Escalibur (EUW)
: Why LoL community is decreasing: Explanation
Yes, as @M3GTRDragon said, people grow up, but there is also a lot of different games now that enjoy hype that draws people in. There is only so much that a market can grow and when it has reached it's capacity, it will only ever decline. These people will use all kinds of reasons to put fault for quitting on the developer and end up dragging people along with them.
9 Volts (EUW)
: Platinum 5 player with a gold 3 border?
Flex and Solo/Duo show different borders each.
: The chat restrict system is a complete joke
Write a support ticket to have them manually review it. Don't whine on here, please. It will only grant you ridicule.
: Afaik it shouldn't work. The streaming feature requires the steam overlay to work properly. LoL as a game is not on steam making it impossible to use WITH the overlay. (Games like Age of Empires or GTA4 can use the overlay even if it isn't the steam Version due to those games being available through steam too) Have you tried streaming on other platforms?
> [{quoted}](name=MadKnife IV,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=3fEkQlOA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-13T21:17:24.246+0000) > > Afaik it shouldn't work. The streaming feature requires the steam overlay to work properly. > > LoL as a game is not on steam making it impossible to use WITH the overlay. (Games like Age of Empires or GTA4 can use the overlay even if it isn't the steam Version due to those games being available through steam too) > > Have you tried streaming on other platforms? It depends. Black Desert Online works as a stream source if steam is run as administrator(this way the overlay keeps attached even when it switches from launcher exe to the game exe). Streams are meant to be completly private, last I checked twitch didnt have that option, livestream broadcaster is a paid service.
Infernape (EUW)
: I'm guessing pointing Steam to the game's actual exe file (not the launcher). Which is normally C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy\League of Legends.exe
I am not sure if that worked, I also choose to start steam as admin and added the launcher admin exe, with which it worked. But once somebody tries to watch, steam dies(crash without error message, which normally implies a complete script failure)
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: What happened to LoL? (not a rant, a serious question)
Hmm, I am not sure about your problem with the community. There are a few questionable people there, yes, but how often does it happen? a couple of times compared to a lot of games. Most of the game I have seen it is because people lose hope in themself, a lot are prone to this. It sort of is also your choice to decide to mute everybody or not to, but I do believe that riot should give me the ability to turn off the chat entirely. That should be my choice, even if it discourages sharing information. I mean, I know myself best and know how I react to flame and if I know I react poorly/angry or otherwise badly, then I should be able to turn it off completly. But then again, I don't meet a lot of toxic people, keeping my distance and only adding people that seem to have a good attitude(turns out that enemies often are the ones being added). These are my personal thoughts on the community subject. Otherwise I am not sure if I agree or disagree, I do know that I do not enjoy it much atm and that I find the new masteries very irritating, they basically screwed my feeling for the champions and threw that into the trash bin.
: Are tanks still viable?
Assassins will probably return.
Nexus IPX (EUW)
: I don't think its a bug. You can see the names of other players if you have participated in this game yourself. If you are just viewing a match history of a friend, in which you did not play.. then you are unable to see the names of anyone else except your friend. However if your friend views this particular match history, he will be able to see the names of everyone. Does this make sense?
That is exacly what is happening~
Coxis (EUNE)
: Buh-but, he's free to state his thoughts and opinions on it tho.
I actually just thought:" Yeah people are quitting every day duh! that is obvious! Oh and everyday people are starting to play."
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is everyone so salty over the pre-season patch?
People are afraid of change. It is a natural thing for humans as they prefer their familiar enviroment.
Igbu (EUW)
: LOL Bug 5.22. Teemo shroom being exploded by Ward debris.
Awesome! Wards are the counter against a 5.22 Teemo <3
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: is it just me?
To be honest, you say it got complicated, there are people crying that it got simple with dragon timer, no longer needing to check on drake much, etc. Game is getting weird, but I personally think of it as a fresh start :) Things are different now and I gladly embrace them~
: Holy shit. I went on FB after posting my comment and saw that paris had been victim to an attack, but 6 attacks... Its hard to imagine how many innocent people died because of peoples believes. I dont understand how anyone could do that thinking it is right. R.I.P to people who died. Let hope the world can bring an end to terrorists together. They are the worlds real enemy. Without them we would be one large step closer to world peace.
