neropa (EUNE)
: Remake system should be based on does the player leave the fountain
Legit why is this not a thing already??? Players afk in base and ure forced to waste 15 mins in a 4v5 only so you can ff at 15. Its just a flaw in the leaverbuster system.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah this system worked so well in overwatch. %%%%ing giving me 60 minute queue times because you are a high rank Widow main and people didn't want widows on their team. It'll never work, it'll just increase queue times again which would just lead to people that stop playing.
As i said below the avoid list scales with rank. A challenger player cannot block all of the ladder to get easier opponents lol. This is manly a tool to get rid of players who are the problem. The ones who are blocked by everyone, aka the players who demonstrate bad behaviour through most of their games (bad gameplay toxicity w/e ). If you have a limited block list you will use it wisely and block the players who you really think you dont want to play with again. For a game of this size i think it wouldn't have huge impact on queue times since block lists arent infinte. This game is not dead yet like overwatch lol.
: This is so easily exploitable in high elo that they will never implement it. How can you not see that.
Lol its not that simple. Im afraid i cant explain it to you. A challenger player would have bigger restrictions for avoiding players in comparison to a bronze one. You could avoid 100 players in chally and 100k in bronze for example. Dota has a smaller player pool and number of high elo players yet they started with this feature. Personally i think avoid list would be awesome and we could also update it with new players that we dont want to see in our games.
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qko pate (EUNE)
Theyre just a bunch of human waste with the worst technology in the gaming industry. It isnt too hard to see if the person moved out of base or no. But no you get an afker and waste 15 mins + you lose lp. Just human waste programmers and devs. They work in Riot games because they never made it anywere big.
: Or dont ban {{champion:157}} and play {{champion:54}} with a {{champion:157}} and enjoy your free win: even if your Yasuo is incapable of hitting his tornados and you lose all game, one Malphite R with a Yasuo R anime finish will win you the game, virtually no matter how much he fed.
So he should be forced to to play a champ he doesnt play because someone decides to play yasuo. Nice logic. How about i ban yasuo and report him for trolling afterwards. Players can ban whaterver the **** they want. Thats what the bans are made for.
: If I buy a skin now, will I be able to buy ALL the chromas later?
You can buy the chromas later. They're avaliable in the store.
TechMajin (EUW)
: Cool idea for skins
{{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
TechMajin (EUW)
: I thought they released the kayle rework?
Nah they put it on the front page of the client. AVALIABLE NOW!!! But we have to read between the lines and figure out it comes with the patch next day. If only there was something to be done to fix this mistake. But it remains a mystery up until this day.
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: I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank
I completely agree with 1st timing champs in ranked, it shouldnt be allowed. However the second part would only increase the number of KDA players who would just afk farm and get a couple of kills just to be safe from the big lp loss. That mechanic would only encourage boring non engaging gameplay and the chances of turning games would be even lower since no one would take the risks.
: How the hell is fiddle a counter to vlad in any way what so ever?
Fiddle counters Vlad. Lol now thats a 1st. I really dont see a situation where fiddle can kill him post 6, even with ign and morello rush. {{champion:8}} with {{item:3089}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}} . I really dont see a way any ap champ can kill him with all the hp stacking and MR. He is one of the best scaling mages ingame who needs whole teams to take him down lategame. Fiddle could maybe cheese him in lane with ign or something but it doesnt really matter since he will outscale him with just 2 items and become unkillable. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Mada (EUW)
: well, the afk also loses the game and even if he comes back and wins the game, it'll still count as a loss for him. But that just means if you disconnected, don't bother reconnecting. I say remake should be automatic if a player didn't provide any vision (for example standing under tower instead of in a brush will become punishable) for at least 1 minute by the 2 minute mark. It worked for locking ones picks and I think that's a good thing.
I agree it should be much more transparent. If the player didnt exit the damn base/nexus by the 3 minute mark, i mean its pretty obvious that game is done. Its just a waste of time and lp for the other 4 players who did nothing wrong. Frustrating to say the least.
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Iónia (EUNE)
: just inted and im not banned
It was a bad game its pretty obvious. {{champion:20}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:20}}
: Riot doesn't support smurfs. All new accounts now start with Iron 4 MMR and then climb from there. You can see your current Rank/LP (Bronze 3 90LP) during placements and you know how much LP you win each game. So you can guess yourself where you'll be if you win all your games : * You don't lose LP during placements * You skip promos during placements. So at 100LP, you'll directly become Bronze 2.
Sure im perfectly fine with starting in iron. But this system of placements is not gonna solve smurf problem, its even gonna make it worse because now these players will waste more time in low elos. Better solution would be that games scale harder in those 10 matches. So if you win you face tougher and tougher opponents and not just silvers and bronzes so. Because atm i noticed the more you win you kinda get similar players that vary from iron to low gold-silver and you get extremely low elo at the end win or lose. This way players will just start buying more accounts that are already ranked or not even play the game. Its bad experience for new and current players.
