Kagiri2 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=LuafqqiQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-15T13:39:19.458+0000) > > E isn't AoE though... It is aoe.. Whenever she autos while her E is up it hits the main target and splashes around it.
but it does damage to them and talisman says damaging the monster
Mada (EUW)
: {{item:3310}} <- you mean that talisman?
no this one {{item:1039}}
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Sadolm (EUW)
: PLEASE make a Zhonya-like item for ADCs
Well i guess you can always go ad/ap hybrid with onhit build :D For real doe if u stick yo support and unless they are 10 0 u can survive with just tabis steraks or maw. Why theres no adc version of zhonya is same reason theres no op spellvamp items
: How the hell do I even get better?
Pick yi or ww in jungle if u want to change lane jungle is a bit more complex but its not that much different also u dont have to worry about cs :D these 2 champs are pretty basic there are mechanics like dodging skillshots and timing flashes or other escapes with Q spells but dont worry about that. Also both of them are kinda late game champions so u dont have to focus that much on early ganks. Also it might improve your awareness overall since u are going to be watching map. Also go with unlocked untill u get used to it will be hard on start but once you get used to it u will become so much better. Also if u ever lose your character while camera is unlocked just hit space theres now a big arrow pointing on your champ so u can't miss it. If u dont want to change lane than pick some bruiser top tahm kench has low ad early ~60 so its quite hard to cs with it.
Yaholin (EUW)
: Internet café's around Europe
Just change password before going to internet caffee and revert it back home cuz u know #can't be 2 careful
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Mystíç (EUW)
: Why is there a delay for triumph?
So we can have these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hckKWdAEWaI :D
RıvenBæ (EUW)
: Champion Design: Rylad
Why would blue deal more damage and red slow makes no sense
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How strong would a Victorious Skin lineup be? :)
6 people on one team i say 2 strong :D
: Can Riot please introduce a properly balanced matchmaking system to Leauge of Legends?
Heres the thing normal games have different mmr (match making rating) then ranked games do. And usually people in higher elos dont really care about winning or losing in normals they just go for kills and big playz so their mmr is pretty shit unlike lower rating people who try harder to win in normals for whatever reason (practice and such) so while player that is silver shouldn't meet players that are higher elo in ranked it doesn't mean they wont meet them in normals either.
Toukami (EUW)
: lost LP in remake even if it wasn't me who dc?
: Please listen
Pretty sure you can see ping even if you go solo into custom game.
: > [{quoted}](name=HYPERczech,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=P11JgLLz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-24T19:36:27.267+0000) > > it lags as hell, it bugs as hell. It's a beta, what did you expect?
Thing is beta should be opt in not heres beta opt out if you dont want it
: They had alpha testing like year, or half of year ? I think that's a long time to tune the client.. EDIT:// Like I don't want to be rude or something, but it really pisses me of when i get queue dodges timeouts and failed promos just for bugs + to be honest it happened to me at old client too :/
I was in alpha trust me i didn't have any problems with client since it went to open beta it just got laggy for me idk why.
: chest unlocks
you can get 1 chest per champion so if you get s with rengar and you get the chest you can't get another chest with rengar when you get s
kupuselefes (EUNE)
: Free supports RUINING ARAM
and then you get soraka karma blitz taric and zyra wtf there are 20 champs in free rotation did they change that for this week only or its permanent
Xenoid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Powerbreak95,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=u1N1nURj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-16T21:43:50.271+0000) > > Wouldn&#x27;t call it decent but hey what do i know Full AD runes page will cost 4290 IP. If you add AP runes that will be additional 3372 IP. With tank runes you may need 1 more rune page 6300 IP and health runes. Support runes may need mana regen, some champions require cooldown reduction and so on. As result it will build to decent amount. For start, 2 rune pages would be enough, though.
ye but rune pages for specific champs can cost quite a bit like my master yi page that costed me 13530ip + i had to buy new rune page which is 6300 (not necessary if you play one champion but i am not). In some cases price gets up to around 20k + rune page.
Xenoid (EUNE)
: What oluuko123 said and at level 20 you can buy tier 3 runes, which cost decent amount of IP.
Wouldn't call it decent but hey what do i know
Sukkubb (EUNE)
: Is this f*cking normal?
Thats nothing faker got matched up against bronze 4 players :D
: Should i delete this post then?
No you shouldn't delete this post also you should contact riot support directly via https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Talon
Well that about the only good thing about him so take that away and you got minion
: go back to old live-client?