Just a few pieces of informations to prevent misinformation, I apolgoize if this offends but you make a very easily influenced impression to me right now. The talk is of terrorists; what is a terrorist? /quote: terrorist ˈtɛrərɪst/ noun noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. The three news site I took a look at did nowhere say where these people originated from, they only say terrorist and terrorist, as mentioned, is not directly defining a person from the middle east which means we are left without accurate knowledge and are being influenced to assume a negative opinion about people from the middle east. Furthermore; the news sites report that not a single of these terrorists survived and that all of them were gunned down. This is something that you and everybody else always needs to get very suspicious about. We live in an age where it is very easy to take somebody a prisoner with little risk. That is why nations have special forces available and you cant tell me that they did not want to capture one of them for... "hearing"(torture interrogation). Now to give a thought about the person that replied to you that ISIS would have taken the blame for it... I dont buy it(The attack was too organized to be pulled off easily). ISIS is a religious fanatic terror organization, yes... but, this is why I don't buy it, their strategy is to bring fear upon the european countries, literally any of the refugees could be an ISIS sleep agent afterall... right? (that is what ISIS wants you to think so you become paranoid of refugees) This just serves to split the unity and split the people in power into two opinions. One side says "we need to help the refugees" The other is the paranoid one that wants to shoot at them. Now I do believe the situation is handled very poorly overall (the refugee crisis) as most of them do not have identifications and I stand behind the opinion that those without them should be rejected entry(because this way there is no proof that they really come from war zones). But I also believe that the reaction of the french president was horrible, he sort of closed the borders* which means he is exacly reacting the way ISIS would want them to. Their leader are probably laughing now. *Closed Borders refer to border controlls, no free way to cross the border, to elabroate more, it is the opposite of open borders. *Open Borders refer to a state where there is no control between two countrie's borders, everybody is free to come and go as they pleace from and to the other country. *The ISIS only APPEAR to assume responsbility, there is no certainty. Careful with believing this blindly. *Furthermore it seems that the French President was attending the soccer game... also something that should be remembered and be viewed at with suspicion. Now I am not here to say that there is a conspiracy. I doubt that actually, I just think there is more behind it than we are being shown and view it with critically. ** To point out the point of this is: Whatever it is, don't let them scare you. The moment you are scared is when they will win.**
: what if people play just as hard and much as a gold player yet are stuck in bronze/silver? how is the rewards fair regarding the skin? A lot of players deserve the sivir skin due to their behaviours and EFFORT to TRY and reach gold, yet are bummed when they dont get it rewarded..
When it comes to good behavior, you do have a point. Though I will honestly say that I have no opinion about this. Just not enough data to make a good decision.
xTharios (EUW)
: Does Preseason win/lose ratio matters when S6 comes?
Yes. Your rank at the end of preseason will affect the division you are to be put in after the provisional games on S6
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: Presseason
o_o Curious, havent played since the 9th due to Fallout 4
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Ok i can understand Vayne, it can be humiliating when much more skilled players own u with vayne with his dance moves and sweet plays. It can make anyone salty. But why Ekko, Ryze, Corki o.O
Kauski (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=alasarcher,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kbl4Ed1f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-14T11:45:42.989+0000) > > Ok i can understand Vayne, it can be humiliating when much more skilled players own u with vayne with his dance moves and sweet plays. It can make anyone salty. > > But why Ekko, Ryze, Corki o.O i guess you havent seen a good ryze ? u can keep target snared for like 6 seconds on ryze and bombin the target with 0 cooldown. get some stacks on passive; Q W Q E Q W Q R Q W Q E Q W Q and target cant move for whole duration. and you have 0 cooldown on that rotation
He does have to get to that point, doesn't he?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: To buy or not to buy DJ Sona... that is now the question
Twas a no brainer for me, got it right away. Been the only skin I have been playing.
zvitor (EUNE)
: Poro-snax in store
I approve. Feed me those tasty snacks! Omnomnomnom
: It's okay, everyone turns into a weeb at some point heh
Excession (EUW)
: Because Nami's W is incredbily useful and mana hungry? And ADCs often quite like an early mana boost too? Of course Nami standard build uses Mana Regen items but these tend to also make you pay for a lot of MR that isn't required unless the other team's magic users are getting fed. I get plenty of mana from Clarity and Cataylst and early CD from the CD Boots. I then build out to RoA (health, mana and AP) and Sightstone (wards/health) and build the rest in accordance with the needs of that particular match. I usually do get the Locket everntually for late game teamfights. Would this build cut it at Gold? I doubt it. But if you really think taking Clarity and RoA is going to make any difference in outcomes at Bronze from taking Exhaust and Aegis you haven't seen much bronze play. At that level just buying and placing some wards sensibly is far more important..
