Zantonny (EUW)
: No I get what you're saying, it's not the same, but they're not supposed to be. Introducing an AD item that worked the same as Zhonyas would require a complete re-balance of AD champions.
but im not talking about an item im talking about a summoner spell XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Tarolock (EUW)
: yes it is, both effect does the same: prevents your death
what xDDDDDDD no they don't {{item:3157}} doesn't prevent your death at all xDDDDDDD it puts you in stasis at any time, not depending on if something was gonna kill you or not. {{item:3026}} brings you back to life if you died and in 9/10 of the times will just let the enemy kill you again
Zantonny (EUW)
: I dislike this as a summoner spell. As it would be used as a second zhonyas for mid laners. An item with a zhonyas like effect sporting AD or AS wouldn't be too bad. But AD champions already have GA
so to you, a revive is the same as a stasis? an item with a 5 min cooldown that revives you if you die is the same as an item with a on use stasis effect with a 3 minute cooldown... ok {{item:3026}} is nothing like {{item:3157}} and i thank you
karolmo (EUW)
: The word you're searching for is not "good" but "broken as %%%%ing hell and will be taken alongside with flash on every lane"
if cleanse was broken, then it would've been taken in every lane with flash, but instead it has a high cooldown and is rarely used
shamshamm (EUW)
: That's basically a buffed barrier tbh
a 1.5 second lasting shield that rarely sees its full use is the same as a invulnerability?
Tarolock (EUW)
: you have ga for that, buy it, it just got changed to be an ad item instead of a tank one, it does exactly what you ask for
so to you, a revive is the same as a stasis? an item with a 5 min cooldown that revives you if you die is the same as an item with a on use stasis effect with a 3 minute cooldown... ok
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Coopa123 (EUW)
: Have you tried anything to reduce his healing? {{item:3123}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} {{summoner:14}}
he can wait for the end of grevious wounds' duration (: plus ontop of that darkin kayn's typically have a {{item:3065}}
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Well, as you mentioned Ekko, why isn't any other champion allowed to have something as powerful as Ekko's ult? Also, Ekko can escape dangerous situations with his ult, and it also deals a LOT of damage. Kayn puts him in the middle of the enemy team. He basically NEEDS the heal if he wants to escape alive. Many times that Ekko ults, he doesn't need the heal, since he's already out of harm's way after the ult. Never the case for Kayn.
I understand your point but a 0 to full hp heal is a little overwelming besides he can dash away from the "harm's way" at the end of the ult
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: Am I? :D
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: 1. You deal great damage 2. You have phenomenal range 3. You can trap 4. you can escape 5. You can last hit from half the map away 6. With attack speed your CS kills itself, while healing you 7. No one notices you 20 feet away from the actual fight wile you get double, triple and so on kills Need I say more? I am horrible as ADC and never play, but if am Caitlyn people think I main ADC - should I say more? :D
you are exagerating everything about her =_=
: Nr1 reason why caitlyn was never out of the meta when it comes to soloQ. Least dependent on Support due to range and escape. it is as simple as that. If you think thats not true and you are an adc main, ask yourself why you hate playing vayne.
i dont hate playing vayne she is %%%%ing ez pz xd she is my go to adc when caitlyn is banned
: Looking for funny videos(bronze elo fountain suicide throws)
Hey guys! I make funny league videos, if you like memes and funny content check out my channel ;)
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: {{item:3147}} is good to stomp bronzies and people who don't read patch notes.
Strigina (EUNE)
: I'd rather see Katarina's updated in game model. I mean...yeah, she look good, but compared to how she looks in cinematics, it feels bit outdated. Twist of fate Katarina: New dawn Katarina: Katarina's armor from universe site: Katarina's in game model:
you do have a point tho and even though she is riot's mascot to some degree along side ryze
: rito please... Give us the choice to change to the old arts! ps: u forgot akali. the nerf on the boobs hurts man... :(
tiger4545 (EUNE)
: Pre-rework Katarina was the thing I mained. Here I am now mastery level 7 Katarina but I am no longer what I used to be.
I know them feels i have 78k mastery on old kata now i have to play this abomination thats no where near as fun as old kata
Xêm (EUW)
: I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or not... The new ones are obviously superior in every way possible
how dare you {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
tiger4545 (EUNE)
: I just miss the old Katarina splash and pre rework Katarina. It was better honestly.
the old splash was legit. However i saw gameplay of siv hd with old kata and it was a reminder how much of a lack of reaction time her resets had xd but the old kata was a lot more fun to play.
