: What router do you own!?
just one from provider but its pretty gated. edit: did you think i meant wifi channel? i meant the route it takes to rito servers
: You can change your network channel directly without using bloatware programs. * Find your IP address with ipconfig /all. * Paste it into your browser * Enter the username/password for your router * Select the best channel You can use "WiFi Analyser" on your phone to determine the best channel.
sadly my router doesnt allow such things
: Im having the same issue, normally my ping is a stable 30ms, but as of last night its gone up to a constant 66ms. Must be a riot issue as I've tried everything you could think of to fix the issue.
I'm waiting for the classic rito response, you tried lag report?!?? oh says its us, nah its you ofcourse never us
: No such thing as a ping fixer. All they do is lie about rerouting your connection and will usually give you a worse ping. It's Riot's servers as atleast 10 other people from the UK that I know are sitting on horrible ping. 67 to me is completely unplayable, so I'm super surprised nobody has made threads about this yet when it's been going on from around 11PM-3PM GMT, over 15 hours.
Well what i mean by them programs is they are good if a channel is acting up. A few months ago the channel i had to rito servers was acting up so they can help to avoid them. This seems to be something different
: UK -> EUW Ping Issues
Im getting same, was 20-24 before now i cant get lower than 50 no matter what i do. ping fixers aren't helping either
Kamikie (EUW)
: 5 vs 5 Ranked team looking for Midlaner and Toplaner
Main Role: Top - Applying Role: Mid(Looking to expand my champion pool - currently very proficient at cho top or mid and can ''play'' syndra.) Age: 25 Elo: Plat 3 GMT +0 I'm English so I only know English. Currently taking a year out from uni so plenty of free time, looking to get some more ranked 5s experience more than anything. I have 4 different accounts ranging from p4 to d5, my main sshredz is my least played account currently this season. I don't know if ill bump the 5s mmr too high since I havent touched much 5s. Sorry for a long post, Thanks, Sshredz
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