Need to improve resource management then. I really do not have problems with mana.
: you are a weeaboo, porochan :c
._. Anybody can explain to me how I ended up in this anime thing that I do not want to be involed into?
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Players perceive way too much negativity.
> [{quoted}](name=JQKAndrei,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PWOAQsYw,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-07T21:21:04.169+0000) > One interesting thing I noticed is that the players that find premades toxic, answered to my post in a quite aggressive way... downvoting and being mad at me because I have a different opinion. That. And sometimes a bad experience because some do not realize that they are going to be put against higher skilled opponents. Easy to ask them this, if they respond toxic or questionable, it is easy to avoid.
: the tsundere type, i like it
Ah no. I do not identify and do not want to be identified with stupid categories. I am just me and no more.
Estti379 (EUW)
: > It does not fall into the category of verbal abuse though. It actually can xD Had you ever a game where one of the players would just say "report Annie" for each time you died, missed your ult or didn't ward a spot. That player never said anything else other than that xD
fair point. Though it as is is not directly verbal abuse. BUT, if one does it the way you described, then yes it certainly is.
duckarp (EUNE)
: You don't have too many options: 1.) mute everyone to prevent such situations 2.) understand that insults etc. will 100% happen and prepare for it Explaining anything to a rager/flamer/troll/... is a waste of energy, because that's exactly the thing they want - to hurt your gaming experience. Saying "hey, I have problems" won't change a thing. It may even worsen up the situation, as many (especially kids) just enjoy when they succeed in making others miserable. Oh, and there's the third option: 3.) find yourself few premades and play only with them. You can disable allchat for her and you'll be sure she won't get harassed. If you'd like, I play with my girlfriend often too, so maybe we could queue up with you and have a good time. I've found nice people this way and it's much more pleasant compared to playing with COMPLETE strangers every game.
This very much puts it very clearly and very nicely. Good job!
Uaremis (EUW)
: New? We are speaking about rankeds (come on, if player just cant get used in 100+ games, its not problem of other players) No, we should not if they are playing in bronze. But if they come to silver by any means and begin to ruin games. it may mean two things - 1) he did VERY good but he is tired and should be stopped to rest before he'll fall again and 2) he was just lucky/boosted by friend, nobody but God may help in this case So your point is - if you are playing with team like - you 1-1 / 1-0 / 3-5 and so on and others are 0-5/0-7/0-10 as I've seen a lot of times It's just your fault? Like "you should be able to carry several feeders in every 3-4th or not play at all"? Alright, it seems i've got this point.
Ok. I will put this simple. I will be harsh with this. No offense intended, I just want to put it straight. You are a horrible player, unskilled. Why? Because you look at what OTHERS do. Now, how about you look at what YOU do? You die too much? play safer. Playing jungler? make ganks and time outside your jungle count. Adc? Farm it up and follow up with the support. etc. Now, others here have tried to tell you this the kind way. But I think you don't quite understand what is really meant as they are hinting subtly to it. It is simple, dont focus on others, purely focus on yourself and improving yourself as you cannot influence how others play. Ranked is always a mess, 40% you will win, 40% you will lose and 20% will be close games. Dont look at the lost ones, look at how to improve and simply move on. You wont remember that one person that went 0/5 for more than a few hours.
: Clear boosting
Contact the Riot Support.
Goofle (EUNE)
: Eloboosting / account selling is getting out of hand.
No offense. Look at the boards. There are a lot of people trying to get away with elo boosting after they were banned by using pathetic excuses.
