: Thats a normal Bug, same with morg shield
anyway it shouldn't casue Rengar flying c:
: Bluescreen - restart - and now patching
have same problem yesterday, client changed from EUW into NA and wanted to patch 2gbs, anyway I just had to change from NA to EUW again and hadnt to patch the client, sorry for my english :P
BeromZ (EUW)
: Autofill and pure cancer.
xD! fix your behaviour, grow up - you will understand, fix your ego it's too high c:
: i dont think rengar W is able to get rid of Vi ult however it seems like a bug eitherway since it looked like you were in the air for way too long
it is able to do it because i did it many times but I used empowered W faster, anyway it shouldn't leave me in mid air for extra 2 seconds right?
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