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: Just got permanently banned because a player griefed and trolled me
You realise griefing and inting isnt a punishable offense in this game? Like did anyone ever get banned for negative gameplay(griefing/ soft inting) that affected the whole game for 4 other players ? No. They get banned for picking nunu and going 0/35 with 5 tears. The worst cases of clear inting that the shitty system can pick up. That thresh will never get banned but you will. You can waste your reports all you want Riot isnt banning anyone for that kind of thing. Ranked is full of these people and honestly its just disgusting to even try playing and winning.
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: is saying "gg ez" reportable?
You can say ez at pretty much end of every game you play. Alone its not a big issue. But if you spam it and combine it with flame the system will recognise it as unsportsmanlike behaviour and you will get punished. Personally i dont think its such a big deal.
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: Akali balancing
Just ban her! No other counterplay {{champion:84}}
Snowbrand (EUW)
: After watching worlds and playing against le blanc, you have to admitt her revert was a mistake
Remmeh (EUW)
: Yea, and I did this with the God king Darius skin aswel. Got it the day it was released purly for how awesome it looks. Dont play him anymore even now I perma ban Darius himself. And the kaisa skin got me a bit worried because even though I love how it looks (especially compared to the K/DA versions) but she is pretty OP right now so is probably going to get nerfed. Alot of people, like for example Scarra seem to think so atleast. That, and its an champion without much of an early game lane so shes hard to play (or atleast harder then other ADC's) I dont play ADC in general so wont use the skin much, the incomming nerf are all pretty big downsides towards getting the skin. The upsides to taking the skin; I wont be getting a bunch of random skins that I still have to pay their orange essence cost for in order to actually use them. Re-rolling cost's 3 skins so even if I get the maximum amount of 24 skins and I would reroll all of them that means I'd effectively get a minumum of 3 and an maximum of 8 permanent skins. Its an premium limited skin, meaning that after some time has passed you'll see it less and less and so you'll be able to show it off more often. (im the kind of person who puts value in that) I like Taylor swift, and as mentioned to me personally the Kaisa skin looks much better (imo) then the K/DA skins, and I dont care much for kpop in general. Thank you for your input and time to take the time to reply and vote :)
Yeah usually my experience with rare skins is that i end up not using them. Kaisa will be popular for some time and its quite rare indeed, but my advice would be if youre not a kaisa/vayne main the skin is just not worth 2500 tokens. I know the skin is on the same level as soulstealer vayne and simlar skins but after taking a look on youtube skin preview it doesnt seem that special. It just a regular kda kaisa with a bit of glitter xD. Whatever decision you make it wont be too bad tho. Cheers
Remmeh (EUW)
: Bulk or Premium skins?
Dont be one of those people. I did the same thing with dawnbringer riven, wasted 1820 rp then i realised i dont want to play riven top. Now its collecting dust. Only difference is you will waste more money (or tokens).
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CNG Squigga (EUNE)
Nah i like the fact that she can towerdive you miss her stun and still kill you because she takes approximately 17 dmg from tower shots while building triforce for some reason.
: Banning teamates pre- slected champs during champ select
Lol. Lets say you want to play akali. You are the 3rd or 4th pick and your team doesnt have fp. You preselect akali and make her immune to bans. You hope someone can pick her out for you but unfortunately someone from the enemy team gets her and she destroys your team because they couldnt ban her. There are literally numerous situations where this is bad. Im not even gonna mention that some players wouldnt be able to ban champs they feel uncomfortable playing against which makes them perform worse.
Voiderino (EUW)
: Lets say you get 725 Blue Essence per level (last time i leveled up capsule gave me 725 B.E). Imagine I level up 10 times, this is 7250 B.E... So it took me 9 levels to get a 6300 champion if i don't have his shard? 9 levels? I mean, thats a lot xD
Yup it takes me weeks to buy a 6300 champ now. Before i would easily get the new champ just by spamming games and winning. The new system is pretty much a scam so ppl waste rp on new champs. I wouldnt be suprised if they raise the price for new champs to 10000 blue essence. This means nothing to players who have all champs but to new players this is pretty bad and turns them away from the game.
: Even if you would get a checkpoint every week, that would have still been 7 weeks so it's not just "a couple of weeks". That's a very long time. Too long in fact (and imagine, they even said they have sped up the progress rofl).
Lol he didnt get a single checkpoint in 100 games. That is just insane to me because when i played it went a lot faster than that. Sure it takes you weeks to get somewhere but his honor progress was just too slow. I figure an average player could get it in 2-3 months. Depends how much you play.
xNeoSeoul (EUW)
: 2 weeks ✓ 100+ games played ✓ Chat not used ✓ A single Honor checkpoint X
Just carry games and you get 1 checkpoint per week. If you consistently get honored no way it would take you that long. I got from 0 honor to last checkpoint for lvl 2 in a couple of weeks.
