: Right, here's a misconception of yours. Swearing is not the be all and end all of the system. You threatened to AFK. You called for reports on your allies multiple times. You all caps 'screamed' at Volibear multiple times. You insulted you allies. You tried to use the report system as weapon. I have seen people get banned for doing only one of these. If you can not figure out what you did wrong after your 14 day, then I'm sorry, but there is probably going to be a permaban coming your way.
You tried to use the report system as weapon. I didnt. Ezreal realy trolled in that moment when i write that. And voli was swaring too. So its not using sistem as weapon but i use it properly, and yes i rpeorted voli. But ezreal started normal play after i wrote it so i didnt report him.
: Suspended for negative attitude
Ok ty for info guys. Now ill have a 2 weeks of summer and try not ever talk to bad players again. :)
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: The system goes trough fixed steps: 10 game restriction - 25 game restriction -14 day ban - perma ban (steps can be skipped in harsh cases). You already passed the restrictions so you arrived at the bans.
: This isn't just a negative attitude. This is being an arse and doing the text based equivalent of screaming down someone's ear for 20-30 minutes. Just take the 2 weeks and think about what you did.
Seriously ? 20 30 min screaming ? Where? Show me. it was 3 min negative talk with voli, thats all. AND THIS IS NOT JUST NEGATIVE ATTITUDE? i didnt even write any bad word the closest thing to bad word was fking. its simplky funny. i play every day league of legends i see how people swear and be racist homophobic EVERYDAY and nothing happens. and now i had 2 weeks for jusr 2 - 3 min negative attitude.
: If you can't see what you did wrong then nobody can help you.
You all know that its not ok to get 2 weeks for negative attitude and you dont care i uderstand. I just made this topic to show all - how harsh sistem is. and its not even perfect. i give 100 % that voli didnt get anything because my report was single but he had premade that match. i get banned and he play but he sweard in chat even worse than me. Simply disgusting.
: Suspended for negative attitude
Omg guys im not saying i was not doing wrong - i am saying that 2 weeks is too harsh for just negative attitude.
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