: As a support main
> [{quoted}](name=Slade Ninja Rat,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yiMrnLzW,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-07T08:14:30.912+0000) > If your a mage support, stay behind a melee minion, auto attack the enemy ADC or support just once then run back. > This will cause the enemy ranged minions to chase you and they will clump up closer to your partner so He/She can get easier cs without having to waste mana firing skillshots or risk getting focused by the enemy. That is actually a great tip for newbs and people who do not realize that they could!
Azharidan (EUW)
: What . Is . Wrong . With . You ?
Kerygen (EUW)
: in a dilemma
whatever you prefer to play more.
: Shy 19y/o boy looking for a FEMALE friend
Ah sure.... I just dunno dig and do not care about your rank. I know a lot of Dia's including one of the top 3v3 player of season 4. Also mind that I might be quite busy. Creepy or personal question may get you off my list very quickly.
: Will champion masteries reset at the end of the season?
Eh... you mean if our masteries will reset when the new mastery system is going to be added? I think that might be most likely, if not certain.
: It is considered toxic because it does more harm than good. In fact, it doesn't do any good. As you said: "They should know what to expect." All you do by saying it is trying to show dominance. You are trying to punish the toxic player by turning everyone against him. ^ This does not help anyone. It will most likely just make the flame worse, and annoy the enemy team since they are the ones that have to hear "reporty XY" **all the time. ** (Because players rarely just say that once. They obviously want the flamer's attention and a reaction)
It is a negative attitude, yes. But punishments for that is rather rare. Explaining that it is "toxic" is a very bad explanation. It does not fall into the category of verbal abuse though.
: Suchen Supporterin für Teamranked
Hmm. Ich wäre frei. Allerdings weniger glück damit zu gold zu kommen. 2x Promo zu gold und danach ein rauf und runter zwischen s1-s2 Werde in der post season, wenn das alles einfacher ist, hochranken.
: The odds of getting 17 wins in a row (assuming you normally have 60% win ratio).... is 1 in 6000. It's rare. It could be pure luck; considering there are millions of games every day, thousands of players get such streaks. Or it could be an indication that something fishy is going on.
In all honesty, the more that was written, the more rude and the more desinterested he became. This is giving me a warning sign that something fishy, indeed, may have occured. Either way, done replying to this. Everything needed has been said.
: This comment was actually very insightful, especially regarding the things you said I could have going on: I am a very sensitive person, I get easily offended and easily feel bad for other people (that's why other people getting flamed annoys me as well). I used to cry a lot as kid actually (good thing I'm over that). I've always have had a low self-esteem due to my family situation (divorced parents which tried to use me against each other) which reflects itself in my actions as well. I just wish people would be nice for each other unconditionally (like you guys are here in this thread). There's enough bad stuff the world throws at us already. I feel like muting people before they've started flaming isn't fair either. That way I'm not giving people the chance to act nicely.
"I feel like muting people before they've started flaming isn't fair either. That way I'm not giving people the chance to act nicely." It is not about fairness or giving them a chance, it is about ensuring so that nobody can get to you and make you play worse. We could say that is much fairer to your team and yourself; it means you created the optimal conditions for yourself to play as well as possible, highest chance for yourself to win. You could also just go and still write stuff like gj to your teammates.... now imagine what happens if somebody was complaining about you, which you of course could not read, and then you give him a gj. It is rather gonna motivate that person to play better and usually they will also stop if they were complaining about you before. Now it depends on how sensitive you are and what aspect you have that is sensitive. I knew somebody that had such a huge hearing that she could hear the gras grow. But usually it would just be wisest to just mute em, if they think you were great they are going to add you and then you can see if they are toxic or not.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They can actually take an indepth look into this, because the amount of players actually caught with MMR boosting is very low.
Thanks, would had replied that there are automated ways to very easily differ between what a bronze does and a diamond does. They may not be 100% accurate on a few matches but that is what contacting the support would then be for.
bivalve89 (EUW)
: _Talk with Riot Support._ Do you really think I could possibly prove them wrong? They're oh so 100% sure about it, they saw me play on different IP. And it's true, I did play on different IP and device. I just don't get where the boosting part is coming from. _Unless your MMR suddenly went big due to a big win streak, it would not be suspicious._ Oh it was, 5 wins, 5 losses, 6 wins, 2 losses, 8 wins in such manner. Even if it's suspicious they could at least check it up. Instead of just "oh, you're doing really well/you're lucky, NOPE!" _Contact them and ask them for a detailed explanation, so you can understand and follow on their thinking and go on, politely, from there._ Yea, I don't think Riot would be eager to share information on their boost detection.