: Actual degenerate logic in game
You cant really do anything if hes inting your game. He will feed and probably lose you the game, and on top of that he will try to get people involved in the flame war. You have an easy option to mute him and close out the game as fast as possible to move on. If he baits you into a permaban because you flamed him its just your lack of intelligence. Its just the way this system works, its sad but untill riot changes something you have to adapt.
: Account sharing
Lol your friend could be diamond you bronze and vice versa. Then he plays on your account and boosts you. Just imagine that situation. Its not allowed for multiple reasons but mainly because of ranked matchmaking and integrity.
: Let's Talk about Jax
Lol your most played champ is tryndamere. Autoattacking champ which jax happens to counter to a point. Just pick a lane bully and crush him in lane. There are literally dozens of champs he loses to. If he is shut down early he needs quite a bit to farm up and get his items and you can easily close out the game. You can literally pick akali top and destroy him in lane that he never recovers (same goes for urgot, darius). If you hate him that much just ban him. He may be a strong champ but so is irelia, darius, urgot and many others atm. If we nerf all of them we can all play poppy and maokai top...
: >Twisted Fate in his full combo does around 2k damage with the same build and time. Firstly, you can't even test them with the same builds because in reality, they do not build the same items. Secondly, their roles are different. The other is a burst assassin and the other is a control mage. The scale that you were looking at is "the champion's ability to deal damage to enemy champions". The ability is the keyword here. She has high burst damage, but it can often be hard for her to find a way to get to the enemy. She has no gap closers nor reliable cc and she is squishy which means she can often get kited and killed before she can get into range. Twisted fate doesn't deal much damage himself but he is ranged so it's easier for him to actually deal damage. His purpose isn't to deal damage though. It's to throw as many stun cards as possible in fights. Damage is secondary. As a side note, the client's champion strengths can be outdated. The evelynn's stats clearly think she is still built a bit tanky but that hasn't been the case since her rework.
I dont know if you remember but when aatrox was reworked he got new numbers. The new aatrox has rank 3 damage, rank 3 toughness, cc. Basically a new champion. But when Eve was reworked all her stats stayed the same, not a single thing changed even tho she is a different champ now with 2 new abilities. I must admit old Eve didnt have the dmg for rank 3. But this Evelynn with an execution ultimate and her new W. It just seems weird for her to have the rank 2 "abilty to deal damage to champions". Because now its all she does. She doesnt offer anything except the ability to burst someone down in a matter of seconds.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Have you taken the cooldowns into consideration? Have you taken the fact TF has ranged damage into consideration? Edit: And then there is the fact that Riot's ratings are utter nonsense, at least when it comes to champion difficulty.
I have taken all of that into consideration. Her numbers are just way bigger. Even with cooldowns and more complex combos she just beats him by a landslide. If hes not going ad she even beats him in sustained dmg cuz of her Q spam. If you dont believe me test it out but i think they should at least be clear about their champ abilities and ratings.
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clemins17 (EUW)
: Kaisa
She is broken atm. PIck or ban in Worlds. Since she is not that hard to play she delivers good results without much effort. Just ban her cuz i dont see any nerfs hitting her soon. Maybe after her skin comes out.
: How to counter Ninja Tabi as a AA Toplaner?
{{champion:24}} doesnt get countered by tabis like the other two because he deals hybrid damage and you can add in {{item:3146}}. Or just play {{champion:114}} and ignore their armor.
Yraco (EUW)
: Highest single auto burst build
{{item:3095}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} basicaly anything out of these lethality items + you can throw in {{item:3031}}
TautviSSS6 (EUNE)
: I asking is this fayr
Rioter Comments
: Watch and Earn mission not working
Just tried it too. it doesnt work. Bump this thread pls so they actually fix it.
: is the 2 augments ziggs thing still available ?
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: ***
It was the full screen optimization issue. I had to swap to borderless window in the settings. But the majority of the problems still remain like the black screen and loading from 0% just takes too long for no reason. Basically youre held hostage untill it starts loading because if you alt tab while its on 0% rip my friend xD. Also lot of the issues could be connected to windows 10 but im not sure.
: Sejuani is trash and Riot needs to accept it.
Yeah shes pretty bad atm. I have a 25% wr with her on main (mid plat mmr) xD . I dont know why it happened she used to be good winning me a lot of games now just a liabilty jungler. She could use some buff or revert imo.
i no talk (EUW)
: I had to start playing in borderless instead full screen to solve the 5 sec black screen on alt tabbing. Wasn't happening before and surely not on my side as I am running other games that demand much better PC. This problem is going on for quite long, few months. As for the fps drops and tearing, yeah, many players compain and riot just removes threads even if they get 40/0 ratings to make you think it's just a small problem and try convince you it's on your end and offer you some stupid solutions that don't workwhen you contact support. Bad company zzzzz
Yeah i just swapped to borderless mode myself. But these techincal issues only seem to get worse with every patch. Makes you think who is in charge of maintenance for a game that requires a configuration from 2008 to play "optimally". Then you load it on a high end pc and still get frame drops, stutters, freezes etc.
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