MiyukiLia (EUW)
: People are just hardtrolling in preseason, please start the new season already
the game is unhealthy, and there is nothing we can do, too many kids
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What makes you feel confident in your games? :)
well before damage was consistent, now it is not ! and with all the base damage nerfs specifically on damage champs , it is not fair when tank champions have more base damage + health + resistances, the game is extremely unhealthy at the moment. say i'm a zed main with 10 million points and i don't feel confident going in on targets anymore, my base damage is so low and cooldown so high that i lost feel and patience for the game, i'm gonna quit soon and i was chal s6 ^^, with the shield, heals , healt increases, resistance buffs, stopwatches, zhonyas,especially the 2.5 seconds timing in a team fight is mad for any champion to be invincible, exhasuts, cleanse ignites , and we have 1 ignite vs that lol ^^ adcs are weak 1 mistake is game over , rito are doing a terrible job at balancing and wont get better , malzahar vs zed or cassio pushed in by easy spells and afk brain farming then i f i match the push with tiamat or mana spam i have no resources left to do any thing energy,damage,cooldown wise , i delay dirk to match push with tiamat, as long as they don't balance for pro play only we will not be able to play this game properly becasue champs that are not played in pro need buffing to match their successors, otherwise they stay irrelevan , also hatred on champs such as zed yasuo etc ... will always be there because people are pussies and scared , this game has been deteriorating at a rapid rate, and i believe it is not as good as it used to be, league is not rewarding when i play especially the risk part, Aftershock needs nerfing because it's to safe and strong, 90 armor, 90 magic resist and 90 damage in 1 rune is crazy, I don't know what rito were thinking, leblanc damage nerfs stop her from farming because now it's MD rune or nothing, basically there is no risk for reward in the games even if your on a streal shut down gold is given back and there back in you can't 1v9 anymore when i'm always in situations where i need to especially at low elo, fix your game RITO! it's simple balance skill shot to reward high skill, not afk champs like shyvana, udyr to reward afkness, for too long the game has been people whining this is OP nerf and it comes to a point where we have nothing as a threat anymore, sometimes i all in and i'm like wait a second did my spell go off , did i imagine the all in , yeah i did 0 damage and here comes poppy to one shot me full tank items lol, anyway to your question confidence is knowing what your champ can or can't do but since that changes every patch is annoying to adjust and now it's to a point where some champion have to be put away in the locker and change to stuff that is worth playing, solo queue is garbage atm need a really good duo or team in flex otherwise don't expect to win consistently, Hope this helped buddy{{summoner:14}}


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