It is your choice. At least you want to attempt to open communication with them. And yes.... that match history does sound a bit suspicious and I am sure they also looked at how you played.
bivalve89 (EUW)
: Avoid MMR boost misconception?
Talk with Riot Support. Unless your MMR suddenly went big due to a big win streak, it would not be suspicious. One reason might be increased ping due to being closer to the sv. Contact them and ask them for a detailed explanation, so you can understand and follow on their thinking and go on, politely, from there.
Clifford (EUW)
: Ranked Team is looking for Top and Supp
Rank: S1/2/3(I have no idea anymore! It is a mess ._.) Main Role: Support Pool Champ: All supports available except Zilean, Taric, Bard. From: Ger Age: 22
: perhaps he played to much piltover custom blitz?
Lemme put it this way! He is likely talking crap. IPs are being tracked for a certain duration, if there is a change and he suddenly goes 20/0/XX on games, then yes, they are going to suspend his account. As far as my knowledge goes, this is also how they normally figure out if somebody is boosting. Also, booster are often higher ups and log on from a same, single IP. This means that multiple accounts got banned at the same time as his.
: Anxiety and ranked games (+confession time)
I do have heavy ranked anxiety as well. This basically tracks to being afraid of losing, being told I am not good enough, losing too many LP, being verbally abused which all track back to my anxiety of violence. I usually try to find somebody I can trust to hop on ranked with. It is one less threat to me and one more reason to worry less. Now, you may have two possible things going on: Low self esteem: You look too much at the negativities about you and having others critize, flame you will confim these negative aspects, it is a self fullfilling prophecy. Highly sensitive: Feeling stronger, deeper. Also... uh, I dont want to step too close to you. It is the feeling I receive when reading the comments down bellow: "But wouldn't it be more ethically correct for others to just not flame? Is it really fair to tell someone they can't play a game if they can't deal with how offensive some others are, if the others are the ones participating in the offensive action?" This is 2 things. First, it is right, it would be more ethical. But we spoil your children to hell, entitle them and make them become shits when they grow up by giving them too much and protect them from feeling bad too much. Second, I am sorry to tell you, but this is an excuse set up in your mind to give you a reason to not face your anxiety. Basically your anxiety is using a cheat to keep you protected from what you perceive as harmful. One advice: just mute them at minute 1 and the game will be very relaxing and very quiet. Report for refusing to communicate has already been removed.
: u dont understand. its all about the money. whenever i stopped buying skins in this game i get punished. before nothing happened. if u want to stop such behaviour there is an very easy way: 1. DONT PUT NOOBS; TROLLS AND FLAMERS IN MY TEAM and 2. just turn of the chat but why ... just permantly ban him, he is not paying anymore... THIS IS THE REASON
I was actually a bit more sympathetic than the others here.... until I read this: "DONT PUT NOOBS; TROLLS AND FLAMERS IN MY TEAM" This is clearly toxic, you think you are the greatest and the rest of your teams are all just noobs, trolls and flamers.... Now lemme quote a few things: "nice for YOU. but u play a champ first at ranked now. seriously?" Aggressive wording. This is also verbal abuse due to your wording; the right wording had been: "You should not play a champ for the first time on ranked." This has the same meaning but is a lot more friendly. "STFU U SAY TO ME????? I HELPED U AND U FLAME ME???" Capslock indicates anger. Being angry is offensive to your team, it means you feel the desire to attack them, which you did. "i lost advanteage becaseou of u lee" "WHAT AREU DOING" "VEIGAR U PICK FIRST TIME RANKED CHAMP AND THEN SURRENDER?????" "REPORT VEIGAR FOR PLAYING VEIGAR AT RANKED FIRST TIME" verbal abuse. Now a final thought. I will put it the more toxic way, I am sorry if it offends you but I want to put it directly and accurately without hitting around the bush. This is the impression you are making: Typical bronze idiot that will never become any good. Focusing too much on what others do rather than focusing on yourself alone and improving yourself. Yes it may seem hopeless but losing is ALWAYS your own fault for not being good enough, for doing too many mistakes.
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