I still have old client where lol is installed
: i had 326cs!!! at around 50 mins of the game
well thats ok by our standard but as i said its really important you should have 85 per 10 mins or more i dont know exact numbers.
: thank you if it doesnt help do you have any other solution ?
Well if its not working you can try reinstalling game but download something that will clean registries cache and temp files like your uninstaller program. If that doesn't help you have to contact support though https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: please help me i get this crash every game
: How do I stop tilting?
stop playing for a while
: Morgana rework ideas
Why would you make morgana auto attack
: There are no noob champs -.- god this discussion endet like half a year ago =_= you need some knowledge to win with these champs in general and even in low elo. ah yeah cait isnt actually that easy as she lacks mid game and no low elo player capatalizes on her early zone control
i forgot to place "" around noob well whatever but cait is easier to play then lets say vayne draven kalista and basically every other adc even jinx is harder to play then cait :D
Chronox (EUW)
: Jayce causing screen freeze with R
: Why do Riven players think they're so good?
Its like katarina you are fine to spam abilities until enemy learns how to use cc :D
Black Baron (EUNE)
: 1v1 Howling Abyss Usual Rules; What's the meta?
2 kills? Any champion can really work if you know how to play champ so theres no best pick.
: Once you reach silver 2 you start matching with low/mid golds so head up. Anything below silver 2 is the same as bronze.
Actually i think low gold is even worst then silver all the boosted players are there :D
TheBVoid (EUNE)
: What champions in what lane a best for climbing?
only noob champs such as akali top yi jungle idk brain stopped :D mid cait adc soraka support
: GeForce GTX 880M and i have GeForce-Driver 359.46 so any of that is ok but its "capped" in way
*Right click Desktop *Select/Open "Nvidia Control Panel" *Select "Manage 3D Settings" top left *Go to "Program Settings" Tab *Find League of legends on the drop down games list, scroll down and set Vsync to "Off. *Apply and you're done. try this if its not working there are some useful topics on nvidia forcing vsync i copied this from steam forum
: Grading System
CS is REALLLLLY important like i think you can be 0 10 and if you have 280cs in 30 mins you will get S. (joking never tested it just saying how much cs is important if someone want to test that plz do :D)
mini DAhl (EUW)
: which is the shortest way to contact a rioter
: wher do i do that?
which graphic card do you have? and do you have drivers installed?
SkyVaske (EUNE)
: I guess she will be great but i still think that she is now better...
not really new kata mechanics you throw q jump on blade w and jump back to safety. Blade always falls behind 1st enemy hit so you can throw on minion in order for blade to fall near enemy champ.
mini DAhl (EUW)
: it says that it will send the code to the e-mail that is not actually mine thats the problem
Well rip didn't know about that good news is they dont send password info and you can actually spam him with forgot my username and with resend code :D bad news is u can't do anything without riots help so gl
DaveRod (EUW)
: Best outplay top champions?
Master yi? You can q to dodge skills shots or auto w auto to aa reset and block burst kinds hard to do but u asked for outplay :D.
mini DAhl (EUW)
: listen me carefully i want to change the e-mail im the only one who know the password but the account is on someone else's email
ok man change email type new email retype new email type password then change password and request password reset "i forgot my password" just in case if they didn't change how that works it should allow you to get back your account if somehow someone changes password.
: 60fps "capped" problem
Check your graphics settings maybe they are overriding ingame settings.
mini DAhl (EUW)
: the true story is that someone stole the account and changed the email, just after i changed my password
W8 man its asking for password when you want to change email it says enter email reenter email and enter password
: What if i get Reported because of my Username??
W8 to get reported for offensive name and then riot will automatically ask you to change it (i think) :D
: Doombots Crash at loading screen resulting in ban
: We did this team comp for doombots What is best ??
1st and 4th bots go bot 2 and 5th bot go top and 3rd bot go middle if you see udyr or tristana on their team just spam to go in that lane and get fed also pick one of those op champs theres apparently tier list for doombots :D
Clara7 (EUNE)
: Leave Buster!
In ritoes eyes you were afk. If every person would have immunity not to get banned when they say my internet went down or my PC crashed there wouldn't be ff20 there would be leave in 5 :D also dont worry about that its nothing serious
I beat they with jinx doe i got lucky to be matched against udyr and tristana so i got really fed early game :D after that i tried couple of 100 difficulty didn't go so well for me D:
mini DAhl (EUW)
: mb i ment the e-mail
I dont think you can u might be able to go though support of some sort but i dont think they would allow that for security reasons. Did you forget old email password or you dont know old email?
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