: So here's the issue. You have 16 total games played. The system can't accurately put you into a specific range because there isn't a big enough sample size. The more games you play the more accurate the system is going to be with pinpointing your "mmr". The only thing I can suggest to improve your experience is to play more. There is no system that can be accurate with such a small sample size.
That can't be right, I've been playing since Season 3.
: You said there was a problem, but never said what the problem was. What exactly is your issue? Maybe I can shed some light on something or explain a common misconception. Riot has teams full of members to analyse data, statistics and help provide solutions for a better system. Chances are, if you think of something, they have already thought about it (90% of the time).
Ah, crap. Can't believe I forgot that, will add now.
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: So you want Riot to implement a matchmaking system for Normal that bases your normal MMR on your ranked MMR? That doesn't sound too well and also offers some issues. It would require you to play Ranked to have even Normal matchmaking.. but what about people that don't want to play Ranked? Will they then only be que'd up against other people that are not ranked as well? What if they have a friend that has a rank and they want to play with them? Will you adjust their rank to the players rank even if they don't match well? What about normal players that are equal to gold in terms of skill who want to play with other normal players that are equal to bronze in terms of skill. Will they not be allowed to play together anymore? In Normal games nonetheless? You're proposing to utterly restrict and destroy Normal MMR, Matchmaking and the ability to play with friends in favour of having a Que system that factors in your ranked Rank/MMR into Normal games where you won't get ranked MMR shifts. The "unfair" matchmaking just happens to be part of Normal, not having anything to lose but your ego. It also offers some interesting match ups. I remember when I was level 17 and I duoQ'd Normal with a Bronze 1 friend, we got matched against a 5 man pre-made. 2 Challengers and 3 Diamond 1's. We did lose horribly but it was a rather entertaining game still. I think they were even more bothered by it since they had to sit in Que for 1 hour trying to find a game as they wanted to practise. I'd say **no**, it should not be implemented because fundamentally changing and limiting the ability to play with your friends in Normal games shouldn't happen. If anything, they should add a second "Normal", a mirror of ranked that factors in your ranked MMR and allows you to mess around with new champions or tactics without rank repercussions. But that would kick the Que timers up by a notch, because then you would split the Ques into: Normal, Normal Draft, Normal (Ranked MMR) Draft, Normal (Ranked Flex), Ranked Solo/DuoQ, Ranked Flex. So you'd have 6 options for playing a game instead of 4, taking possibly up to 33% of your player base into a different mode. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I understand it at the moment is just an effect of the way current normal matchmaking work's and yes I have realised it can stop you playing with friends, as such I've added a small change to code, if you could look at it and let me know your opinion on that I would appreciate it. As for Unraked people dealing with this, I've added them in as one of the division's, so the highest they would normally get put against unranked's and Bronzes, surely that's not a problem?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Poro Scotty,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TbdEwAhH,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-11-26T14:28:48.505+0000) > > It isn't relevant at the moment, but I believe it should be. so what your suggesting is that league of legends go from having a fun and casual gamemode to having to try hard in every single mode and remove any sense of 'im playing for casual fun' or 'i want to play with my friends for fun' because of how i or anyone else performs when try harding? good to know you are on the anti-fun super serious train! not only this but what about people who only really play 1 roll? i cant play adc for crap, so what your suggesting is i never play a role off my main? great, so now i can only play 2 roles because they are my mains, and i can never play league of legends for fun because somebody is upset that people have a higher skill level in normals!
Woah there. Alright I see your point's, mostly about blocking friends from playing with eachother if they are ranked too far apart, so I've added a change to the design to allow for this to happen. Although in futurer, can you not be so aggressive? It really doesn't help, it just makes the two of us more angry.
: Heres the thing normal games have different mmr (match making rating) then ranked games do. And usually people in higher elos dont really care about winning or losing in normals they just go for kills and big playz so their mmr is pretty shit unlike lower rating people who try harder to win in normals for whatever reason (practice and such) so while player that is silver shouldn't meet players that are higher elo in ranked it doesn't mean they wont meet them in normals either.
That's the issue though, some high elo player's worst play's can be better than a lot of lower elo's great plays, I mean does that really seem fair? Normals are to get you ready as you progress towards ranked, what good does it do to put a bronze vs a plat or higher in a normal? Nothing. It mostly will just their experience and put them down, making them shy away from ranked.
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: in normals rank is irrelevant
It isn't relevant at the moment, but I believe it should be.
: Can Riot please introduce a properly balanced matchmaking system to Leauge of Legends?
Sorry, put this in the wrong topic area, could some kind Rioter move this to Champions & Gameplay? Much appreicated.
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: u fail to understand this is a team game, and what most people don't realise is that the matchmaking looks at the teams total MMR and not on each individual player MMR. as long as both teams have a total of about the same MMR each other, then a match is created. you don't like this I don't like this.. but it's a team game and that's how the matchmaking works. also division matters the least, I can feed on purpose and get to bronze, although my MMR is high, riot knows how you play.
I do understand that this is a team game, I do also understand that games and teams are made based on people's MMR as a whole, not individualy. What I'm saying is that this leads to largely unbalanced teams in terms of skill, it should be based on People individualy. So that the teams are largely balanced in terms of skill, this would in turn make the games more interesting than watching someone who has a high MMR play against someone who has a low MMR. It would more than likely make it more enjoyable than it is now.
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: Game's current state
I'm going to be honest, to me the Juggernaut update which at the time was pretty ridiculous, was more balanced than the shambles that RIOT call's a playable game right now, like I wonder what goes through the minds of the designer's and balancer's that RIOT employ's, as right now I have no respect whatsoever for any of them, I mean I'm trying right now to be as polite as possible but as a lover of some champions this game has spawned I feel my heart die a little inside as the game world the inhabit falls apart, I do still hold out a little hope that the RIOT staff get their heads out of the clouds and actually look at this shambles and give each other a right good slap across the face and at least attempt to fix this.
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