anymore, that what i meant.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: > I used to be an EUNE ADC main who was really toxic and troll.I managed to get Gold V in season 6 from Bronze V in mostly soloq and finished the season with 588 total game and 52% winrate and with gold 3 mmr. After the placements in season 7 i got Bronze 1 (with fkng gold 1 mmr, fuck logic) and i managed to get out to Silver 4 promos where i got a massive losing streaks. > > I've always played very well and i used to play in a lot low plat game when i was just a silver 1 scrub and i always played really good so i know that I m not a bad player, but i still got a huge punishments from elo gods and suffered a lot and I've gained a big toxic attitude and i trolled a lot games because of it. I literally destroyed my 80% winrate Draven with perfect KDA to almost 40% winrate cuz i ran down mid in like 6 game in a row. > > i got chat banned for a while too. I had enough from the useless lux and annie support with their dorans ring starting item and with the nonstop lvl 7 yasuo player who went 0/9 in every single game. I managed to get a really good mmr but the EUNE elohell destroyed it. I moved to EUW because i heard its much better server than the other. > > Sadly since my mmr got destroyed i got placed in Bronze 2 in EUW but so far i had a really good experience on this server, i managed to get a 6 win streak and got b1 and im halfway to s5. on EUW everybody is just so friendly, when I got camped on bot and everybody had negative score i was about to afk or run it down mid but my 4 other teammate still wanted me to play with them and they wanted to help me get some kills to comeback. > > IT NEVER HAPPENED ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN EUNE. I'm still Toxic and i wanna change, new server new me. I was toxic for over 2 years or more now and i had enough, i had so many comebacks in the past and I'm so happy that i moved here. This low silver games in euw are like high gold games or i dont know but these guys take finally objectives, share informations use pings and they even GANK LANES OMG. > > I watched so many pro players on esport so i always knew these things and these things are basic game mechanics that u supposed to learn when u got lvl 30 but in EUNE its a whole different world. There are a lot good players there too but still there ar too many bad players, i cant even imagine an EUNE high elo game. Im not saying that EUNE only has garbage players but this server has to be one of the worst game experiences. > > If you can speak english normally, not like me i thing it was a nightmare for ya but i tried my best i hope you understand me. your english is actually pretty decent, but the block of text is hard to read, for people in this thread here is a version with paragraphs and some small corrections.
i changed it, thanks for sparing time for this
Anieru (EUW)
That was a Kshaway tier video, at least i laughed a lot on it. :D
: Eh there is a Master play maining Aatrox but he is playing him jungle. I don't think he is useless thats just full retard exegeration people are just playing him wrong. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=sweeeeeetdreams
agreed, hes a hidden op pick, but i prefer him on toplane but i used to play him in jungle a lot back in s5. theres just a bunch of dumb ppl who dont know him really.
xSatuSx (EUW)
: Is Aatrox completely useless or I'm just doing it wrong?
Im 125k Aatrox main, i can win the lane almost always (ofc not against a jayce or an irelia) And i can say that hes a Hidden OP champion but people dont know how to play him, if he get a little buff hes gonna be a riven tier toplaner, trust me.
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