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: URF vs DRAVEN (vs the community)
I started this article with the attitude to say that DRAVEN and URF are same cool and it's ok because it is April but i kinda ended up like this. :P
Fex0 (EUW)
: No, you get a Mystery Skin if you buy a Legendary Skin. If that Mystery Skin is a Legendary you get another one. That's how it works.
Ah, ok thank you. :3 {{champion:119}}
: The noob mode will be lasting from 4.1 to 4.3, horrible gaming experience.
It's diabled in Draft Pick. If you don't mind a little bit longer waiting. Btw Draft improves every game qualitiy because less trolls and more getting your lane.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: Ye, like complaining about complaining, right?
Can you stop complaining about someone complaining about your complaining please?
Enigma (EUNE)
: Not so Draaaaaaaaaven i guess.
I think you have to get the skin in a mystery box. If you buy it on purpose it doesn't work. But i don't know exactly.
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: First of all there are people like us who hate that shit from the beginning. Then there are people who think it's funny but will get annoyed after 3-4 games (or maybe more, I don't care). And , yep there are those, who enjoy this to the fullest. So the first question to my mind is: Why is there no option to turn it off so that everyone who doesn't approve of this can enjoy League of Legends even with another sense of humour? But this is just "BooM! In your face and you can't do shit about it - crap". I don't know how long this feature stays but as long as it does many players will avoid playing me. And yes I'm well aware of the hate comments about "oh rito doesn't care if one player is annoyed" but really I think this isn't just my oppinion.
You can avoid it in draft pick. And above all it's an april fool :P (Yes i hoped for URF, too, but that's how it is :P)
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: Draven only thread
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: He is the 2nd champion i bought Can you imagine a young little league boy who saved up to 6300 ip farming with jax (the 1st i bought) but then not being able to choose from darius or draven.... Then i bought draven, one of the hardest adc and i played him top lane with the same build as jax (trinity force, frozen mallet) because my friend told me to build those (he said that about jax but how should i know that it isnt the best build on draven right?) I was low lvl so it didnt matter, won lane most of the times anyway
That was truely a touching story. Have some DRAVEN {{champion:119}}


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