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Xêm (EUW)
: But we certainly don't need more supports that stand at the backline spamming heal and doing nothing
sona and nami is the front-midlane .-. which is why i say dont make another soraka >_>
Rismosch (EUW)
: Thing is, the healing mechanic is pretty unhealthy, as it has no real counterplay. As Soraka you can sit behind all day and heal your ADC whenever he gets poked, while the enemy can't prevent that. They basically need to 100-0 your ADC, or kill Soraka if they want to kill the enemy. This is toxic game design.
hence why i said make something like nami not soraka >->
: > Soraka doesn't feel good to play Fight me
{{sticker:sg-soraka}} healing you hurts me
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Why do we need _another _ healer? Give me something new, some interesting debuffs or something. Irelia's new disarm mechanic is an example of the kind of stuff I'd like to see in support.
that works too but still, we don't need more cc supports that force feed kills to their adcs
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: Unfortunatly, while RioT will not remove all the possibility to build an AD champ with mainly AP items when it happens to have AP scalings ({{champion:21}} {{champion:18}}) they mostly don't care a s@@t about it...quite the opposite, their policy is to nerf exactly these AP abilities first because they think it's safer than touch the AD part of the champ. {{champion:21}}'s E (its main spell when it comes to play her AP) was nerfed over and over to gut {{champion:21}} Support (similar thing, but in reverse, happened to {{champion:90}} AD and Jungle, which were for all intents and purposes destroyed when RioT decided to almost revert the Malza rework on several points because RioT could not allow the reworked Malza to have voidlings that could be used to some effect in the Support role), while {{champion:18}} AP practically disappeared as part of her rework, with the addional damage that RioT kept nerfing its AP abilities even AFTER the rework, until they finally, and recently, reached the last straw of nerfing her range.
True but what about Kai'sa if anything they are embracing AP on her
TTekkers (EUW)
: She's been my main for a long time :P
mine too but still xd
MadEclair (EUNE)
: She's not a late game carry by any means. She's designed to be lane bully with strong early to take advantage over short range scalling ADCs and use it to end the match before they farm enough power to outscale her. What makes you think she should have strong late?
v7.19 Previous attack speed changes reverted. Reduced trap uptime and vision, but procs deal more damage later. Less health early. Headshot can proc on turrets. Caitlyn’s received several rounds of changes targeted at the late-game effectiveness of her basic attacks. These passes succeeded in knocking Caitlyn out of must-pick status, but netted more cost than benefit since her basic attack feels far worse to use as a result. This isn’t to say all marksman basics should feel the same, or that it’s impossible for a marksman to succeed at lower attack speed thresholds... just that Caitlyn in particular has fallen below the bar of where she should be. So, we’re restoring most of what we took from Caitlyn earlier in the season and carving out a more exploitable early-game weakness instead. She still has plenty of tools to bully enemies in lane, but her reduced base health gives opponents a more realistic chance of beating her if they can force favorable trades and all-ins. At the same time, Cait needs to secure early leads more than ever. Her damage is more item-dependent than before, and her general utility of creating excessive safety by blocking off lanes and gank paths has been brought down to far more reasonable levels. **All in all, the Sheriff of Piltover’s back to being a late-game demon, but she’ll have to play more carefully as she walks the path to get there.** ~ Riot I rest my case
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TTekkers (EUW)
: >Whilst I agree with her needing to be buffed a wee bit, how would you do it without completely overpowering her late game? I tend to find Caitlyn's DPS is flat out worse than other ADC's in late game, but she has headshots for more burst/poke damage. So the buff I would go with is going back to the one nerf that was never reverted - her interaction with Runaan's. But that interaction was broken in that it gave her an insane 1.5 items powerspike screwing her powercurves into being always strong. So instead of bringing that interaction back I would change her passive so that the number of shots required to proc a headshot scales with how many points you put in her ult from 10 -> 8 -> 6 ->4. This would make her early game less dominant as you have less free headshots, wouldn't affect her late-game poke/burst with RFC since you need to be energised to get it but would give her some much needed late game DPS back. And only late-game since you need level 16 before it's a buff. You could probably actually market this as a nerf ...