: Imo Ahri actually looked cuter on the old one even art-wise.
She did, a lot of people miss it :(
GPet (EUW)
: If it's about epicness I'd rate the new ones higher though. :o
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Ez and Ahri's newer splashes looks 1000...times better for kata idk looks a bit toony the old one :/
old kata's icon in game was so legit tho
Solash (EUW)
: Well MF's is more a colour change than an actual "Update"
updated with a tumblr filter xd
GPet (EUW)
: I just loved the birght splashes, Ez and Sona being the ones I remember best. From an objective view I can't deny that overall the new splashes just are better, but I don't awayls have to be objective, do I now? x3
yes exactly but the old splash's icons were what i liked seeing when they got kills etc.
Solash (EUW)
: Well i'm not massive on Ez's old splash pose. For someone so mobile and active, his splash is too chill. He's also summoning his ult like it's nothing even though it clearly takes a lot out of him
thats his w he is casting tho not his ult and the icon ingame for ezreal was good
GPet (EUW)
: I prefer the old ones pose wise, but they'd need some updating in style.
the poses were dank and made them feel so epic
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Tarolock (EUW)
: actually i saw no point in the 1 "extra" (well not extra you just get it without lvling up) skillpoint as questreward, with this movementspeed boost you get a free nami/janna passive and that is a great buff btw most of the time i dont even notice the spellthiefs buff, so your description about it is misleading
A great buff? you stand in the back of the team most of the time so it doesn't see any use... The spellthief buff is really good for the way you proc the items's effect. Take a champ like sona, if she q's she gains a big speed boost to get up close for a good ult. If karma uses her w she gains a big speed boost to guarentee a snare. For morgana if she uses ult she gains a big speed boost to secure her stun. More so some champs like nami use it for quick trades it helps you to go in, unload your spells and run back out. If you play champs like BRAND LUX AND ZYRA OFC YOU WONT NOTICE THE USE OF A **SUPPORT** ITEM... It wasn't designed for them
0Len0 (EUNE)
: In my opinion, the new reward really does seem disappointing. Not to mention that it's almost the same as the {{item:3069}} active, but worse and that, as a support who would build this (e.g. {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} ), you would actually stay in the back healing and shielding, not leading your team.
Exactly, finally someone that understands
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: Except she is better at her theme in her current form, in fact she barely used it outside of her ult... she now actually uses her identity with playing around her headshots in a meaningful way, plus a sniper sets their sniping spots up with trap, which she now does. And she used to not even put a point into it until much later, and it's not meant to be an escape, your supposed to use it to set up things like sieges, like what current cait does. Plus she actually bothers to put points into it. Self synergy is where abilities work with other abilities within the same kit... So like how her headshot can prime off her W and E... she didn't have any of that which meant her kit just worked separately from itself instead of rewarding her for using them together.
You don't even play caitlyn how can you have an opinion of her like this anyway you hardly played old cait and new cait even less
: Old cait barely used her identity, had a near useless skill with the W, and had very little self synergy. New cait is a vast improvement... regardless of her issues her rework was a complete success, a revert is not an option.
What is her identity? a long range sniper adc. She had that. Her w was a usefull secondary self save, it never was meant for agressive play like all the casual caitlyn players thought it was. What does self synergy even mean.
: {{item:3035}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3034}} {{item:3153}} ... you where saying. Adcs have plenty of ways to deal with tanks... compared to that tanks have pretty much nothing {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3076}} {{item:3082}} ... all of which share a unique passive so you can't even stack them... realistically your only getting one. EDIT: you realise old thornmail punished you harder... old one could kill you, New one can only reduce the extra health you get back.
last wisper and giantslayer are 2 pieces of the same item for lord dominiks and its effect is hardly noticable and blade of the ruined king isn't that good of an item on every adc =_=
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It kinda compensates for the support roles gold problems, since they don't farm. Before, supports really struggled with getting items since they were so behind in gold compared to the others, which makes the role less desirable.
still... these are other gold items that were available for anyone to buy {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
blissbomb (EUW)
: > Today the only champion that has any increased gold income is {{champion:41}} uh twisted fate?
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: If you need a program to say you how to play, stop playing strategic games and go for somthing else. It's your mistake if you forgot to buy it, that make the difference between good and bad players. You learn from your mistake and become better by yourself.
gee thanks that makes me feel so much better! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
karolmo (EUW)
: recommended builds are shit anyway
Doesn't matter, this is a quality of life thing
: "supports"*
^ "NICE FOCUS SUPPORT LOL" ~ Brand {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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