thats actually brilliant
: > [{quoted}](name=Priestelar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aRdMdK9m,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-25T11:51:47.584+0000) > > Idk why people downvote this post like legit what did i do or say thats wrong You did nothing wrong. You had a reasonably decent opinion actually, and considering my terribly bad games as Caitlyn lately I agree with you. Problem is that people will see the post, think you're whining like a child and then downvote, instead of actually giving their opinion as to why they agree or disagree with you. Y'know, the very basic art of communication seems to have been dribbled down to a click, bit pathetic if you ask me. ANYWAY I'm going off topic, and I will ask you one question in terms Caitlyn. **_Whilst I agree with her needing to be buffed a wee bit, how would you do it without completely overpowering her late game?_**
no, i thank your kindness! Well that's actually hard to say. For me i can't judge how to balance this game because for riot its all about how does X and X affect LCS since they try to balance it around pro skill level. But in general i feel like Cait was consistent and better before the marksman update. Her traps had decent hitboxes not like today and were good defensive by placing them on yourself when you are gonna get engaged, they were never about damage and her e was a REAL reposition knockback. For me she just feels so weak without crit, especially her passive, even when paired with her traps it just does next to no damage without the crit scaling it's balanced around. Probably the most inconsistent thing about caitlyn is her e, for a reposition it can be easily interrupted and or stopped, sometimes even going off without moving her back. I wanted them to increase the knockback speed. Additionally her q and e have very high mana costs at low ranks. Alternative blabber: If there's one thing i know about how caitlyn remained consistent previously before the marksman update was her passive. Her passive with the % armour ignore was very good, back then it did not scale with crit and was consistent all game. However i don't know how this would factor in with her traps and net now that that has changed. Her ult has great scaling and base damage but it really feels inconsistent as an execute. I really wanted riot to play around with the idea of nerfing her ult and changing the scalings but giving it a low % missing hp damage.
Darkpang (EUW)
: she isnt even a viable pick anymore tho is it lol she have 48.95 win rate lol she needs a buff
Exactly, youtubers that talk about balance and such said she is one of the 10 champs that need a buff but that's been a few patches back exactly.
: Caitlyn's lategame
Idk why people downvote this post like legit what did i do or say thats wrong
CRX Torok (EUW)
: I don't know if any of you watch LCS at the moment, But Caitlyn is actually a far better ADC than you may believe. Her early game isn't "weak", she is a strong lane bully (range advantage). However, she may seem weak as she has many power peaks and troughs depending on items and level. Late game she is no different really, but still a 3 crit item ADC so not outperformed either. You pick her for early game advantages and sieging. If you believe otherwise, you are likely playing her wrong. Hope this helps :D
I have been a cait main since season 4, but always to me lane harassing with autos gets me hella minion harass and some people told me that no i just don't know how to control minion waves? Cause to me minion aggro is something hectic, but i can't find a decent youtube video about it, do you maybe know something?
: everyone except cait mains are happy she isnt the best adc in the game anymore. cait meta was horrible.
Im a cait main! xd im just asking, cait meta was overrated. Besides aside of comp cait has always been a niche pick idk why but people never liked her.
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: Taking turrets
So what do you want?
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Ask the same thing yourself. The analogy is correct
i made a slip of the tongue and him wanting to stab people is the same thing? wow
: I paid my taxes for the last 8 years. Im working as a doctor, helping people all the day. I even sometimes hold open the traindoor for elderly people. So, all in all, im a nice guy. Im pretty much on the good side. So can i pleeeaaaaase stab someone now? Just a little? German law is pretty strict on this. I think they should relook some of their laws.
: One bad game, 14 day ban. Seriously Riot?
Riot banned me 14 days for 1 game telling a player to kiel himself. Riot said a few months ago i am one of the top 10% of honourable players but 1 bad game can indeed mean the 2nd most severe punishment... I really do think riot needs to relook at their algorithm *I DONT JUSTIFY MY ACTIONS*
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Syrca (EUW)
: if they do decide to make one then I hope they make one that requires some sort of skill to play, unlike soraka for instance. perhaps a skill shot heal could become a thing?
The reason there is no skillshot heal is cause that would be super inconsistent :/
Rptro (EUW)
: {{champion:16}}
oh yes the champ we got back in 2010
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: Kai'sa is the funnest champ they've made.
The only thing i don't like about her, is that when she wins in the laning phase she is uncontrollably strong, if she loses hard she is useless all game xd That is just bad design imo
: Is she ? D: I dunno, I don't remember her as being free tho, but it's probably been a long time since I checked hehe :3
Yeah it always has been, that and unchained alistar for likeing them on youtube and dreadnight garen for following them on twitter. But i got mine back in season 3 so i cant be sure anymore on their availablility today but worth the google!
: That would be asking to much. They are not skins that give lots of profit so they would actually lose money.
do you think, if making something more desirable and fair for its price its a loss in money? how >->
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: neverrrrrrrrrrrrr edit : play more yasuo
: By no way i want skins like Highlander {{champion:23}} or Toxic {{champion:36}} to be updated. I bought them exactly because i like old-style-borderline-ugly skins a lot :D. However i don't frown about skins get updated when the champ itself get a VU. So far RioT did a good job when it comes to keep the "spirit" of these skins intact (for example, Barbarian {{champion:14}} is simply awesome :D).
its not about ugly its paying 975 and getting no particles
: You know that pentakill Sona actually was updated a bit? I personally like the skin.
yeah i love it too but they could add some pentakill music when she uses abilities etc
Voidner (EUNE)
: They won't win much money :/
not necessarily! Most are for popular champions
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: Bring Back Lee
Riot did say they will keep an eye on him and maybe buff him but they themselves said it might not be needed
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